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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Fiction: Scottish Aristocratic Man marries French Aristocratic Girl who and up in jail due to mechanizations of her husband`s mistress [s]

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Su | 19 comments I borrowed this book from Fiction section of a Library. This book was about a Scottish rough who lives in Paris just before the revolution. He marries a rich French noble woman whom he has known since they were both children. They are both from noble families so their families are distantly connected. She always loved him but he always made her cry. He was always cruel to her. He tortures her during their marriage too. He brings his mistress to his wife`s party to belittle her. Later he discards his mistress because he starts to value his wife even though he never admits it. His vengeful mistress gets a Lettres de Cachette – Letter of cachet from the French emperor to imprison her Scottish lover`s wife. The Hero does not know that his wife has been imprisoned he believes she has left him for another man, a certain officer. Finally, months later he finds out the truth and finds his wife in the prison. She is 9 months pregnant with her husband`s child. He smuggles her out of the prison when her labor starts. They run away from the revolutionists and hide in a farm where wife gives birth to a baby daughter. She dies shortly. Man returns back to Scotland on a ship with his baby daughter and a nanny along side. I think there must be following book but I am not sure.

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Lobstergirl | 39296 comments Mod
Su, what do you mean by "machinization"?

Also, when did you read this? What did the cover look like?

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Trixie | 88 comments I'm guessing she meant "machinations" of the mistress.

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Su | 19 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "Su, what do you mean by "machinization"?

Also, when did you read this? What did the cover look like?"

Excuse my language mistakes. English is my second language by `mechanization` I tried to mean `pre-set` sorry for confusion.
I read that book in 2009 but book was published way before that. Can’t remember the cover picture but it was hard cover.

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JennyG | 550 comments LovingRomance on Amazon's Romance forum says that the book you are looking for is The French Bride by Evelyn Anthony The French Bride by Evelyn Anthony.

The intrigue of the Court of Louis XV is powerfully at work in this romance centered about the saturnine figure of Charles Macdonald, son of James, and Eatherine, exiled from their native Scotland to France after the Stuart rising in the Highlands in 1745. To bring money and leadership to their lands, the elder Macdonalds force Charles to marry his wealthy French cousin Anne de Bernard, who in her turn loves him and is determined to gain his love. The savage Charles accedes to the marriage but will not accept it in good faith: he returns to Versailles and his mistress Louise de Vitale. Louise, to secure his love, has spies in Anne's Paris house, and when Anne's admirer Francis O'Neil leaves for Metz, goes ruthlessly on in her plotting. She defies the fury of Louis' favorite Madame Du Barry by bringing a new girl to his bed, thus securing the notorious lettre de ??achet that leads to Anne's disappearance and imprisonment. Du Barry and Charles become wise at last; Lucille dies a tortured death for her troubles, while Charles storms the Bastille to escape with Anne and the child she is about to bear. His daughter survives; Anne does not, and he takes the babe in secret to Scotland. The court is seen in all its rouge; the high color of this tale suits it well for an undemanding, feminine fling.

It is second in the MacDonald series:


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Su | 19 comments Yes!!! That`s it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jenny :)

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JennyG | 550 comments You are welcome. Enjoy :)

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