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Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Comment your thoughts!!

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
I’m excited to see more of Sam and Dara. I know they’re best friends but in the first 5 chapters I honestly wasn’t feeling much of a connection from them.

The more I read, the more I understand Dara and where she is coming from. I think letting Mellie know she was safe also kept her in my good books.

But don’t disapprove of Mellie’s choices as much as I think Dara does at the moment in time.

I am so torn as to who’s side I am on. I sympathise with both and see why each of them are doing what they did or are doing. I am excited to read on and see if my opinion changes or stays the same!

The first email was amazing! It’s good to see that Mellie realises keeping this a secret from Dara was a bad move!

THE KISS!! YAY! Ya’ll know I am a sucker for romance!

I love all of the drunk antics. It’s a reminder for me that although Dara has family stuff to deal with, she’s still young.

She better not break Sam’s heart! I’m getting the vibe that Same has liked Dara for a long while. When she went over to his house in the first few chapters and he shut his laptop fast, it’s probably because he was editing pictures of her. SHe said he never makes pictures for her but he probably does and never shows them to her because they will reveal how he feels about her… But I think Dara has just never thought about Sam in a romantic way. Sad times.

I LOVE the emails. They’re a great way to not rush Mellie’s story. Like if she were to explain it to Dara in person, Dara may interrupt a lot and I feel like it just wouldn’t be explained in as much detail.

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
Ok idk if I’ve told you guys this before but I loooooooove when there’s drunk romance in books. Cause I feel like it’s so real. I just loved the whole scene at the bar.

I’m really digging the emails too. I feel so bad for the mom, Dara needs to cut her some slack!


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