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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (einahpets_reads) | 31 comments I mentioned it at our meet-up last week, so I wanted to send out a link in case anyone is interested in joining up!*

I started an online short story reading club in May, where we've been reading an online-available sci-fi/fantasy short story each week and then talking about it... on a microblogging website** (so short reviews, short discussion questions/answers). It has been fun and very interesting so far!

If anyone is interested in joining up, my page (with the weekly pick) for the group is here:

*Jeanene let me know if this is wandering too far of the bookclub, and I can take it down. :)

** is an instance of Mastodon (which is an open source / decentralized Twitter alternative). Right now it is invite only, but you can connect via any other instance that is part of the federation (I have an account at and can vouch that it is a good place).

message 2: by Jeanene, Organizer (new)

Jeanene (-mjb-) | 110 comments Mod
This is fine, Steph :)

I may find time to check it out soon myself. Busy, busy summer so far.

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