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Halo: Cryptum (Forerunner Saga, #1) (Halo, #8)
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Halo: Cryptum by Greg Bear

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Ryan Greg Bear’s Halo: Cryptum

Reviewed by Ryan Schermerhorn

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, there lived an immensely powerful alien race. Serving as divine enforcers of The Mantle, they were the Forerunners. Their Knowledge, a radiance that expels darkness from even the of the deepest of caverns. Their strength, a world-shaking song which could fell even the mightiest foe. To the lesser beings in the universe, the Forerunners were no less than gods. And, in upholding the mantle, the Forerunners too, saw themselves as gods. And yet, both in spite of this apparent godliness, and perhaps as a consequence of it, the Forerunners disappeared. In order to properly understand what happened to the Forerunners, one must follow the life of an average builder, named BornStellar, and his not so average journey to fulfill his role in the universe. Guided by the Librarian’s wisdom, and pushed forward by the Didact’s memories, BornStellar sets in motion an apocalyptic series of events, putting both his race, and the entire universe at risk!

From the construction of the rings, to the history of the flood, to the exile of the Didact, this book had me enthralled from start to finish! If you understood every word of that, you’re probably already well acquainted with the Halo series. If, like me, you want to learn about the intricacies of the Halo Universe outside of the Human Covenant war, you’ll want to read this book. And if you aren’t all that familiar with the Halo series, this book is not for you. With that said, if you want to check out the series, I’d recommend starting with the book, Halo: The Fall of Reach , or the first game in the series Halo: Combat Evolved.

Notsogoodreads(Austin.H) | 8 comments Big fan of Halo since I was a kid. Can you tell me some of the names of the god in the Halo universe. I'm just spacing on the names.

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Erika Thorsen | 47 comments Mod
I know very little of Halo, but through books talks with other students, I seem to remember some of these books are hundreds or even thousands of years apart in the Halo timeline. Where does this one fall? Are most of these book stand-alones (for the Halo-enthusiast, I mean) or are they part of one big series with recurring characters?

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