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message 1: by Veronika (new)

Veronika | 31 comments Hello everybody! I know I am few day late, but New Horizons is awake and getting ready for our farthest planetary encounter! How amazing is that! Any thoughts on Ultima Thule?

message 2: by Alok, Group founder (new)

Alok | 97 comments Mod
Great news...Heard it today ......It is 1 billion Kms away from Pluto ...Damm ...That's far. And it is going to be the Farthest Object, humans humans have ever observed, I don't hope to hear any Groundbreaking or wild new observations, But that distance ...1 BILLION from Pluto ...gets me everytime I hear it......Just a machine created in some little place on this little planet has is capable of going that further and talking us back what it sees...That is very unbelievable for a moment .......Great

message 3: by Arko (new)

Arko | 21 comments hey Alok , it isn't yet as far as the Voyagers

message 4: by Alok, Group founder (new)

Alok | 97 comments Mod
Yes ... I get it, But Voyagers didn't perform this amount of research on anything that far .....

message 5: by Arko (last edited Jun 14, 2018 07:47AM) (new)

Arko | 21 comments yes I get it... mistook that farthest object phrase above... yes indeed it's a thrill ... just imagine the clarity of Ultima Thule pictures it will bring... certainly first of its kind...

message 6: by Veronika (new)

Veronika | 31 comments The images of Pluto were wonder itself. We can just hope in anything this spectacular. I wonder about its shape.. if indeed it is a binary or not.

message 7: by Arko (new)

Arko | 21 comments it might resemble 67P in structure

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