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message 1: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras I'm ok with either Supernatural or realistic :) Whichever one you want

message 2: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Ok, realistic it is
Do you have any ideas for setting?

message 3: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Yaas, I love school rps! can I be the girl?

message 4: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Ok, give me a sec to do my girl's sheet

message 5: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Name: Myka Rutter
Age: 17
Appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-56kf1_HDAD0...
Personality: There are not many people who don't like her at school. Myka tries to be friendly to everybody. Honestly, she just wants some excitement in her life.
Should I add History?

message 6: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Nah, I won't
And yeah, it's Zoe Sugg! A youtuber

message 7: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Can you start please?

message 8: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Myka was waiting in front of the school for one if her friends. With a croissant in one hand and her phone in the other, she scanned the crowd. Of course, she was late. Like always.

message 9: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras "Whoaa," she exclaimed, being caught by surprise. Myka almost dropped her phone, and her croissant which would've been worse. Maybe laughed lightly and took a step back from the guy. "Sorry," she smiled up at him. 'I don't think I know this guy,' she thought to herself.

message 10: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras Myka put her phone in her pocket and bent down to help him pick all of his stuff up. The whole time she was helping him, she tried to think of who he was but she just came up blank. Which is weird, since she knew almost everyone.

message 11: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras "I wanted to," she stood up with him and shrugged. He seemed a little reserved to her, but maybe he was a shy person. "I'm Myka, by the way," she said, giving him one of her glowing smiles.

message 12: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras "Um ok," she trailed off. "Nice to meet you Daniel," she smiled at him again before turning around and spotting Lauren. The two of them locked arms and walked through the double door, sharing the croissant.

message 13: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras At Myka's locker, Lauren was yapping away about a party she had gone to last weekend. "Uh-huh," she nodded along, not really listening. Over Lauren's shoulder, she saw Daniel, the guy she had met that morning, looking around like he was lost. 'Was he new?' she thought.

message 14: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras At first she was confused since he just sort of cut in, but she realized what he meant. "Um, I'll see you later Lauren," she hugged her friend goodbye and turned to Daniel. "What class are you looking for?"

message 15: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras "Ok. But what teacher?" Myka laughed lightly. She needed more than that he was going to math to show him around.

message 16: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras "Oh ok. That's my next class anyway so just follow me," she grinned and turned. His class was like a 2 minute walk away max so it wouldn't take long to navigate through the hallways. "So I'm guessing you're new?"

message 17: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras ((Um sorry, but I've decided to not be in the group anymore :/ I don't think this type of rp is my thing. Sorry))

message 18: by Akiko (new)

Akiko Barreras ((Sorry :( :( ))

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