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Rachel Louise Atkin | 54 comments Mod
In June we'll be reading The Rebel by Albert Camus. It's a collection of essays that I haven't yet read and so am getting it out of my library ready to start it really soon. I don't think it's too long so hope people can get it finished by the end of the month if they're planning on reading it.

Leave any thoughts, comments or discussion points down below!

Dylan Vieites Glennon | 1 comments Did you enjoy the novel?

Amritangshu Baruah (amritangshubaruah) | 1 comments Hey I read "The Rebel" by Albert Camus last month. It explores various revolutions and tragedies and the psyches behind it. Camus associates them with Nihilism, Existentialism.

message 4: by Carljayson (new)

Carljayson Hernandez | 3 comments This is a philosophical essay of Albert Camus. The novel that complements this is The Plague by Albert Camus. I love this book given the controversies it sparked in the French intellectual and the public polemics between Camus and Sartre. Still, in itself this book is very great. Besides the exploration of revolution, Camus' idea of moderation and ascesis in this book which has been mostly overlooked presents a necessary virtue that the current society needs to develop. I hope others try to read this book more.

message 5: by كوثر (new)

كوثر أمين | 1 comments is this group is active any more

message 6: by Melina (new) - added it

Melina | 3 comments كوثر wrote: "is this group is active any more"

i would hope so!

message 7: by رجل (new)

رجل الإله الوحيد (godslonelyman) | 1 comments Goodreads user interface is too bad to communicate in text.

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