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Zuco outstreched his claws and landed on the side of a cliff with a low grunt. He jumped down onto the beach and walked around the shores.

Luna jumped off his back and looked up toward the sky. She walked to the base of the cliff in the shadows. "The legendary island of berk, where Dragon riding originated. Ha." She laughed quietly messing around with her throwing knife. She had seen this island from the sky many times, but never from the ground. There's a first for everything.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow had a large cattle in his mouth as he chewed watching Castiel.He had caught him on the island,when Castiel made them land here.He didn't understand why they came here so much but at least he ate.

Cass was on the Cliff side dangling his feet over the edge watching the waves crash hard against the shore.It reminded him of when his father used to bring him here as a boy before he was killed in front of his eyes by a group of dragon hunters.

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Luna practiced her newly found power on a small fish making it dive in and out of the water. Eventually she tossed it to her dragon who stupid near by.

Zuco caught the fish and slowly gulped it down.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow growled as he saw people under.He was always wanting to attack everything and everyone.He had a violent life.

"calm down, Shadow,I'm here...Just leave them already have a meal" He said sternly at him.

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Zuco roared and stood on his back feet staring at the dragon above him.

"Sush, leave it alone. Do you want to get caught?" She glared at him amd spoke sternly, yet sympatheticly.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow growled loudly which made birds fly around.

"Stop now!" Cass staid as he stood up."quit acting like a child"

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Zuco let out a loud growl and spread his wings.

Luna stood up walking to her dragon, "Stop it, im serious those might be one of those men!" She grabbed the reins and pulled his hea c down, "I mean it."

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow drew back slowly glaring at the dragon as he moved into the shadows next to Cass.

"You make me so angry sometimes..."Cass said sighing."Why do you want to fight everything."

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Zuco bowed his head to Luna and let out a quiet roar like moan.

Luna climbed onto Zucos back and flicked the reins. They immediately took to the sky zooming past the spot where the dragon wS last seen.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow growled throwing a dark flamy object out of his mouth towards them

"No! "He screamed quickly

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Zuco let out a roar 8f pain as he fell back down toward the beach.

Luna bit her bottom lip as she pulled up on the reins, "If he wants to fight, then fight him. He must bring the fight to you. " She held onto the reins with one hand anc used the other to grip the handle of her sworx.

zuco flew level to where the blast had came from. He let out an ear splitting scream like roar. With a flick of his tail he shot spikes at the dragon.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow imediately fell back running away. He knew he was in trouble and didnt want to make it worse.

Cass quickly followed his dragon, dodging the spikes quickly. "See what did, you made them angry, I just wanted a nice view and you ruin it"He said angrym

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"Great now lets go, your going to grt us killed!" She mummbled standing up looking around, "Im sorry my dragon cant resist a fight!" She yelled to the unknown dragon and its rider. She jumped off her dragons back had first. She landed in tbe water and swam back to the surface. Soaked she walked onto the beach and wrung out her hair.

Zuco landed beside his rider pushing his muzzle under her hand making a purring noise.

"Oh stop it." Luna said plainly as she patted his neck looking back up the cliffs.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadows lowered his head watching the ground knowing he had disappointed Cass. They walked down the clif towards another area, away from them so they wouldn't try and attack them again.

"Can you behave yourself, Shadow, they are not what we are hunting… Dont worry you can go crazy when we find them. but tell then just leave people alone"He said as he walked into the water. Throwing off his shirt.

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Luna takes off her shoes and puts her feet in the water pulling out her note book. She starts to draw humming a song.

Zuco lays in the shade c8vering his face. He was assamed of himself for attacking them.

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Day (yes2danny) He sits on the shore taking off his wet shoes as he smiles at the waves."Look I'm not mad,just come over here" he tells shadow as he walked over slowly.

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As Luna cotinues humming she sets down her notebook slipping her shirt and skirt off she dives into the water. She swims to the bottom and sous holding her breathe. She watches the fish swim above her until she cant hold her breathe any longer. As she reaches the surface she takes a deep breathe. She continued to swim around mainly staying toward the surface.

Zuco watched her closely for a while then closed his eyes sleepily.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow lifts his head up as dragons fly over them.He growls protectively.

"Come here" Cass says to him as shadow walks over.

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Luna looks at the dragons above and sighs. She swims to the shore and gets out of the water. She lays in the sun with her eyes closed.

Zuco watches the dragons fly past. He lays his head back down, but stays alert.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow looms over Cass covering him from the sun."Now you make me feel bad for getting angry at you earlier"Cass said sighing.

Shadow moves and pushed him with with mouth."Want to go say sorry?" he asked."I wouldn't want them to attack us later"

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Luna laid in the sand her hair was soaked and so were her skirt and shirt , which lay next to her. She covered her eyes with her hands.

Zuco lay in the shade half asleep worn his eyes almost closed.

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow and Cass walked around the shore till he found the girl and her dragon from earlier.

"Hey,Shadow...wanted to say sorry for attacking you and he is sorry"Cass said as he turned and left.

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Luna stood up and ran and stood infront of the boy. "What type of drahon is that? I've never seen one before...." she spoke quickly as she pointed to shadow.

Zuco flew above them and landed beside Luna bareing his teeth. Luna put her hand up and Zuco stopped and bowed his head.

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Day (yes2danny) "a dead breed that i found the egg to" he said sighing."there are not anymore of him thats for sure" He s said quietly.

Shadow moved behind Cass shyly as he growled at the dragon." came to say sorry not fight" Shadow looked down.

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Luna smiled, "if I may ask, what are his abilites?"

Zuco outstretched his neck toward the other dragon. "Dont start anything. " she mummbled to Zuco.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well i have yet to find them all out but i think he has this...weird ability to turn into a shadow to protect himself..I think we goes there so he wont hear me nag but i can do it too now...we are connected" he smiled as he looked at her dragon."wow...Amazing dragon"

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"Intresting....very intresting. Oh thanks!", she smiled and patted Zuco. She looked Shadow up and down, "He is truly amazing...ive never heard of that ability..."

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Day (yes2danny) "Well he is diffrent,ive read in some books that they could never be tamed...but when i found the egg i thought he was a normal one till he hatched and no one knew what he was till i found this old man and he showed me some books...apparently he must like me enough to stay because it read that they usually killed whoever tried to tame them."

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"Thats so cool! All dragons are different even if they're the same breed. " she smiled and looked at Cass, "Do you mind if I pet him?"

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Day (yes2danny) Cass nodded but Shadow hid behind him afraid."He has trust issues."Cass said."Stop being a baby and say hi" Cass said moving out of the way."He is huge and he is so shy...gosh i have a weird dragon" Cass said laughing.

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Luna outstretched her hand as she advanced toward the dragon. She smiled as she stopped only inches from the dragons muzzle.

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Day (yes2danny) Cass looked as shadow and slowly moved closer to her nervously as he felt her hand on his skin he closed his eyes thinking she was going to hurt him.

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Luna smiled as she stroked his muzzle softly, "it's okay boy..."

Zuco watched intently in case shadow tried to hurt her.

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Day (yes2danny) "Dont worry dragon,he wont hurt her,he knows better" Cass said smiling at her dragon.

Shadow smiled at her as licked her quickly."Wow...thats new...i was really hoping he wouldn't bite you at least and you got him to like you,you need to teach me,he never hears me"Cass said laughing

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Luna laughs, "I grew up around dragons, even before people rode them...I wish I knew how I do it. " she smiled at Shadow. "Oh don't mind him he thinks he is a tough guy when all he is, is a big bundle of fun." She nods toward her dragon.

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Day (yes2danny) Cass smiled."Your a very handsome dragon" He said smiling.

Shadow pushed her towards Cass with his mouth as he made her fall into him."Hey don't be rude" Cass said with a laugh."I promise i didn't teach him that" he said helping her up.

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Luna laughs and brushes her hair back, "its okay, dragons have minds of their own ya know!" She stands next to him woth a smile on her face.

Zuco smiled at Cass and stood next to Shadow.

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Day (yes2danny) "Yeah,he needs to learn he can't play with everyone so ruff"Cass said smiling at her."He is so childish if he likes you so im very sorry if he does weird things" He said smiling

Shadow watched Zuco nervously.He hid behind Luna.

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"Haha it's okay my Dragon is the same way. " she said to cass as she looked back at shadow, "is okay he won't hurt you. "

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Day (yes2danny) Shadow peaked from under her,spreading her legs as he watched Zuco.

"stop being so rude Shadow...or else i wont take you to get more cows and you will have to go by yourself" Shadow quickly moved and went away sadly."Gosh he is so weird"

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"Hmmm he seems to be very obedient. Unlike Zuco... my Dragon. " she said smiling.

Zuco follows Shadow excitedly.

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Day (yes2danny) "Well he is more stubburn then anything,Im sorry about how he acts..."Cass said sighing as he removed the sand shadow had gotten on her pants gently careful not to touch her butt.

Shadow layed under the shade watching Luna.

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"Hmm okay" she said watching him. "Oh where are my manners, I'm Luna! "

Zuco lays near Shadow.

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Day (yes2danny) "That's perfect name,I'm Castiel" he said smiling."that guy is shadow."
He smiled

Shadow looked to the dragon watching him.He opened his mouth to growl but remembered he would get in trouble so just watched him emotionless studying him.

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"Pleasure to meet you Castiel, that is Zuco." She said with a slight smile.

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