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message 1: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 905 comments Hi everyone! Our newest Q&A is with Laura Inman. She is the authoress of The Poetic World of Emily Bronte: Poems from the Author of Wuthering Heights.

The Poetic World of Emily Bronte Poems from the Author of Wuthering Heights by Laura Inman

Here is the synopsis:
Bringing an unjustifiably marginalized poet out of the shadows, this book presents Emily Brontë’s poetry in a way that enables readers, even those who shy away from poetry, to appreciate her work. She is widely known as a novelist, but she was first and equally a poet. Her poems are varied, lyrical, intriguing, and innovative, yet they are not well known. Unlike any other collection of Brontë’s poetry, this volume arranges selected poems by thematic topic: nature, mutability, love, death, captivity and freedom, hope and despair, imagination, and spirituality. It provides literary and biographical information on each topic and interpretations, explanations, and insights into each poem. Fans of Wuthering Heights wanting more from Emily Brontë will discover that her poetry is as memorable and powerful as her novel. This book is for all who appreciate poetry, especially from the golden age of 19th-century verse. The exploration of her poetic world allows a greater and different understanding of Wuthering Heights and insights into Brontë’s fascinating mind

Please post questions by August 17.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 905 comments Your book is about the author of Wuthering Heights. Is that your favorite book?

What made you write this book?

Do you have any books you are currently writing?

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 905 comments Your book is about the author of Wuthering Heights. Is that your favorite book?

I suppose I could say that Wuthering Heights is my favorite book, but more than rising to the top of a group, it is more in a class of its own for me. I have studied it and know it so well that I feel like it is an old friend. When I read it or even think about it, I have the sense of remembering people I have met and places I have been.

What made you write this book?

I love writing about Emily Brontë because I get to spend a lot of time reading her work and delving into the biography of a remarkable and likeable family. After I wrote an article on Wuthering Heights, I turned my attention to writing about her poetry and published a scholarly article on unintended solace in the poetry of Emily Brontë. In the course of writing that paper, I studied her poetry, felt she had been marginalized as a poet, and decided that anyone who liked Wuthering Heights or read poetry (particularly Romantic or Victorian poetry) would enjoy reading her work. I also thought that reading the poems in a context, such as I present in the book, would help people understand and appreciate them. Although there are compilations of Brontë’s poems available, I had never come across a book that organized the poems topically or gave interpretations for each poem as my book does.

Do you have any books you are currently writing?

I would like to take up again a novel that I wrote a few years ago, make some revisions, and attempt to find a publisher. It is a fictionalized biography of the last six years in the life of Emily Brontë when she wrote Wuthering Heights. Her life lends itself well to fictionalization because so little is known about her. The book also picks up the drama of her life that included sibling conflict, an alcoholic brother, literary failure, and the ever-present prospect of destitution. My writing does not veer toward books for the most part, but rather towards essays, so I am writing an article on Stoicism in English poetry and I contribute form time to time to my blog, “, Stoic and literary ideas as a guide to living.”

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