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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Roberts (goodreadscomrobertroberts) Would like your feedback on my collection of short stories. Just click on and start reading. They are always FREE and I add new ones periodically and NO SPAM!

message 2: by Piper (new)

Piper Templeton (pipertempleton) | 69 comments Hi Robert,

I just read "Jimi, the Good Boy," at your site. That makes two of your stories (3:04)that kept me riveted and engaged. I like the pacing and how quickly and completely the characterizations are formed. I signed up to follow your website and plan to read more.


message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Roberts (goodreadscomrobertroberts) Piper, glad you enjoyed the short stories. I'll be posting a new one in a few weeks that takes place in your neck of the woods, New Orleans.

P A N ( is back ) (millieevemarie) I read 3:04
Very creepy but awesome! Loved it.

message 5: by Ljordan (new)

Ljordan James | 10 comments I would like some feedback on a short story I wrote.

Any tips, any advice would be greatly appreciated!



message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex Morritt (alexmorritt) | 6 comments Hi, I have a free sample short story available - 'Words in the Wind' - from my recently published collection Impromptu Scribe accessible via the 'Read Excerpt' icon beneath my book's cover image. This story was recently picked up by 'Revue' magazine for their November edition. All feedback welcome. Thanks

message 7: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) | 24 comments This comment is a general one and not intended for Alex or anyone else in particular.
I suspect there are two rules one needs to follow if he/she wishes to be respected and admired:
1)Never speak or write negatively about a group of which you are a member.
2)Never burn a bridge you may later have to cross.

I believe there's a rule even more important... Say what you truly believe.
So for what it is worth:
I joined this group hoping to enter into a spirited discussion of perhaps the hardest of all types of writing to master... the short story. I've always loved the form for the challenges it offers to communicate something meaningful... maybe even life-changing... in a relatively brief space. What I notice instead is largely a kind of Whitman-like "advertisement for(ourselves.)
Of course, there is a place for a bit of self-promotion. I'm fine with that. I've certainly written a number of stories well- worth mentioning. What gets to me , however, is when, regardless of the topic heading, self-promotion is all I seem to notice.
It's really more than mere disappointment.

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