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Any good summer reads?

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Pins & Paperbacks (pinsandpaperbacks) | 10 comments Mod
Hey guys!

We are looking for some beachy books to read this summer! Any suggestions?

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Michala | 4 comments I recently got the book, Revolutionary, by Krista McGee and I am so excited to read this book!

Pins & Paperbacks (pinsandpaperbacks) | 10 comments Mod
Michala wrote: "I recently got the book, Revolutionary, by Krista McGee and I am so excited to read this book!"

Ooo lucky! We want to read that book too! Krista's books are shelved on our favorite reads list! Thanks for the post and have fun reading this summer!

-Pins & Paperbacks Blog

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Alexis Moutinho | 1 comments It was Serendipitous
When Melissa Jones discovers that her perfect boyfriend is not so perfect, she is tempted to spend more time with the new boy in town, but she resists the temptation for as long as she can. Melissa has been with her charming boyfriend, Thomas, for two years. To seventeen year old Melissa, her boyfriend is perfect. However, so is her little brother’s new babysitter. Melissa’s loyalty is tested as the babysitter tries to charm her. At the same time, Thomas’s trust in her is tested when he becomes jealous of the new boy. Things start to become complicated when Thomas meets the new boy’s sister and even more complicated when Melissa’s mom falls for the new boy’s father. Melissa learns a lot about herself throughout the book as she tries to take control of her chaotic life.

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