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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

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Angela | 34 comments Mod
I came very late to our June meeting at Erin F's lovely Leesburg home but the general consensus is that this book was good, if not great!! People loved the authors insights about being a woman and the challenges she faced with the main love(s) of her life. This reader found the presentism tense the book was written to be grating after awhile, which is what other people were drawn to. Whether you liked it or loved it this book was a rare one that everyone who attended the meeting finished and enjoyed!!

message 2: by Faira (new)

Faira | 8 comments Thanks for the review Angela. I enjoyed the book as well - although it took me forever to complete. I thought the characters were really well written. Not sure if I cared much about the connection between Evelyn and Monique but overall a great book. I just kept wondering how we’d get to 7... haha. Miss you ladies

Angela | 34 comments Mod
Most of us agreed their connection was rather random and dramatic, probably one of the weaker points of the book.

Erica | 10 comments Good summary, Angela! It was indeed rare that all attendees had finished and generally liked the book, haha.

Definitely agree that the Monique/Evelyn relationship was the least fleshed-out, though I did love Evelyn's advice to Monique. She was so succinct and no-bs that I enjoyed those scenes mostly for her dialogue (not necessarily the relationship/connection between the two).

Hope you're doing well, Faira!

Angela | 34 comments Mod
The connection I was referring to was why Monique was picked to do the interview-just to clarify! Reread this and understand that Faira meant their relationship, which I agree wasn't well fleshed out but a good opportunity for Evelyn to have character!

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