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message 1: by Arthur, Live a little Give a lot (new)

Arthur | 554 comments Mod
These are stories that are ALWAYS less than 75 - 100 words. Today's topic is appetizer.

You may write your story to be a really short self story, personal mystery or experience. It can be anything

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 24 comments The bear was eating the racoon. It was almost all done then the bear saw a deer run by I guess the racoon was just an apitizer. He caught the deer and ate that but he's still hungry. Is there anyway for him to get full? He says no.

message 3: by Arthur, Live a little Give a lot (new)

Arthur | 554 comments Mod
Everyone left. I was alone for my first time. I hadn't eaten even. Then I realize the door closed. I was home alone but for my first time hungry, kind of. No not really. (% not sure.) I suddenly remembered when the family was together and we ate dinner. I should have said something to mother before she went out with Dad to the play. I guess she just simply hadn't realized I forgot to get something to eat before they left. I turn on the TV and don't care what my brother and sister would have made me watch, I am at last alone, and can choose for myself. I choose Polka Dot Door for my appetizer. I hear the door closing; I just remembered I forgot to tell my mother I hadn't gotten up in a while to eat. Oh well.

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