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This is Seekers Office Building. This building is mainly for Seekers only unless you are getting questioned like Wanda in the pictures below.


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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments Goad Inferno strutted into the office, her gun tight in hand. She earned a few worried glances from the naturally peace loving receptionists but paid no mind to it. She needed more bullets. Oh, and to hand in her latest report.

You shouldn't have your gun out like that.

Shut up, Bonnie.

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Flames stormed inside the building. Another insurgent escaped. "What are these idiots doing?" she muttered under her breath frustrated. The Seekers have let too many insurgents escape too often. She was pissed off.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Hell if I knew," said Inferno under her breath, "What this planet did without me I'll never know."

She handed in the report. As the receptionist read over it, a frightened expression crossed her face. She hadn't killed that human in self defence but no one else knew that.

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Her assistant handed her an assignment. "Thank you." she said in a fake sweet voice. She was quite an actress and could hide her emotions. She looked over the paper and saw that she had to work with a girl named Goad.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "You poor thing," said the receptionist, "This job is so risky."

"Yes," said Inferno, "But someone has to do it. I live to protect our people."

The woman smiled at her warmly. Idiot.

"My new assignment?" inquired Inferno.

"Ah," she said, "A joint one - you'll be working with a partner."

Great. Most likely some idiot too afraid to deal with humans the way they were meant to be dealt with. She took the piece of paper and clicked her tongue for a moment before pursing her lips. Fire planet? Perhaps this one wouldn't hold her back quite so much.

I mean Earth had asked her to come and then attempted to muzzle her.

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Flames had no idea who this Goad person was. She hoped it wasn't another brain dead Seeker who believed in all piece and harmony. Flames got up and decided to look for Goad's office.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Oh," said the receptionist, "She's over there."

She pointed over to a woman who appeared to be searching. Inferno fixed her smile on and approached the woman.

"Excuse me?" she asked politely, "It's Flames, right? I'm Goad Inferno - I guess we'll be working together!"

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"Great. When do we get started then?" she asked with a warm smile. Although Flames had a feeling Goad was a different type of Soul, like herself. Normal Souls are very peaceful but Flames was the opposite.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Soon," she promised, holding up her gun, "I just need to load this. Man, I wish they had these on fire planet they are on top form."

She swung it round affectionately for a moment before looking down at the assignment.

"I think you should know," she warned kindly, "My methods are somewhat unconventional, but don't worry - I'm great with coming into very close contact with humans so don't get yourself worked up over it. I just play a little rough is all."

She felt the need to get it out clear before they started. Most Seekers blanched at her methods but she hadn't left her beloved Fire planet to come play happy families.

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She smiled knowing what she meant. "That's good. I also have my own type of methods." That was the reason she usually worked alone.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Ah, we shouldn't have any problems," said Inferno, "So, what's the damage? Are we hitting a pod?"

Usually if they paired Seekers up that meant for a bigger job. She sincerely hoped so. Humans were fun to kill in colonies. And no doubt she'd have to kill some of them at least.

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"Not sure. Haven't read the whole assignment." she said. She got too curious in finding out who Goad was that she didn't read the whole thing.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Investigating wilderness," mused Inferno, "Perhaps this will be fun."

Not wanting to appear too roguish to the Seeker, she closed her mouth and retrieved more bullets, loading them into her gun as she'd done a thousand times.

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"Shot a human few weeks ago in the park forest. I guess they finally decided to investigate it." she shrugged. Weeks ago she found two humans and shot one of them twice. Flames was pretty sure the one she shot was dead but the other one got away. Reinforcement was too late and she ran out of bullets. Remembering that day got hee furious.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Is that so..." mused Inferno, "Silly place to hide. I find everyone in the end."

An ominous air slipped into her tone. She flicked her blonde hair back - she needed a hair tie. She looked down at the report again.

"Someone is coming with us?" she asked, "Wow, this must be a big job."

The excitement was building up inside her. She was ready to go hunting, but hoped for the other Seekers' own safety that they didn't attempt to hold her back.

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Flamed wondered what it was all about. They wouldn't send three Seekers just to investigate. Something was not right but she enjoyed a good thrill.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw walked in the room. Everyone felt at easy with his presence but the gun on his hip showed other wise. He went to the assistance desk and handed his report. He wasn't dressed in dress code of all white. He wore denim jeans and a white button up shirt.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments "Fireclaw," said Inferno loudly, "All residents of Fire planet to boot, Flames, this job really is big. Perhaps they're savage. Dangerous."

She pulled out a hair tie and put her hair into a ponytail at the back of her head. She turned, clasping her icy blue eyes, laced with silver, on the man at the desk.

"Perhaps that is him."

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"Most likely. I'm looking forward to this. Things around her are much too...peaceful." she said while loading her gun.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw grabbed his new file and went towards his office. His methods were extreme and deadly at times. "Two others I see." He mumbled as he loaded all three of his guns.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments Inferno arched a brow at Flames.

"I could not agree more with that," she said, "This peace is a farce until they are all... dealt with."

She crossed over to the receptionist, who pointed her towards Fireclaw's office. She gestured for Flames to follow and knocked on his door, opening his door without waiting for him to reply.

"Hey kid, you're with us," she said, leaning against the doorway and spinning her gun on her finger.

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Flames followed her into Fireclaws office. She was glad she wasn't the only Soul who thought like that. Flames looked at the attractive male Seeker but was a bit surprised to not find him in all white.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "First of all I don't take orders from others and second don't call me kid. I'm highly experienced in my Calling." Fireclaw didn't look at then but fixed his shirt. He followed his own code.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments Inferno lifted her brows in surprise. Feisty. But he'd have to learn to do as he was told. Most other Souls did.

"Tell that to me, honey," she said, "You ready to go, Flames?"

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"Yes." was all she said. She understood Fireclaw. Flames also hated being told what to do. Which was why she usually didn't listen.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments "Now let me get the names right before I make my rules. You must be lovely Flames Above." He smiled at the straight blonde haired girl about his host age. "And you Goad Inferno."

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments ((sorry haha))

"And I would guess you were Fireclaw. Your rules will be in accordance with mine," she said sweetly, "I'll just tell you how this is gonna go - we're gonna go in, and you're gonna stay out of my way. I'd hate if one of my brethren were to be potentially injured by me in a panic."

She shrugged.

"The humans are dangerous," she said, "It's why I was called to Earth. So don't exert yourself, I can handle the dirty work."

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Flames started to not like Goad. She's soo full of herself she thought and did a mental eye roll. She hoped Fireclaw wasn't the same way. They all hated humans but there was no need to be so bossy and conceited. Flames sighed.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw pushed her against the wall by her throat. "I don't get bossed around and I can tell Flames doesn't either. My methods a extreme and deadly and I'm not afraid to hurt my own to get the job done." He released her.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments Her eyes widened in amusement. How presumptuous for him to have attacked her.

"I don't care if everyone on this planet died," she said slowly, "I have no sense of loyalty to any race. They buy my allegiance with blood - it's why they sent for me."

She straightened up, unafraid.

"So do what you will with your own methods," she said, "But don't hold me back - I'm much older, much wiser, and much more dangerous."

She smiled at him and Flames in turn.

"Shall we?"

((She's such a b ahahah))

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((xD ))

"Don't you mean shall you? I don't take orders either oh, wise and eldest one." she told her sarcastically. "We should all go and do our own thing. Agreed?" she suggested. Flames was tired of all their bullshit. Without waiting for any of them respond she headed towards her Seeker car. "Meet you guys there."

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw followed her. "May I get a ride? My last car was set in fire." He really didn't think she was the eldest. This was his fourth planet.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments She sighed, crossing over to her bike and climbing on. She pulled out her beloved Magnum and strapped her guns into her thigh holsters, putting on a pair of Ray Bans, and pulling up beside Flames' car.

"Don't worry," she said, "For a newbie, I have great aim, I probably won't shoot you."

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"Sure. Hop on." she told him as she started the engine. Hopefully by the time they get there Goad would be out of sight already investigating on her own.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw did. He need to get the bike of his working again. He hates asking people for help.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments She revved up her engine and gave them a patronizing wink before shooting off, ready to wreak some beautiful havoc.

((Are we moving?))

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Flames started to drive. She drove a lot faster than she was supposed to but didn't care. She was annoyed and angry.

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments Fireclaw cleaned and recheck his guns. He made no sound and kept to his own business.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 162 comments ((The park right, I can post first))

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dreaмcнιld | 1910 comments ((Ok))

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