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message 1: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ | 393 comments Hey there!!!:)

message 2: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Haaiiii ((I deleted my one comment to jack frost cause I feel so mean. Do you think it's bad of me to not want to roleplay with someone who does one liners? o: I mean, I have nothing against them, nor do I consider myself better or anything, I just can't feed from them. and i enjoy to read a lot more from replies wwaaaahhhhhhh))

message 3: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ | 393 comments No no no no, don't stress!! I feel the same way! Whenever I request for a roleplay I say specifically no one-liners, I absolutely despise one-liners. I'm sure Jack Frost will understand, it's no problem:)

message 4: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Yaah, I just don't want anyone to feel bad, or whatever. O: But! okay!! SO juicy romances. Did you have a preference for the genders? fxf MxM or FxM?
Did you want doubles?
Specific idea? I was thinking a drama romance.

message 5: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ | 393 comments I can do FxF and FxM, I'm not much of a fan of MxM to be honest. Doubles are perfectly fine with me, I can pull them off as easy as peaches and cream, I do not have any specific ideas at the moment though I am thinking about it. And a drama romance is perfectly fine with me as well.

message 6: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments I actually understand the M x M! I'm working on developing my first m x m roleplay and it's quite fantastic ^-^

Hmm, we could do both, if you wanted. Orr. I sincerely don't have any specifics as to gender.

Ideas: There are two best friends, one of them is in a horrific home and the friend (b) is only just beginning to taste how badly the home is for their best friend (a). --trigger warning: abuse, possible sexual abuse ---
Regardless, the friend (b) tries hard to reach out before it's too late.
But friend (a) is scared and refuses to tell anyone in fear of her little sibling.

Maybe they run together, maybe friend a dies, maybe blah blah blah
but love can develop and waht not!

message 7: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ | 393 comments Yeah sure we can do both. Gender doesn't really matter to me either, and I adore your idea by the way:)

message 8: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1641 comments Awesssoommee, now how do we fit doubles into the idea o:

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