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Sarah I apologize if you are angry with me for putting this in a random thread. But I need your help, and the Goodreads community is so creative! I need an idea for an original fairy tale (NOT A RE- TELLING) for an assignment and I have nothing. So please, if you have an idea, comment below or send me a message. THANK YOU!

(Preferably a story with a moral, thanks.)

Megan You can do one about jinn. Or mermaids. Or a mermaid that gets with a jinn... Good luck! :P

AbigailDenyse01 this has nothing to do with this thread but does anyone think that bloody mary should have more books and movies? it doesn't make sense. vamps and wolves have all of these books and movies but I can't think of one that is based on bloody mary!

Elly,  the Martian Abigail wrote: "this has nothing to do with this thread but does anyone think that bloody mary should have more books and movies? it doesn't make sense. vamps and wolves have all of these books and movies but I ca..."

You are totally right! The Bloody Mary story is so different around the world and I think they should do a book of bloody mary.. It would be awesome! They have a couple of movies (not very good thou') and in some tv shows it is only mentioned.

Elly,  the Martian You can make your own world - it can be about the end of the world or something.. or maybe you can write about elves or some kind of mermaids? (: I don't really know what you are looking for in a book. Just think that you will make the perfect book. the book you would want to read. (:

Izzy Do it about two realms. One of fairies of light, another of dark fairies. And one dark (all boys) and one light (all girls) fall in love. Their names can be Shimmer and Midnight. The realms start a war and the fairies have to be together but they have to fight for their side and in the end when almost all is lost they become the leaders of the realm and make a rule that both sides will combine and not fight against each other. They will fight together and they will save all of the fairies for generations on and on. The End!

Iprimeitup write a book about what speak to you or write it about romance ,paranormal science fiction

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J.R. Barker What book do you want to read? Write that one.

Cristie of Crops and Craps and Things Long Since Past I'm afraid I won't be much help - I'm kind of scatterbrained. I always find fantasies more interesting... So, I think you should write about trolls or some other mythical creature that's not overdone. I also like stories with a villain or a non-conventional protagonist.

Maybe the protagonist of the story could be an evil troll, who holds a position of power, and brainwashes his subjects. Then maybe a good troll - who is not influenced by the king's mind control - as a side character who is trying to dethrone the troll and bring happiness and freedom, etc, back into the kingdom. You could make the king/troll be witty and charming while actually being evil and cruel. No matter what, I want to have another story with the villain's point of view and have the villain actually be evil - who could maybe have a clever wit, too.

~Side note~ If you were thinking of doing a retelling I would say do The Three Billy Goats Gruff. And maybe instead of goats they could be little pixies or something (like a dark version of Tinkerbell).

Hope I helped! I have a lot of ideas in my head but they're just brain farts.

Dusty Bibliophile The best place to start is at the beginning. Start with the definition of a fariy tale: "A children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands." (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/...)

Current examples are The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains: A Tale of Travel and Darkness with Pictures of All Kinds.

As for suggetions...
1. A child, bullied for being different, finds a magic coin that grants her power to stand up to the bullies and give them some of their own medicine. All it requires in payment is a piece of her soul. As the bullies get stronger, the coin can give her more power in exchange for more of her soul. Then, when it's too late, she no longer has control of her body or soul.
2. A garden of flowers house a troupe of fairies, each one nestling inside a closed bud at night to be protected from owls and other night predators. A child finds this garden and gets drawn into the war between these faeries and the wildlife trying to live in and around the garden. Whose side the child takes and why is the story. Are the faeries evil? Is the wildlife, owls and wolves, demon possessed? Just what is happening in the garden? Write the story and find out.

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