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message 1: by Devon (new)

Devon | 3 comments Ideally the hero falls in love first or is in pursuit

message 2: by Troy (new)

Troy Tang | 11 comments Devon wrote: "Ideally the hero falls in love first or is in pursuit"

I'm not entirely sure if this is the type of story you had in mind, but my romance novel, Ruby Red and Gentilberry Green, is in fact based around a magical kidnapping, though not a bridenapping. I'm sending out ARCs at the moment, so if you want one you can PM me on Goodreads or send an email to

'Anne Gentilberry is just an honest farmgirl from the hills of Raglia, and by honest, she means blunt as a hammer. But when an immortal and strangely spineless sorcerer snatches her from her home-plane and into his own world, she finds herself caught in a nest of magical intrigue! Can Anne overcome confusion, kidnapping, lunch, and her other-dimensional Aunt to unravel the cry of her own heart? And what does love have to do with all of this?'

message 3: by Tasnima (new)

Tasnima | 17 comments Try Check out this book on Goodreads: Reaper's Property

It is the first book in the series of MC romance. I read this book a while ago and don't neccarilt remover the story but it sort of goes like this:

The MC is after the girls brother who has to pay them back for something and the girl doesn't want her brother to get hurt so she lets them take her. The guy falls for her. She is the price for her brothers life...

Not exactly bridenapping but sort of, I mean they do get married later on.

message 4: by Amoreena (new)

Amoreena  | 66 comments Try the Court of Thorns and Roses series. The bride napping happens in the second book!

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