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message 1: by Devon (new)

Devon | 9 comments Ideally the hero falls in love first or is in pursuit

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message 3: by JennyG (last edited Jun 22, 2018 06:03AM) (new)

JennyG | 171 comments Innocence Undone by Kat Martin - hero kidnaps the heroine from her wedding to another man because he loves her.

Season of the Sun by Catherine Coulter - hero and heroine meet and fall in love. They plan to get married but the heroine's stepfather blackmails her into marrying him by threatening her young sister's life. The hero kidnaps the heroine because he loves her and he believes she betrayed him with another man, the stepfather.

Viking! by Connie Mason - hero kidnaps the heroine because he falls in lust/love.
Love this theme! If I think of more I'll post.

message 4: by ☆Eiko (new)

☆Eiko (sillytachi) | 9 comments Another of Brenda Joyce's novels comes to mind. The Game. the H tries to seduce the h when he kidnaps her from a ship at the orders of Queen Elizabeth (yes this is a 1500's romance). He's forbidden to seduce her however because she's the second favourite of the Queen. So because they seem to hit it off rather well, the Queen orders the h to marry someone of her own political choosing without the H finding out. Let's just say that what happens next is something you'd be interested in reading ;)

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