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The Vanderbilt Mansion rose stories high, overtaking the grounds it was built on. It demanded the focus of anyone to step foot past the front gate, so much that one couldn’t help but be in awe of it. Even after months, Julian felt strange having the freedom to arrive here to see Eva, rather than being forced to simply admire her from a distance or in short secret rendezvous. For years, they’ve struggled to find the time and freedom to be together, and all of a sudden, they’re free to be out in public. That was all Julian really wanted. He had money, he had lost hope in his family and went searching for it in someone else. Someone he’s known his whole life, who have been there for each other. But that wasn’t something to put hope into, in the long run.

She’s engaged.

It had been in the back of his mind since the day of the announcement, pushed far back into the dark simply so he could enjoy the time he gets to spend with Eva, no matter how’s long or short.

Julian felt a light breeze float through the air, bringing a revived smell of spring along with it. He shook his head, as if to physically rid his mind of his doubts, and continued walking the stone path to the door. Julian was here to surprise his girlfriend, flowers held behind his back, though accidentally touched with paint here and there, as his hands were. He walked the steps and rapped lightly on the door, hoping she was even home. He could’ve texted before coming, but still prefered having the element of surprise every now and then. He leaned against the door frame as he waited for it to open, glancing down at his watch to make sure he hadn’t interfered with a schedule of any kind. Old habits die hard, as they say.

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Eva furrowed her brow a little when she heard the doorbell echo throughout the lonely mansion. Was somebody supposed to drop by? Then, with a sigh, she realized she had to answer it herself. Was this what being poor was like? She had a maid and a chef, who both didn’t speak a lick of the four languages she was fluent in, but that was fine she supposed— all to preserve secrecy. Standing up and moving from her position in the parlor, Evangeline answered the front doo, elated when she saw it was Julian.

“Julian!” She exclaimed, tossing her arms around his neck and tilting her head up to give him a little chaste kiss. It was refreshing, being like this unafraid to show affection in public. Pulling away from him, she closed the door behind him, a giddy smile still lingering on her face. “Miss me?” She teased, laying down on a chaise lounge. Evangeline was dressed very casually, at least for her: camel colored trousers, cashmere shell top, and black leather loafers. Holding his hand lightly, Eva posed a question. “What’s the occasion?” She asked, wondering why he had decided to drop by. Not that she didn’t adore him of course and wished that he could be around all the time, but it was a happy surprise.

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Just as Julian was beginning to worry that no one was home, the door swung open to reveal the beautiful Princess of Monaco herself. Julian’s face lit up at her delight at his surprise visit, and he turned his head and leaned down to kiss her back. “How couldn't I miss you? You look absolutely stunning today.” Julian followed her into the front room, the door closing behind him. The house was far from cozy due to the size, but was the epitome of that word compared to the beautiful but cold palace that she permanately lived in and he worked in. Julian wasn’t exactly what comes to mind when you hear “security” or “bodyguard”, but he prided himself on his successes in his profession. Not to mention that it led to him being able to join Eva in New York for a year, away from the scrutiny of reality.

Julian sat down casually beside her, perfectly at home with Eva in her mansion. He lived in a smaller apartment not too far away, comfortable enough, but lonely. “The occasion is that I wanted to see you. We haven’t gone out in a while and I was thinking we could do something. Hang out, go out somewhere, do absolutely nothing,” Julian said with a laugh. Julian’s fingers moved softly, absent-mindedly playing with her hand. He wasn’t a mentally anxious person, but physically, Julian needed to be moving in some way most of the time. He’s always done this; he worried it bothered her when they began dating, but Julian has calmed himself down about it since. “Whatever you’re in the mood for.”

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Eva revelled in Julian’s compliment. She received so many compliments from people, male and female alike, but Julian’s comments were special treasures she kept close to her heart. A pink flush rising to her cheeks, she turned away for a brief momsnt before she turned absolutely red.

“Yes, let’s do absolutely nothing!” Eva agreed, enjoyed the sensation of his fingers dancing along her palm. It was such an ordinary gesture, but Eva found it adorable. Evangeline had feasted upon American culture: the raw excess, the lavish parties, the gluttony, the unsatiable sex drive of the senior class— really, it wasn’t too different from her other boarding schools or a party on the Côte d’Azur. Not that she’d admit it to anybody, but in reality, Evangeline was quite the homebody, and this incessant partying often wore her out. Who on earth could party all day and then wake up at a reasonable hour the next day to attend classes? Evangeline had never worried about it before, but now she couldn’t flaunt her Princess status and float into class whenever she’d like.

Dragging her index finger along Julian’s jawline, Evangeline worshipfully observed him. How could she ever sacrifice this moment? She wish she could freeze time, so she wouldn’t have to face the reality of marrying a boorish Prince in less than a year.

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Julian watched her; observing people came easily to him. He reveled in the party life that seemed to encircle the teens at their school, but often found himself quietly observing the people, the overwhelming smell of alcohol, the lights that allowed him to catch glimpses of different stories before moving into another scene. Eva was clearly blushing as she ducked her head; Julian loved being able to give her such a simple compliment, but for it to make her blush so adorably.

“You know, that’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say,” Julian said with relief. He knew Eva must be exhausted from the party life that came with being the most popular girl at school, and he often accompanied her to these events that occasionally left him with a bit of whiplash and an exhausted appearance half the time. How she’s stayed so beautiful through what often left him drained, he would never know.

A faint smile crossed Julian’s face while she looked at him. He knew her well enough, however, to see a glimpse of something cross her face, and he had to ask what was bothering her. “Are you worried about something?”

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”It’s just-“ Eva began, before stopping herself. Yes, her life was like shoving two incompatible puzzle pieces together in vain, hoping they would fit, but today she was going to ignore the reality that was staring her down and just relax with the love of her life, something she had been dreaming about since she departed her private jet at JFK with Julian. “Nothing.” She said firmly, inchingly closer to Julian and nestling her head in his lap. It felt comfortable, like this was going to be the rest of their lives, a peaceful co-existence, with nobody else but them.

Letting her eyes close, Evangeline wondered if she was being a boring girlfriend. They were in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and she just wanted to sit on the couch. What if Julian was just going along with what she said? Anxiety ran through her veins and she tensed slightly. What if he was going to leave her? After all, he knew as much as she did that they couldn’t survive in this current delicate eco-system of teenage love.

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Julian nodded as soon as she said it was nothing. He immediately knew what it was that was bothering her, it was the same thing that was constantly in the back of Julian’s mind and the only thing that the two of them couldn’t talk about: the inevitable end to their relationship. He felt bad for even bringing it up, and changed the topic to something he knew would cheer her up. “So, how was your day out with Mateo? Did you find any new clothes while you were shopping?”

He smiled down at her as she laid down, running his fingers through her hair. He couldn’t imagine being happier than he was at that moment, just sitting with the girl he loved more than anything he’d ever loved before. “How am I so lucky to be with you, Eva?”

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“Oh, indeed!” Eva replied excitedly. “I found a lovely dress I think you’ll adore.” Evangeline neglected to mention that Mateo had said that Julian would be more interested in seeing without the dress rather than her in it. Evangeline loved to preen herself for Julian, and if it made her seem narcissistic, so be it. She never neglected to attend her weekly spa dates and was constantly on the look out for something to improve herself. She was bare faced at the moment though, and was dearly grateful for the microdermabrasion session she had yesterday to make her skin glow.

When Julian ran his fingers through her hair, Eva let out a small sigh of contentment. His attention was something she craved incessantly for the past years, and now it seemed surreal he was always here to dote on her. “Mmm.” She replied in response to his rhetorical question. “Because I’m the best, and you’re the best, so it just makes sense?” She replied with a self assured hint of a smile, cracking one eye open. If someone had told her she would fall for her childhood best friend six years ago, she would’ve laughed in their faces. But over the years, their childhood friendship had been re-kindled into a passionate romance.

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”Oh that’s great! I can’t wait to see it.” And he wasn’t lying. Throughout their time together, Eva’s put on many fun little “fashion shows”. Nothing like a full-scale professional fashion show, but something in which she tries on different outfits she’s bought and Julian has always been happy to be her audience that ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ at every single one, because she always looks gorgeous in them. That was one tradition of theirs that had carried over from their childhood friendship to their relationship. “And how’s Mateo been?” Julian wasn’t exactly popular, but he knew Mateo was one of Eva’s best friend.

Julian laughed at her response. “Well that must be it. Who would I be to argue with that kind of logic?” Honestly, he didn’t completely agree with her. Not many people have the self-confidence to believe they’re the best, but Eva was one of those people. And Julian knew she was. He however, had struggled with self-confidence ever since he was little. He had god-awful parents that he was terrified of becoming. An abuser, a cheater. Those were the people that were supposed to be his role models growing up. But meeting Eva, even as a child, her confidence just radiated off of her, and over years rubbed off on him.

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“Aw.” Eva rested a hand on Julian’s cheek. He was so sweet! He had been watching play “dress up” as long as she could remember, and he had always been a devout supporter of her fashion endeavors. “I’m glad you’re so entertained by my silly games.” Evangeline smiled, removing her hand from his face so she could trace lines over his leg as she absent mindedly listened to the gentle hum of the air conditioning. “Oh, Mateo? He’s fine.” Eva told Julian. “You know, up to his usual schemes.” Giggling a bit, Eva remembered how Mateo had hit on Julian once, right when they had arrived to the States. Evangeline had quickly cleared up Julian’s romantic status after that. Perhaps she acted a bit possessive, but this year was her year to indulge.

“You are the best!” Eva said emphatically, tapping his nose. “And I will personally ban anybody who says no from Monaco.” She declared firmly, cementing Julian’s status. After all, if Eva said something, it was either an order or a fact.

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Julian turned his head and kissed her hand lightly. “I love your ‘silly’ games, you know that. Who would bother me about fashion if not for you and your expertise?” At ‘schemes’, Julian burst out with a short laugh. Of course he knew what she meant by ‘usual schemes’, for he had been the person of interest in a scheme of Mateo’s almost as soon as he and Eva had arrived in the United States. It was an... interesting first impression of Mateo, one he brings up regularly when the three of them are together to fluster the couple.

“Wow I must be special. A royal declaration of protection, hm?” Julian laughed. It was a little too easy to tease her about her royal title sometimes, even though the thought behind this ‘declaration’ was very sweet. The atmosphere around them as they talked was surreal, as it was when they were together a good portion of the time. It was almost as if time stopped around them, enough for them to sit and do nothing and yet not have it be a waste of time.

“Do you have any coffee here?” Julian said with a yawn. He loved nothing more than to sit with Eva, but honestly it was making him a bit tired. He often had trouble sleeping, lying awake until early morning hours, then falling asleep and getting only a few restless hours of sleep before having to wake up again.

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"Anything for my Prince!" Eva joked, before remembering that was exacty what Julian wasn't-- a Prince, someone she couldn't marry. "And you know, I should chop off their heads for good measure." She added to lighten the tone. Brushing off some strands of hair that had fallen onto her face, Evangeline kicked off her loafers, tossing them onto the antique Persian carpet. Letting out a tiny yawn, Evangeline curled her feet up onto the chaise, rather like a cat. Lazy afternoons were her forte, right after... well, whatever she was good at.

Coffee? Well of course Eva would love to give some coffee to Julian, but she hadn't even stepped foot in the kitchen in this house. And the maid was utterly useless at cooking, she had even burned some water when Evangeline had asked her to make some spaghetti-- spaghetti! Evangeline, from then on out, had eaten out for every meal or gotten post mates delivered. "I don't even know where the kitchen is." She admitted frankly, sitting up. "Maybe you'll have better luck than me in locating it." Right now, she was probably the worst hostess on the planet.

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Julian’s gaze flickered for a moment at the mention of ‘prince’. Of course she hadn’t meant to let it slip out. She was just joking around, and being exceptionally sweet. But again, their lives were more complicated than those of most people their age. He refocused before he could look worried or upset, smiling at her attempt to bypass that topic. “There you go, now you’re tapping into the medieval European ruling tactics.” And she looked as ‘terrifying’ as the those notorious monarchs, curled up like a cat on the chaise with Julian.

With a laugh, Julian picked her head up off of his lap and stood up. He yawned and stretched his arms up, hearing a pop in his shoulder. “No problem. Wish me luck on my harrowing journey. If I’m not back in 20 minutes, send a search party,” Julian joked, walking around the chaise and through the large doorway in search of the kitchen. He heard a ‘ding’ and went to take his phone out of his pocket, but it wasn’t there. It must’ve fallen on to the couch or floor by accident. He figured he’d just look at whoever texted after he found coffee. Besides, it couldn’t have been anything too important, the person he texts the most was in the other room. “Found it!” Julian exclaimed loud enough for Eva to hear in the other room as he walked into the kitchen, and began to make coffee.

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"I'll make Monaco an absolute monarchy again." Eva stated with a serious tone, before letting out a laugh. Julian was the absolute best, happy with being stuck inside. Well, anybody who had the chance to be alone with Eva would certainly have to be the best, and lucky at that. Evangeline wondered if people would really fear him as a bodyguard if they knew how aggressive he really was, which was to say, not a bone in his body possessed the ability of raw violence.

Whining when Julian moved her head off his lap, Eva futilely stretched an arm after him before plopping onto the couch again. She frowned when she heard a ding from Julian's phone-- who could be texting him at this hour? And Julian, while certainly not unpopular, didn't have a solid friend group in which he was always chatting with. As narcissitic as it sounded, Evangeline wondered who on earth would be texting her boyfriend as she entered in his passcode (0117, her birthday, what a sweetheart!). It was a text, from his mother, saying Your sister misses you. Her jaw dropping, she let go of his phone with a little gasp, failing to hear that Julian had found the kitchen. A sister? He was in contact with his mother? As far as Evangeline knew, his mother had just packed up and left one day, and had never contacted Julian again.

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Julian opened and closed cabinets, looking for a mug. He finally found one, and set the bright red mug which has obviously never been used on the counter. He then went on a search for cream while the coffee began pouring. He whistled a tune that had been stuck in his head, though he couldn’t for the life of him remember what song it actually was. The coffee pot was full and Julian poured his cup, adding in some cream before putting it away and walking slowly back into the front room so as not to spill the hot coffee everywhere.

As he walked to the room, Julian called out to Eva, “Hey could you hand me my phone?” He wanted to check who the text had been from. He entered the room and saw Eva. She wasn’t lying comfortably on the couch as she had been before, she seemed to be in shock about something, and Julian began to worry. He rushed through the front room over to where she was. In his haste, a bit of the coffee went over the side of the mug, burning his hand, but he barely even noticed. “What? What is it, Eva?”

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Jerking away from Julian's touch, Eva spoke with an angry voice. "You have a sister and never told me?" She asked accusatorily, standing up and crossing her arms over chest. "How could you hide something like this from me? We share everything with each other!" Eva practically shouted, glad there were no servants or people around to here. Stomping over to the wine fridge in the butler's kitchen across the hall, Eva grabbed a 1962 Cabernet and a wine glass before re-entering the room and pouring herself a large glass to prepare for this conversation.

What a huge lie to be hiding from her. Sure, the Prince she was due to marry was a horrible bore and ridiculously mediocre looking, but at least he wasn't hiding any siblings. Eva debated marching up to her bedroom and putting on her hideously gauche engagement ring, but figured that would be a little too over the top. After all, perhaps Julian had a valid explanation. Gulping down half her wine, Eva waited for an explanation.

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Julian froze, his hand bright red from the coffee spill yet he hadn’t even processed that his hand was burning. He set the coffee mug down on the table before any more would spill. “You went through my phone?” He spoke with a calm and direct tone. Julian had a long fuse, so he wasn’t one to immediately begin yelling. “We share everything?!” He said, his voice beginning to rise along with hers. “You mean like how we’ve talked about that you’re engaged? You know what, that’s unrelated, sorry.” Julian shook his head, his hands began fidgeting, as they did in nervous situations such as this. His father used to yell at him about it, but he couldn’t help it.

“I didn’t tell you because you know I hate talking about my family, Eva! And this? So much worse. Why wouldn’t I want to talk about how my mother cheated on my abusive father, and when he found out she was pregnant, he blew up and kicked her out of the house? She had nothing, and at 14 I was the one who had to provide for her. I had to find a way to get money to her and my sister.” Julian had begun pacing around the room. He couldn’t look at Eva, because he knew what he’d see. Of course she’d hate him now, why wouldn’t she? He had kept such a huge secret from her, that’s not exactly a trustworthy quality. “And why did you go through my phone in the first place? The only reason I can think of is that you just don’t trust me.”

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"It dinged." Evangeline offered up as a lame excuse, swigging the rest of the wine and pouring herself another glass. Evangeline had a short temper, much shorter than Julian, and while she had been yelling at him, she flinched as his voice rose. Julian had never raised his voice at her, and she was never used to anybody raising their voice at her: after all, she was a Princess. Was this really their first fight as a couple? Just a few short minutes ago they had been cuddling on the couch and now they were up in arms.

Evangeline's voice was steely when she spoke again. "Don't you dare mention him." She said with a sharp tone, almost threateningly. "I hate the idea as much as you do!" She shouted, flinging her arms up in the air, wine spilling out of her glass and onto the antique carpet. Whatever. Her life was all screwed up, the carpet might as well be too. It might've been 2018, but she was still in an archaic arranged marriage because her parents deemed it necessary for her to settle down as early as possible, to avoid a "wild teenage" stage of life and promote the principality of Monaco, because who didn't love a royal wedding?

"I... I didn't know that Julian." Evangeline said sadly, reaching for his hand to comfort him before realizing that would be an ill-fated move. Of course Julian was providing for his mother and his half sister with his big heart, and that's where they differed. If Evangeline had had a secret half-sister, she wouldn't have cared one iota. But Julian? Julian was different. He was empathetic, and so caring towards others, people Eva wouldn't even see from her platform of privilege.

Drinking the remains of the wine in her glass, Evangeline did wonder why she had gone through Julian's phone. Eva had thought their relationship was a deep, unbreakable bond, but apparently she had some deeper seated trust issues that had weeded themselves into her relationship. After all, if Evangeline was going to get married in less than a year, wouldn't it be normal of Julian to look for a new fling, something to take his mind off the matter? It shamed her to think of Julian in such a way, but she admitted it anyway. "I.... I was just curious... and worried." She admitted sadly, dropping to the ground to sit. "I mean, I wouldn't blame you if you found someone else by now." Dirty mascara tears were already tracing a path down her face and Eva hated letting down her facade by showing weakness.

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It dinged. That was it? I guess as good an excuse as any for going through someone’s phone. Julian would never dream of going through Eva’s personal belongings. But it led back to him. She did have a reason not to trust him, he had been lying to her. Or at least hiding something. As soon as he saw her flinch, Julian’s anger deflated like a balloon. He’d seen his mother do that exact same thing too often when he was younger as she reacted to his father. He couldn’t believe he’d even gotten to that point. Sure, he and Eva have fought before, but he was usually in control of his temper. He was too afraid not to be.

“I really don’t think you do. I’ve been in love with you for years, Eva. And all of a sudden it’ll just be over forever. And I mean, it doesn’t even seem like you’ve tried very hard to fight the marriage!” That wasn’t fair to her, of course, but now seemed as a good a time as any other to finally just talk about it.

“I know you didn’t. That was the point. I didn’t want anyone to know.” Eva reached out to take his hand, but he jerked back. His hands were shaking and he didn’t want her to see them. He had never told anyone about the situation, and in all honesty, Julian was freaking out a bit. It was such a heavy load that he’s been carrying for so long, normally one would think that it would feel as if the weight was lifted by telling someone else. But to Julian, it was just another person that had to keep his secret, who might be upset with him or feel pity for him, neither which he wanted.

Julian had continued pacing around, not able to look directly at her. But as soon as she said that, he paused and looked over at her, sitting on the floor with a few tears trailing down her face. Julian walked over to where she was sitting, and collapsed down in front of her. He brought one of his hands, still fluttering slightly due to his nerves, up to her face and tried to wipe the tears off of her cheeks. “Believe me, Eva, I would never cheat on you. In a million years. And if you want to just end things now, before the wedding, I get it. I kept this huge secret from you. But I just want you to know I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else, even if our time is limited.”

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Letting out a stuttery breath, Eva regained her composure, halting her crying, Smiling forlornly at Julian, she spoke. "I mean, you're right Julian. I could just... give up the throne or something." Eva knew that this relationship was much harder for Julian than her-- after all, he would be the one to be punished if they were ever found out, not Eva. "And, I have alternate sources of income than being a Princess." Did Eva now have a real plan to escape her arranged marriage? It was like a little spark of hope had been ignited inside her. She still felt guilty for snooping through Julian's phone, but at least it forced her to confront the issues at hand, namely, her trust issues and her impending marriage. But Evangelie without Monaco simply wouldn't be Evangeline. She probably wouldn't be able to live in Monaco if she seceded the throne either.

Holding one of Julian's hands against her cheek, she observed the other one. "Did you burn yourself?" She asked, startled. Perhaps Eva had caused yet another problem for Julian to deal with, poor fellow. Kissing the red part of his hand, she looked into his eyes. "The last thing I want," she stated firmly, staring him down," is to end this relationship. And I'll always love you, whether we're formally together or not." She added.

Finding a tissue on the coffee table nearby, Evangeline wiped away her mascara marks, putting her appearance back together. Crying was a cathartic action, but it certainly didn't aid her with her appearance.

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Julian smiled back at her, but knew what he had to say. “You know I can’t let you give up the throne for me. You wouldn’t just be giving up the throne. You would be giving up your family, your friends, Monaco itself. It’s impractical. Being queen has been... what you’ve been working towards your entire life.” Julian remembered being children and playing ‘kingdom’ with her as queen. That wasn’t a fantasy game similar to what most kids played though, that was Eva’s reality. “Besides, I’m part of your security. I’ll be around for a while.” While he wished this was true, Julian didn’t know how long he would be able to work in such close quarters with Eva after she got married. Eventually, she and her husband would have children (for they needed at least one heir), maybe fall in love. All Julian wanted was for her to be happy, but he didn’t know if he’d be able to watch it all happen.

“Oh, uh I guess I did.” His hand was stinging, now that she mentioned it. “I didn’t notice.” Julian’s nerves were finally settling down after the fight, resulting in him physically calming down. He wasn’t always the best with words, so after Eva spoke, Julian simply leaned forward and kissed her gently. “I’ve always loved you. I hope you know that will never go away either.” He sighed before speaking again. “And I am sorry for not telling you about everything. We had just begun dating when all of that happened, I was afraid... I’m not sure exactly, maybe that you’d break up with me or something.”

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"Julian, I'd be willing to do it for you." Evangeline insisted, grasping his non-injured hand tightly. "I have other things I can do with my life other than being royal you know." She scoffed. Stroking his hand lightly, she spoke again. "Besides, it'd be utter torture for us to be so close, yet so far apart." She said woefully. It would be pure agony-- seeing Julian, the love of her life, everyday, but never being able to be with him, instead being stuck with a lout of a husband who probably couldn't even kiss well (not that she had even kissed her fiance yet, ick).

"Julian!" Eva chided him, trying to find something to soothe his burn. She had absolutely no medical training, but she thought a handkerchief soaked in some room temp water from the pitcher would be fine. Delicately patting the cloth onto his hand, she gratefully accepted his kiss. "You know, I over-reacted. I can see why you'd keep something from me. In fact, now that I know, I hold you in an even higher regard." She told him honestly, absent-mindedly rubbing his forearm as she spoke. It was so unsual to be so touchy-feely, even after all these months, and Eva still hadn't gotten to used to it. Recently, the teachers had been threatening detention for the two of them if they couldn't turn down the PDA a notch.

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Julian grinned. “I know without even the tiniest doubt you would give up the throne for me in a minute. If the roles were reversed, I would too. But please just think before doing anything. I wouldn’t want you to regret whatever you decide. And don’t say you won’t-“ Julian added quickly. “Later in life, you might regret giving up being royalty.” He smiled a bit as Eva said exactly what he had been thinking. He wasn’t going to say this until she made up her mind, but he knew if Eva did decide to remain royalty and marry the Prince of Luxembourg, Julian would have to leave the palace. He would simply get in the way of any happiness she might find in her family if he worked in close proximity to her.

“Thank you,” he said, holding the cloth between his hand and Eva’s. It wasn’t a bad burn, the skin would just be a little red for a few days. Eva was apologizing for overreacting, but Julian honestly thought she could’ve reacted even worse. Broke up with him, maybe, or been mad at him for days. “You do? No offense, but why? Not to disagree with you or anything, but I kept this awful secret from you.” Julian barely heard what he was saying though. A faint smile played on his lips as Eva rubbed his arm. He knew they were both happy to have the freedom just to be affectionate with each other without the possibility of getting fired or ruining their reputation.

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“Julian, do you really think so little of me?” Eva asked, prodding his ribs. “Really, you make me out to be some vapid American!” She laughed, handing him his coffee mug, the coffee now tepid after their conversation. “I want to marry that dunce as much as you do.” Eva told Julian, wrinkling her nose up in disgust. Even her engagement ring was a tacky, gauche item, a 5.5 karat emerald and diamond monstrosity.

“Well, your former secret displayed your value of familial duty.” Eva sensibly pointed out, continuing to rub his arm. “And, it shows how much you’re willing to sacrifice. I mean, your father would have a fit if he ever knew you were helping his daughter and ex-wife.” Evangeline loved that just when she thought Julian was perfect, he got even better. Perhaps she was putting her boyfriend on a pedestal, but nobody could ever match him in the value he held in Eva’s heart. She knew, without a doubt (as reckless as it might be) she would give the throne up for him in a second. “You know,” Eva began, crossing him ankles,” we’re rather like that American and the English King, what were their names? Oh! Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII.” Evangeline was a bit pleased with her history knowledge, but it didn’t really even matter since she hired people to do her homework and classwork anyway.

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“How much do you think I want to marry him? I could secretly be in love with that dunce, for all you know,” Julian pointed out, accepting the tepid coffee from Eva. “Not that he has any qualities anyone could actually fall for, the sous-merde.” Though Julian was fluent in several languages, French was by far his favorite to swear or generally insult someone in. He glanced at Eva with a faint grin apparent on his face, just so she knew he was joking. Obviously the prince wasn’t an evil villain in general, but in their story, he was, so Julian might as well talk about him like he was.

Julian listened to her explanation with interest. “Wow. I never thought about it like that. I mean, I always knew the chances I was taking with my father, but it felt like the duty I had towards my mother was just so much stronger, I guess. Besides, she was always far better a parent than my father, I’d choose to loose him - and his money - over her and Tess any day. Um, my sister,” he added hastily after mentioning his sister’s name, since he realized he had never actually told Eva her name. “And it does seem like we’re heading in that direction. I believe I would make an excellent Wallis, what do you think?” He took another sip of coffee, offering her some as well before checking the time. “Shit. What time were we supposed to head to Mateo’s?”

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“God, I hope not!” Eva chuckled, a throaty laugh emerging from her throat. “Il a un peau de zob.” She giggled, shaking her head. Evangeline was so glad they were able to talk about her engagement now, even if it was just to trash talk the Prince. Evangeline rarely talked in French now, with the exception in French class and with Julian. It was refreshing, English didn’t just have the same lilt as French— it felt a bit thick on her tongue sometimes.

“Tess? A beautiful name. Short for Thérèse?” Eva questioned, trying to keep the mood light. Accepting a sip of the tepid coffee, Eva kissed his cheek lightly. “You would make a lovely Wallis, darling.” She assured him, before furrowing her brows in worry. “Oh, Mateo’s party? I think it was supposed to start at 8.” Eva remarked. She didn’t like to show up too early, but with New York traffic, it would take them a good forty-five minutes to arrive at his home. “Let me change, and alert the chauffeur!” Evangeline instructed before dashing upstairs.

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