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kate~ (princesskate14) | 13 comments Jennifer closed her eyes and tipped her head back against the chair she sat in, her earbuds in playing loud music- Slipknot, Staind, etc- while she was supposed to be studying. To Hell with law! Her head rocked softly to the thin tap of a china cymbal, not noticing as someone else entered. Sitting pretzel with her textbook in her lap, for once she wasn’t flirting or acting like some important law bitch like she was groomed to be.

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Cassia strolled into the sunroom, her psychology textbook tucked neatly under her arm. Sweaty hair was plastered to her forehead from tennis practice, and Frank Ocean was playing through her air pods. Tennis practice had gone well, except that some poor freshman had cried a bit after Coach told them that their backswing was absolutely horrid. But now she needed to study, she couldn't waste time moping about some freshman that got yelled at.

Dropping her overstuffed tote bag (crammed with school stuff plus her tennis raquet), Cassia flopped onto the loveseat by the window, kicking off her jelly sandals. Cass had been into a 90s fashion kick for the last week or so, and yesterday she had shown up in a lavendar rendition of Cher Horowitz's iconic yellow suit from Clueless.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 13 comments She hadn’t realized someone else had entered as she pulled her hair in a messy bun with a relaxed smirk. Today- despite the summer heat- she wore a cropped white tank and black high waisted shorts, her Vince sandals on the floor in front of the chair.
Jennifer hummed to a song by the Weeknd, crossing her arms over her stomach as she opened he eyes, realizing there was another girl in here.

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