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So, Hansung really wanted to go home — or just somewhere very far away, because his house wasn't the best place to go at the moment. His week had been particularly hellish, with Mateo's party last weekend, which he was there for three minutes and was groped twice, and his parents fighting over business again. Not to mention, school was just overall stressful and he could hardly sleep at night because of a homework assignment or he was worrying about a college application. This morning, Hansung could've sworn he saw a gray hair when he was brushing his teeth.

After being dismissed from his calculus class and deciding to skip on lunch because he had his own pack of food, he looked for the only room in the school that one could go to to maintain their sanity: the empty classroom. Hansung turned the knob and hurriedly pushed open the door, slowly closing it behind him. Luckily, it was empty, which meant he could enjoy his lunch and then take a wonderful nap until he had to go to class.

He walked over to one of the chairs, plopping down on it and immediately propping his feet up on another chair. He placed his lunch bag on the desk and opened it up, grabbing the tinfoil-wrapped sandwich, courtesy of his beloved maid, and began eating as if his life depended on it — which it kind of did.

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Hyunjin was glad that he had a free period before lunch — it meant that he could eat then, and avoid the rush of people in the cafeteria when the bell rang. So instead, he found himself wandering the hallways looking for somewhere to sit and relax while he waited for the break to be over. The empty classroom — always reliably so — was his favourite place. When he opened the door, however, someone was already there.

He relaxed when he saw who it was. Hansung would come here for peace and quiet. Sliding into one of the seats near the other, he smiled at him. "It's nice in here, isn't it? Can actually hear yourself think." More to the point, he could actually hear Hansung if he chose to speak — but saying that would be kind of weird, and while Hyunjin may have been the weird nerd kid who couldn't socialise in middle school, spending more time around people who treated him like human beings had made a big difference to his social skills and his confidence.

"How's the day been treating you so far?" There. He had made an effort at conversation. Obligations fulfilled, as far as he was concerned.

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When the door to the classroom opened, he almost choked on his sandwich. Hansung frequented the empty space multiple times in his four years of high school, and about a quarter of the time that he'd go to the classroom, he'd walk in on something that shouldn't even be allowed in school. So, naturally, his first instinct was to hide under the table, but the fast movement left him coughing up a part of his sandwich. When he saw that it was only Hyunjin, he sighed, and continued eating. "Scared me," he muttered.

Hansung put the remainder of his sandwich on the tinfoil and smiled back at the other male. He didn't have a problem with Hyunjin; if anything, he enjoyed his company, seeing as he was one of the only people that he knew that didn't overlook him. "Oh, yeah, definitely. I try to come here as often as possible, but sometimes I show up a little too late. This one time, I walked in on two girls being... well, very intimate with each other," he replied with a chuckle at the horrifying memory.

"My day? It's been alright. Had a pop quiz in calc' that kicked my ass," Hansung answered, shrugging. Math had never been his forte, and seeing as he was allergic to studying, it was quite obvious he failed the quiz. "What about you?" he asked, reaching into his lunch bag for any snacks that the maid might've given him.

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Hyunjin laughed as Hansung hid under the table. "It's just me. I'm not that scary." He understood, though — somewhat. It was always slightly nerve-wracking when someone came into a room when you were alone, particularly at school — given the amount of illicit things that went on around the place, there was a decent chance that they wouldn't want witnesses. Then again, New York was considerably different to his old town, so possibly people were less psychopathic here. It had been over three years, and he still wasn't used to it.

"God, that sounds... traumatising." Hyunjin didn't want to know what kind of PDA it was — it was Constance, though, so he might as well assume the worst. "I've never really run into anyone here. Mostly I come in my free periods." But also, it was Hyunjin, and if he sat in the right corner of the room and was quiet enough, he could get away with not being noticed.

He shrugged at Hansung's question. "Eh. I had World History, so that was about as productive as it always is, then Art, and a free just now– so nowhere near as bad as calculus." Hyunjin was not a maths person. While he could do reasonably well in tests and things, he didn't see the use of learning difficult things like calculus when he could be learning things that would help him do well. He'd asked the teacher once what the purpose of the hard stuff with no real-world applications was, and they'd told him that it was to teach the students how to work through things and give them problem-solving skills. Personally, he thought that he got that working with computers — since they never did anything the way they were supposed to. "Why do you put yourself through that class?"

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"It was traumatizing! Like, I understand that this is the age where everyone's hormones are out of control, but does it need to be done during school hours?" Hansung rambled off, taking out a tupperware with sliced strawberries. He took off the lid, and pointed it towards Hyunjin, gesturing for him to take one.

At the mention of one of his favorite subjects, Hansung perked up. "World History? I took that last year, and it was by far the only class that I've never fallen asleep in," he said with a chuckle. It was true, he was prone to falling asleep in a majority of his classes, landing himself in detention quite a few times, but the first time he walked into his World History class in junior year, Hansung knew he found the one subject he could ace. "You're in art? I would've never taken you for an artistic person. I thought you were more computer-savvy?"

Hansung shrugged, popping a strawberry slice in his mouth. He chewed for a few moments, then answered, "I've been looking at universities down south, like around Florida, and a majority of them require a passing grade in calculus. I would've taken stats had it not been for that." He yearned to leave New York. Between the freezing winters, the horrid stench, the hectic traffic, and the not-very-friendly-people, he couldn't wait to leave after graduation. So, one of his options was Florida, which was practically the complete opposite of New York.

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Hyunjin shrugged, taking a strawberry. "Some people are just really dumb, y'know? And I mean, at least they made an effort to keep reasonably out of sight." There were more than enough couples at their school who failed to grasp the concept of public decency, and that was another reason why he hated eating with the rest of the school.

He sighed. "It would be interesting, but there's only so many times you can hear about wars and chaos and collapse and colonialism before you start falling asleep." Okay, some of it was interesting, but doom and gloom — world wars and civil wars and revolutions and whatnot — were all very boring. Particularly because an unfortunately large majority of the content they looked at was Europe, or from the perspective of Europeans or Americans. "Like, I just want to get to talk about something Asian or African for once, you know?"

Hyunjin was surprised that Hansung didn't know that he did art. Clearly he didn't talk about his subjects nearly as much as he thought he did. "Computers and art go together pretty well, actually. Well, not according to my teacher, but they're a snob who clearly hasn't watched any Pixar movies lately." He had an ongoing war with the teacher, after they'd given him a C for his project last year — which had been an animation.

Hearing Hansung talking about moving scared Hyunjin. It reminded him that they were less than a year away from graduation, and that he really should be looking at future options. "God, you're so prepared. You're making me feel bad, I haven't even started thinking about uni." He tried not to think about the fact that Hansung was thinking of moving to Florida (of all the states he could have chosen), and instead shoved him gently. "Nerd." The idea of Hansung leaving New York hurt more than he had expected it to, but maybe that was just because he didn't dare follow him — he couldn't afford his own house, and his only relatives in Florida were the ones he would never let near him again.

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Hansung nodded with what Hyunjin said about their unfortunate generation, popping two strawberry slices in his mouth. He was rather surprised that he could carry conversation easily with Hyunjin, considering how he was generally awkward and Hyunjin appeared reserved at first look. Regardless, he was glad to have easy conversation with someone.

"Well, yeah, that's true. Countries can't thrive without marking their dominance, but the politics behind the wars is what's really interesting," he remarked with a smile. If he was going to banter with Hyunjin about his favorite school subject, then the least he could do is bring in some evidence. "Actually, they talked plenty about Asia... Africa not so much, but in Asia you had the early civilizations, towards the Middle East there was the numerous Indian dynasties, the rise of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Empire. Then in South East Asia, you had China and it's numerous dynasties, as well as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and both India and China played big roles towards the 20th century because of colonialism. Then... oh, Russia! There was the development of the Soviet Union under Ivan the Terrible and the tsars following him, the Romanovs, and then the Russian Revolution."

Hansung took a deep breath after his ramble, but he wasn't done there. "And then in Africa, you also had the early civilizations, and then you had Ghana, the Swahili, Ethiopia, the Somali — and those were just the empires that had been present most in history. Then there's the slave trade and colonization... What they didn't talk enough about was Australia. All we knew was that Britain found the land and colonized it, but we didn't learn much about how its government formed." Hansung was done talking. With a nonchalant expression on his face, he popped another strawberry into his mouth.

As Hyunjin talked about his art class, Hansung listened with a small smile. He'd always figured that Hyunjin was talented — Hansung couldn't properly work a computer without asking for assistance — and to hear that he was also involved with art made him feel slightly jealous but intrigued to listen on regardless. "Animation, of course. How could I forget?" he muttered.

Maybe it was his imagination, but when he'd been talking about his plans and preparations for college, he could've sworn he saw Hyunjin look upset, but Hansung didn't say anything about it. "I have to be prepared! I can't rely-" Hansung stopped there before he could bring up the fact that his parents were practically broke and the fact that the only reason he was so prepared was so that he could have a scholarship. And, of course, he chose Florida out of any other state because Florida had actual reputable colleges. It also meant that Hansung could run away from the drama and socialite life of New York, and start anew in Florida. "Yeah, yeah, call me a nerd all you want. When I'm the only student in the damn school that's prepared for college, then come back to me and call me a nerd."

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[ it's fine, it's fine. ]

Hyunjin sighed. "I wish they did that with us. I mean, they might eventually, but I won't learn anything unless the class shuts up. You know when you have an interesting subject, but a terrible class? And it just kills your interest. But those sound really interesting — it's a shame we don't learn more about Australia or the rest of Oceania, but when you think about the different natures of histories, it makes sense. Even they don't know that much about their history because of colonisation which wiped out most of their population." He cut himself off before he started rambling. Hansung might appreciate it, but he always felt slightly awkward when he realised how long he could talk about things for. "Honestly, though, my favourite part of history is comparing different events and locations and finding the similarities and figuring out why they're there. Which is probably more anthropology, when you think about it."

Seeing how Hansung muttered to himself, Hyunjin made a note not to be too confident. It may have been the truth, but sometimes the truth was unnecessary in casual conversation. "Yeah, animation's my favourite, but I do a fair bit of sketching on computers as well — drawing things frame-by-frame takes forever, it's much quicker just to do a still frame. Also, the software is better." Hyunjin tended to use Photoshop for animation-making and normal sketches as well, simply because every time he tried to use Adobe's actual animation program, he clicked the wrong thing and the program crashed. "Maybe for my next Software project I should make a user-friendly animation app. Something with actual instructions and labels."

He wanted to ask what Hansung had been going to say, but refrained. It was none of his business, and he didn't want to suddenly make things awkward for them. He liked being able to talk to Hansung easily. "Well half the students here don't need to be prepared because they can live off their parents money for as long as they want to," he said, fully aware that he hadn't really mentioned his lack of financial stability before. "Wish I was employable enough to get a job, then maybe I could consider out-of-state options. Or get a housing scholarship." Hyunjin tried to keep his tone light, not wanting to spoil the mood with his problems. "I think you should accept that if you talk that much about World History, it doesn't matter what you do because you'll always be a nerd. Nothing wrong with it — it's nice hearing that someone else is actually interested in the interesting parts of history."

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"Oh, yeah, the students definitely suck. About half of the time in that class was spent with the teacher telling students to pay attention or wake up," Hansung responded with pursed lips at the thought of his bothersome peers. After the first week of junior year, he had moved from the back of class to the front, just to get away from his classmates that couldn't give a damn about the class, unlike Hansung. "Huh, another thing I would've never pegged you. First art, now anthropology, what's next?" His face fitted into a teasing smile, though he was in slight awe at how talented one person could be.

There was suddenly a bit of tension between the two, and Hansung assumed that it was his own fault, so he made an effort to listen intently to what Hyunjin was talking about. "Would you actually turn it into an app, if you had the chance?" he asked, tilting his head. He had eaten all his strawberries, so he put the lid back on the tupperware and put it back in his lunch bag. "That'd be cool — creating an app at your age."

"Yeah and that's the worst part. You have students that have hardly done an inch of work in their lives, and then they go to these big-time schools without even a thought of how privileged they are!" Hansung whined, his lips pursing once more. He really despised his peers, if that wasn't obvious already. However, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips lowered into a frown when Hyunjin said that he might not be able to go out-of-state or get a scholarship. "With your computer skills, and now your art, why wouldn't you get a scholarship?"

His frown fitted into a straight line when Hyunjin tried to make him feel better about being a nerd. He shrugged, and replied with, "Thanks... You're a little, uh, nerdy yourself." At that moment, Hansung wanted to kick himself. First off, the sentence didn't even make sense, all because he was nervous and trying to stay nonchalant.

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Hyunjin nodded. "They're so frustrating." In one lesson, they had learned absolutely nothing, because the teacher had spent the entire time trying to make the girls at the back of the class be quiet. Hyunjin had been sorely tempted to turn round and tell them to shut up, but he had figured that they were just as unlikely to listen to him. Maybe a popular kid, who they respected, but Hyunjin? People rarely listened to him, and he was used to having to make himself be heard, let alone acknowledged. "Well anthropology is still part of history. It's just more specialised, so we cover it less." Hyunjin shrugged. He felt awkward now. He hated talking about himself and his interests, because people always gushed over how talented he was — despite the multiple Bs and Cs on his school report (although the Cs were in subjects he hated, or subjects where the teacher hated him).

Would you make an app if you had the chance? It was a question Hyunjin had thought about at length, but never once come up with an answer. "It'd be really complicated," he began. "Like, the level of understanding of how mouses and drawing tablets interact with the computer, and how graphics work, and how you track a mouse, it'd take ages to get to the point where you'd be able to make a decent program. It would make a cool project, though. If you could pull it off within a year." Hyunjin, personally, wouldn't bother trying to code an entire app without funding. The debugging alone was enough to make him stop considering it as an option.

"Academic scholarships, maybe. But housing scholarships have different criteria, and not all universities even have housing scholarships." Ideally, Hyunjin would love to be able to go to MIT, but the cost of housing wasn't something he would be able to cover unless he got a proper job that paid very well, particularly since he would also have to cover (at least part of) the cost of general school fees and books and things. "Besides, someone has to babysit my cousins when their parents are away."

Hyunjin smiled lightly at Hansung's reply. It was awkward and clumsy, but the sentiment was nice — a little like Hansung himself, he thought. "Thanks," he replied, not even slightly jokingly. Hyunjin had an excellent poker face when he wanted to — years of dealing with his cousins begging him to buy them things, and he'd gotten really good at making up ridiculous stories and making them seem believable. But this wasn't as hard as that. It was much more genuine.

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