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Today's art class, they were actually out of the art room and going to go somewhere exciting, or at least thats what the teacher said. Salem though they might actually be going somewhere riviting like the Met Meuseum for the first time in her life, or maybe to see the statue, yet here they were in another part of the school. The art gallery, how positively mezmerizing. While understandably irritated by being misled, Salem found that any day outside of her house, was a blessing. Therefore, while learning wasn't her favorite thing to do, it was better than being in solitude stuck in a heavily guarded mansion, while sound interesting, gets quite boring after quite some time. "And now class, you will be partnering up into pairs to make your own sketches... of each other." The entire class either didn't seem to care of simply cared just enough to be dissapointed. "I have already selected your partner, so once you find them look around the gallery, get to know each other, and have fun." Salem had to admit that she was slightly excited, being the new girl wasn't always spectacular, everyone had seemed to have formed their own little circles, so getting friends wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. The only person she really talked to was Imani, yet she was so wonderful that it was almost enough.

"Okay! So, Xavier H, with...Sammy G. Veronica O, with Jake U, Salem M, with... William B. Yessica..." Just like that Salem went looked over in the general direction until she found the person that the teacher had pointed at. "Hi! I'm Salem Mitchell, and I can safely assume that you are William?" The English lilt in her voice was extremely prominent, seeing as she had only just moved from London a few months back. "I'm glad to be collaborating on this project with you, I'm sure it'll be buckets of fun." Pulling back her curls into a ponytail so reveal the rest of her face, a full pout, along with the dozens of chocolate colored freckles on her face, and of course a trademark smile to cover her face from ear to ear.

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The school's art gallery wasn't exactly the amazing-outside-the-class place that their teacher made it sound to be. Honestly William had been hoping to actually leave the school property, instead he trudged along with the rest of the students who were obviously bored out of their minds. William himself was only half listening as the teacher talked about their next project. And, oh joy, a partnered project! It wasn't so much that he had a problem with people, actually Will loved people and parties, though mostly because parties meant booze. No he hated partnered projects because that usually meant home visits, definitely not happening.

Yanking out the single earbud that had been softly pouring out music into his right ear, Will listened as the teachers called off partners. Hopefully he'd at least get someone nice to look at and this project would be almost worth it. After-all they'd certainly have to spend a lot of time staring at one another. Hearing his name called he pulled his attention to his classmates and zoned out the teacher. Noticing the girl walking towards him he studied her. Salem - at least that's what the teacher had called her. She was the new girl and she was certainly cute with the curly hair and the freckles. "You'd assume correctly," he replied grinning lightly as he noticed her British accent. His own wasn't the typical New Yorker that one would come to expect from a resident of Manhattan, but he had the privilege of spending most of his life in Orlando. "Oh I'm sure we will Salem," his voice was distinctly amused, after all he'd gotten his wish of an attractive partner. His hazel eyes sparkled with mirth and his dimples appeared as he smiled at her.

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Okay... Right now he didn't seem to annoying, rather he was quite relaxed, and collected which would hopefully prove to be helpful later on. "So, William tell me about yourself. Do you play any sports? How long have you lived in New York?" The project expected both partners to spend time with each other and make a portrait that would symbolize one another's personalities and include their interests. Salem had to admit that the sound of his voice carried something else, like it was as if he was laughing at a joke she disn't even happen to hear. It didn't neccicarily worry her, but anyone had to admit it was slightly strange. Still, she shrugged it off happy to forgive and forget. Letting her curls bounce behind her as she walked ahead, taking in the prestine detail of every peice of art.

One thing that Salem had not failed to notice was that everyone at this school was undoubtedly attractive; and she sincerely meant everyone. Pretty and rich seemed like the two most popular combinations around here, and William here wasn't any acception. His hazel eyes looked as though they had gold in his iris, and his physical build was nothing to laugh at either, though as she continued to think about it, Salem mentally caught herself before scolding the fact that she was blatantly objectifying him when he was right there. Of course it wouldn't be better if she did it when he wasn't there either, but she felt so shameful. Feeling a small heat come to her cheeks, Salem quickly calmed herself before focusing on the paintings in front of her. While still slightly dissapointed by the entire concept of the out of the classroom, she had to admit at least she was going to be able to explore at this school a bit more. "So, what's your favorite work of art? I have to say I think mine is the Statue of David, every single detail is just so perfect that it's just beautiful to even think about don't you agree?" She said trying not to have any awkward silence between the two.

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