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The dim locker room absolutely stunk. After several years of rushing in and out of it, Mateo had become quite accustomed to the smell of sweat and the familiar leathery scent from the dozen balls stashed in the mesh closet. Rows of lockers lined the room, leaving each and every angle almost visible any side. If one wanted any privacy, they would certainly turn away from that locker room. It wasn't a large space, resulting in many half-naked boys roaming around in either just a towel or beginning to dress themselves after a difficult practice. Sweat leaked from every pore on their skin, soaking their dirt-stained shirts and baggy shorts.

Tufts of grass stuck in between their cleats and a sheen of perspiration remained as a line on the top of their foreheads. Despite any hard feelings from their previous three and a half hours of practice, the high school boys amicably hollered across the room, generally speaking the stereotypical gossip of the day, including several complains about the intensity of their team.

Coach Gunn has driven the boys hard into the grass and dirt of the field, demanding that none of them were allowed to leave until they were physically unable to run any longer. While the head coach of the soccer team had always been a bit insensitive to his players, today had been a considerably unfair day. None of them would ever say anything to his face, however.

While many of the lesser players of the time were groaning on about the soreness of their legs or any shortness of breath, Mateo was vibrant. Thinking of indulging himself in a fresh shower, the seventeen year old felt incredible. Their practice today was just what he needed, something to alert him and force him to focus. He stretched his back, hearing small pops when he turned. Sure, his muscles ached a bit, but he welcomed the pain instead of treating it as a nuisance. After all, what killed one made them stronger. After today, they would all surely be better and that was the ultimate goal. They needed to be the best and Mateo would not stoop any lower than that.

As the captain of the team, he was antsy to win, no matter the costs. If that meant a difficult work out, so be it. Complaining would only get someone so far.

So, instead of taking that shower like he had been thinking about, Mateo returned to the field, kicking the ball in front of him while the others gathered their things to dart out of there. While everyone else was leaving, he thought he'd stay behind a do a little more.

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Music faintly played in Reese’s ears as he ambled towards the field, rubbing his eyes occasionally. His eyes stung from the chlorine from the pool. Every step made a slight ache come to life in his legs. The swim coach would have made them drown if it meant them winning the state championships - especially the seniors. Swimming and Reese had a love-hate relationship. He didn’t even willingly join the team. He made the mistake of swimming at a school event and the coach began badgering him to join the team.

Despite, all the complaining that seems to escape his mouth when the topic came up, swimming slowly became a part of his life - enough for him to be captain of the team. You could tell by the faint scent of chlorine that seemed to cling to him, mixed with the scent of lemon that for some odd reason wasn’t a bad combo. Reese’s white shirt clung to his skin that was still damp, a feeling he was so used to, it didn't even bother him anymore. He ruffled his unruly dark brown curls with his towel, attempting to dry it a bit, even though by now he was used to water dripping into his eyes.

Training had been over a couple hours earlier but Reese stayed at practised after everyone left. He got a spare key for the pool from Coach Isaacs or “Shark”, the name the members called him behind his back due to his no-mercy personality. Reese could bitch about swimming all he wanted but he hated losing. He was extremely competitive and losing even a video game irked him.

As he walked into the field, attempting to take a shortcut to the parking lot, he saw a figure kicking soccer balls in the distance. He squinted his eyes to see if he got get a clearer look. Wait. I can recognize that ass anywhere. A smug grin played on his lips as he brought his fingers to his lips, successfully cat-calling the person.

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After kicking another ball into the goal from the left side of the field using his right foot, Mateo bent down to his knee, fixing the untied laces of his cleats. Dirt had gathered on his shin guards and all across of his sweaty shirt. The three hour practice that they had had turned out to be a wrestling match with the boys barreling into each other and tumbling across the grass of the field when the ball slipped from between their feet.

Mateo himself had been a big perpetrator to the mess that had been created on the field and all of their t-shirts. With the consistent control that he had over the ball, Mateo was able to maneuver his way through the other half of his team that acted as an opposing team, dribbling it and doing such fantastic footwork that he was able to make it fully across the entire field simply by himself before passing it to another teammate who made the goal. Everyone else that he barreled through had slipped to the ground when they jabbed their feet out in attempt to get the ball, but to their surprise, only catching air. In the end, everyone blamed him for how dirty they had gotten throughout practice.

When he'd finally looped his laces, he heard a loud cat-call from behind. Mateo twisted his head over his shoulder, looking up from the field to a figure that made his way towards the field. He squinted, unable to recognize who it was until he'd stepped up to the track, grinning smugly at him.

"What?" he yelled out at him, though a similar smirk spread across of Mateo's lips. "You think you can just objectify me like that and just stand over there? Get over here, you twat!" Mateo called out, pressing his hands around his mouth to amplify his volume. But, he was still grinning as he waved his best friend over.

After a long day of practice - and on a Friday night - everyone else would be going out, getting drunk, getting laid. And Mateo? Well, it seemed that his opportunity for tonight had just walked straight to him.

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A laugh left Reese’s mouth, as he began to make his way over to Mateo. He licked his lips, not even hiding the fact that he was checking out his best friend. Not like he needed to. Both of them made it a habit to check out each other on a daily basis. Reese definitely wanted to get laid today and no doubt Mateo was thinking the same.

Reese had zero shame when it came to flirting. If he wanted something or someone, he would definitely go for it - especially when it was almost the weekend and who was he to pass up this opportunity. His feet came to a halt a few feet in front of Mateo, his signature smirk finding it’s way onto his face. He shrugged his shoulders at Mateo’s comment. “It’s not my fault you have a nice ass.” The words left his mouth with no hesitation followed by a wink. Normal people would have hesitate to say stuff like that but it came to Reese as easy as breathing.

Reese’s eyes took note of Mateo’s appearance and raised an eyebrow. “Not that I’m not appreciating your current state right now but didn’t practice end like hours ago?” However, Reese wasn’t one to talk. He himself stayed late to practise. Reese could guess the reason Mateo stayed late. He knew him like the back of his hand in more ways than one. Years of knowing him, Reese knew that Mateo had a complex against losing. This is why they were always betting each other to do stupid crap that got both of them in trouble all the time. Like that time, they had a drinking competition and by the end of it they were way too drunk to know who actually won.

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Mateo's immediate reaction was to just roll his eyes at his best friend. Reese had the loosest tongue of anyone that he'd ever met. The first thing that would come to his mind would certainly in the next second be leaving his mouth. Reese didn't seem like he had the ability to stay quiet, to keep his thoughts to himself. And all of his thoughts were nearly always inappropriate. So, of course, when his loose tongue managed to spill something, it was always of a nature that did not necessarily fit the situation they were in. Mateo scoffed at his comment, though he took the compliment in stride.

"You sure do like stroking my ego, Reese," he pondered out loud, adding on, "You must want something from me, don't you?"

And, it was likely that Reese wanted the same thing from Mateo that Mateo wanted from Reese. After all, the two boys thought on similar wavelengths and practically the whole school could be called witness on just how sexually active they were. In different ways, of course, but in the end, both of them had the reputation of sleeping around. A lot.

Mateo slowly returned to a standing position, leaving the laces of his cleats well alone when he felt Reese's eyes scanning him up and down unabashedly. That small smirk returned as he heard Reese's question. "I wanted to shoot some goals. Get a little more sweaty. I know you like that," he shrugged his shoulders, kicking the ball aside. It was completely natural when Mateo slugged an arm around Reese, pretending to wrestle him. When very quickly, there became a change in the way they began to push at each other's arms. Mateo was grinning, laughing as he and Reese tangled their limbs, trying to get the upper hand. And almost immediately, the two of them landed on the field, rolling against the dirt and the blades of grass. But, Mateo's fit body was stronger than Reese's swimmer's build and he was able to push his best friend's hands down against the ground beside his head and straddle his waist, knees on either side.

Panting slightly with a bit of his hair falling in front of his eyes, Mateo asked him, "So what does your Friday look like, Reese?"

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Reese scoffed, shaking his head slightly. Only Mateo would brush off his comment so easily. Mateo and Reese were just like each other when it came to that aspect. Both of them were shameless flirts. Everyone in school knew how much they slept around but neither of them cared. Reese didn’t give a crap really. Reese has been known to be carefree since he was a child. He always did what he wanted, whenever he wanted.

“Mateo, you should know by now that I have no filter,” he stated, not even ashamed about it. Reese is known to be one of the bluntest people at school. If he doesn’t like you, he’s definitely not gonna put on a fake smile and pretend. He’s certainly will put whoever upsets him on blast. Hence, the reason why he’s gotten so many detentions.

Reese rolled his eyes, already accustomed to Mateo’s enormous ego. “I should just stop ignore you. Your ego is so big, it’s gonna choke me.” However, as he said this a small smile formed as he realized the accidental innuendo in that. No doubt Mateo noticed it too since the teenager was just as inappropriate as him.

Reese back hit the grass softly as he slightly frowned. He hated losing to people, especially if that person was Mateo but then again, he totally welcomed the familiar feeling of Mateo straddling his waist in this compromising position. He raised an eyebrow at his best friend, light brown eyes observing his face. Reese found the hidden signs of lust on Mateo’s face and smirked. “Nothing including you, I’m afraid.” he said teasingly, a seemingly bored expression on his face now. He knew Mateo hated being teased, especially by him. However, Reese love riling up his best friend.

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Mateo snorted at his innuendo, rolling his eyes. This was their kind of humor though, so it was very predictable of Reese to have said such a thing in this moment. "You could always choke on something else," he offered, squeezing his hands around Reese's wrists. That teasing smirk had returned to him as he hovered over his best friend, arms straight while back arched above him. It would become obvious that Mateo was already turned on, that lust for Reese making its appearance as he straddled his lap.

Reese didn't give him the response that he wanted, though it was also one that was expected. He'd always tease him, making sure to dangle whatever it was that he wanted in front of him before finally letting him have it. This was the way that Reece managed to win over Mateo. While Mateo was the stronger, bigger one of the two of them, Reese was able to win with these kind of games. Mateo didn't have the patience for teasing and easily became frustrated with it, too full of his own urges to deal with it. Reese's teasing was no exception to this. If anything, when Reese was the one teasing him. Mateo reacted even more.

"Your hard dick says otherwise," Mateo supplied with a smirk, eyes darting to space between them where he'd seated himself. Purposefully, Mateo shifted himself on Reese's lap, eyes watching his best friend with that familiar smugness as he felt just what he had been teasing Reese about.

The impatience that had been prodding at Mateo this entire time when he'd caught sight of Reese first coming on the field returned again. Now that he knew exactly what he wanted to do tonight, he wanted it immediately. And Reese should have been prepared to provide, otherwise why else would he keep him around tonight? The thought hit him and it was sobering for a second, but Mateo brushed over it, reminding himself that he was just being a horny freak and the thought meant nothing.

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Reese’s jaw clenched as Mateo shifted on his lap, brushing against him ever so slightly. He could feel just how turned on Mateo was. He mentally applauded himself for getting him riled up. A worked up horny Mateo meant even more fun for Reese tonight. Reese managed to keep in the groan that was so close to escaping his lips. He smirked up at Reese, now grinning. “ You just love dominating me, don’t you Mateo?” Reese knew Mateo like to be in charge. Not only in his sexual life but in other situations too.

Reese smirked as he noted Mateo’s obvious frustration. Mateo’s reactions to Reese teasing him always amused him. He knew his best friend hated it but unfortunately for Mateo it wasn’t over. His body shifted as he pushed his upper body slightly off the ground, still able to move a bit despite Mateo’s grip on his wrists. His face was now only inches from Mateo’s face; if he just moved one more inch, their lips would meet. However, Reese wasn’t going to give Mateo exactly what he wanted so easily. It was so much better to toy with him because it always benefited the both of them when they built up tension before they actually fooled around.

Instead of kissing him, Reese’s lips travelled to Mateo’s ear. “Bite me.” The low whisper dripped with lust. Knowing the inside joke would turn on Mateo even more, Reese’s mouth found Mateo’s earlobe. His teeth bite it, applying slight pressure as he pulled it before releasing it. As he did this, he moved his legs, causing Mateo to shift again, too preoccupied to stop the breathy sigh that left his mouth. This was many of Mateo’s weaknesses that only Reese knew about. Of course Mateo (and Reese) slept with many other people but both of them refrained from sleeping with the same person too often. Apparently, this rule didn’t apply to each other since sleeping together became a normal part of their friendship.

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That smirk spread across of his lips wider now. Reese might be teasing him right now, but he knew that things would inevitably turn one way. His best friend, he knew, believed that he had some kind of control in this situation, believed that he had one over Mateo, but unfortunately for Reese, he was wrong. Mateo not only liked to be in charge, he succeeded at being in charge. And right now, he was still in charge despite Reese's attempts to hold out on him like some cliche trying to play hard to get. Mateo's eyes grew heavy with that overwhelming lust, focusing intently on Reese as he leaned forward, bracing himself off of the ground so that he could remove some of the distance between the two of them.

It would only be a matter of moments before Reese gave in, he knew it. Reese couldn't hold out for that long. His lack of self control was nearly as terrible as Mateo's.

"Mhm..." Mateo mumbled, scoffing shortly as Reese's words were heard. His eyes flickered slightly, breath hitching in his throat when Reese's teeth sunk into his earlobe, applying small pressure to the sensitive spot. Mateo's response was immediate, moving slightly on Reese's lap to try and contain himself. But, he couldn't help but squirm. Fuck him because he knew that Reese knew that this was just another pressure point that could make the carefully controlled person that Mateo was fall apart in a matter of seconds. Mateo grumbled, eyes set in a small glare sent in Reese's direction. "Stop being such a tease," he spoke in a husky voice, releasing Reese's wrist from his entrapment and instead curling his arms around Reese's shoulders and neck.

His cheek was pressed against the side of Reese's head as his best friend teased him with that bite on his ear. Mateo was too disgruntled from soccer practice to just let the teasing occur for any longer. "Alright, that's enough, Reese, I wanna fuck," he declared, pushing him back away from his ear with firm hands. That determined look in his eyes was enough to persuade Reese to quite this little game and give into Mateo's wonderful embrace. Either way, they were heading in that direction and his patience was running rather thin...

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Reese rolled his eyes at Mateo’s words. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.” His tone was sarcastic as he regarded. Reese’s fingers tangled slightly in Mateo’s hair, drawing him ever so closer. Their lips connected, a familiar feeling. If there was anything Reese was good at, it was kissing. It was a talent that he was definitely not ashamed of. He could tell it was taking effect on Mateo from the way his best friend’s body drew even closer to him as they both relished in the anticipated moment. However, reality began to settle in and it occurred to Reese that they were in the middle of a field. He drew back from Mateo, both of their lips swollen (especially Mateo’s as Reese was a notorious lip biter) from the heavy makeout session, their lungs searching for air.

While Mateo was somewhat distracted, Reese shifted his weight. As a result, Mateo was now the one that was trapped, causing a triumphant smirk to appear on Reese’s face. “As much as I would love to continue this, I am not getting caught making out with you by a security guard. Not again.” A shiver ran down his spine at the memory of that old man who Reese believed to be at least slightly homophobic running both Mateo and Reese’s mood. He proceeded to get off, standing up as he brushed grass off of him. Even though he stopped, he had no intention of not continuing and he bet Mate and him were in for a long night.

Speaking of bets… A devious grin found his way onto Reese's face. “Hey Mateo, do you know that senior, Roman Campion? Rumor has it that he’s fantastic in bed.” He then shrugged his shoulders, seemingly dismissing what he just said. “But you’ll probably never find out since he most likely would never sleep with you.” Reese knew that his words would definitely test Mateo’s ego. Mateo had slept with almost all the remotely attractive people at school. Some of the only exceptions was Eva, but she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend. But in Roman Campion’s case, he just blatantly never showed interest in Mateo for no apparent reason.

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The kiss was what he had been anticipating this whole time. He'd been waiting for Reese to stop with all this bullshit nonsense and just give in already. Fuck it. It didn't matter that they were out on the field - it was already dark outside and any staff members of the school roaming around right now were just trying to stumble upon the students locking themselves into heavy making out. Perhaps even sex if they remained uninterrupted for long. Mateo himself was not unfamiliar with the experience of having sex on campus. Actually, he was kind of infamous for finding not only new people to have sex with so easily, but also taking them to obscure places sometimes if he got bored with going straight to the bedroom. And right now? The soccer field where he practiced on daily seemed like a really nice place to experiment around with Reese. They hadn't exactly tried here yet.

But, in the moment that he finally let himself relax into Reese's kiss, letting him just feel his best friend's warmth and the comforting pressure of their bodies pressing against one another, everything changed so quickly. He was no longer facing the ground, but rather, now he was facing the sky. Reese's face was just as close as he had been before, but now he was hovering on top of him, pinning him down. He grimaced at Reese's recollection of the last time the two of them had been caught in a less than appropriate position by one of the security guards that roamed campus this late. But, it still didn't deter him, pushing him to try and encourage Reese to continue as much as possible right now, "Let him come back for seconds. Who gives a fuck what he thinks? He's just a pervert that probably enjoys walking in on us."

Disgruntled by this sudden rejection, Mateo crumpled beneath Reese, his lips turned down in a frown. He refused to really listen to him about whatever it was that he was talking about because he was already disappointed by the lack of action he was getting right now. He didn't care about later, all he cared about was now. But, then, what Reese said had sunk in and Mateo perked up with raised eyebrows and an incredulous expression.

"You think I can't get him to sleep with me? Who do you think that I am. I'm a fucking sex god," he scowled at Reese, punching his chest to try and push him off of him. But Reese's words were throbbing in his head, a huge reminder that he was right - there were rumors about that Roman Campion kid and there was a chance that Mateo would never be able to prove those rumors because he had never slept with him. "I'll do it," he said suddenly, shifting up into a more seated position and determinedly looking Reese in the eyes. "I'll sleep with him. You'll see. Bet, I know I can do it."

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The sounds of Xavier Omar voice was bumping slightly in Wallace's ears along with the pace of his running. This was the more calmer segment of his track practices, where the music slowed and he simply took in all of the scenery. He loved the smell of the freshly mowed grass and the feeling of the burgundy polyurethane under his feet as the music once more began to speed up. Wallace had carefully analyed how fast he ran on the track during practice, how long it took him to run until he got tired, and desgined an amazingly specific playlist to the milisecond; all for his dedication for track. He was completely in love with running, not like some type of coward of course, but how close he came to flying when he did. It was though it was an escape from the real world, and that was always a good thing. Of course whenever his playlist ended he felt himself falling back to earth, like gravity's prisoner. Putting his playlist on repeat didn't help either, he had tried, so of course the only obvious solution was that he extended the playlist so long that it took up more than half of his phone's storage. Of course, he didn't use social media very often so it wasn't as though it really mattered to him.

As the music picked back up, Wallace made the mistske of turning towards the football feild where many glistening, jacked men were currently warming up with squats. Now, Wallace considered himself straight. He had to be! He had a girlfriend once, of course she had actually turned out to like girls, and they didn't even kiss, not even once, but that counted. Right? Though as he continued blantanly oogling(even though himself wasn't aware of the drool), he happened to catch the eyes of the one who had just finished with his squats. Immediately Wallace's head snapped back towards his feet, not aware of how unbelievably red his pale, freckled cheeks were. He didn't need to look back up to the them to know that they were laughing at him.

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Last night, after the horrific party, Alec had spent lots of time with his boyfriend. It made him feel invigorated, like his psyche hadn't taking a beating from all the drama of the party. Man, screw Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl was probably some sadistic psycho, whoever they were. Who got off on exposing people like that? Alec wasn't Mateo's biggest fan by a long shot, but dang, that outing was harsh.

But Alec couldn't focus on the mudane happenings of some New York City party-- he had too many other things taking up his attention. Jogging over to the track, he waved at Wallace. Wallace was a good kid, and would probably become track captain when Alec graduated next year. "Wallace!" He cried out cheerfully, seeing the boy being heckled by the football team. What a bunch of asses. he thought ruefully, before coming up to Wallace's side.

"Anything wrong gentlemen?" Alec asked, an easy grin on his face. "Let's just be cordial, yeah?" He suggested, pushing Wallace gently away from the group.

Turning his back on the football players, Alec laced up his running shoes and sat down to stretch, wondering if Wallace would speak to him or continue being red.

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Wallace couldn't even fathom what was happening, soon he began to feel the heat on his cheeks and buried his face into his hands, the black hair of his managing to shield him like a curtain. God, he was an utter idiot, nobody could tell him differently, of course it could have been worse. At least he wasn't dead, though that option was looking slightly better, though luckily a pair of hands had saved the day, inching him in the opposite direction of the embarassment. Taking out his earphones, he was able to identify the voice of his savior. As they sat down near the bleachers, Wallace gave a sheepish smile and as his cheeks began to fade. "Thanks Alec." Wallace's voice was quiet and cracking a little bit which didn't help his predicament. Yet, he was glad he was just not there anymore. The football players weren't exactly kind towards him, they weren't bullies or anything, they just kind of teased him. Most of them were actually really kind, he was just unsurprisingly shy. "I don't know what I'd do if you didn't shove me away." Probably still standing there like the worlds biggest idiot.

Deciding to focus on something a bit more postive, he had started running near the end of school and now it was four o'clock, at least a solid hour. The though of that made him smile, and sure enough the shame was gone and the dorky smile of his was plastered on his face. "So, how was the party?" It was kind of impossible not to know there was one, especially when it was thrown by the Mateo Hernadez, and Roman Campion showed up, the world's smartest computer. He himself didn't go of course, he was busy studying at home. Though Quinn was texting him the entire time. They weren't at all like Wallace but the two were good friends, and cousins.

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Looking up at Wallace, Alec paused. “Oh, the party? Pure garbage.” He replied matter of factly. “Something happened with Gossip Girl, and that popular girl, Evangeline? She went beserk.” Alec didn’t care to elaborate. “After that, I left.” Alec shrugged, finishing lacing up his shoe. “I don’t really care for parties anyway.” He shrugged, standing up to limber up his legs.

Stretching down to touch toes, Alec counted his blessings that he wasn’t involved with that crowd for probably the 500th time in a twenty four hour span. Alec was well liked, but not popular per say— and that suited him just fine. Last thing he needed was to worry about social status. His phone dinged with some texts from Thomas, but Alec figured he could respond after he did some running and a little chit-chat with Wallace. The poor giy seemed lost half the time, like he had no idea what he was doing— but he was a speed demon for sure.

“Wanna race?” Alec asked, shaking out his ankles. “Havem’t done any running since.... day before yesterday? So I might be a little slow.”

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Sometimes Wallace had the pleasure of being ignorant about how unbelievably messy americans were, though the whole 'xoxo Gossip Girl' thing drove him up the walls, he didn't even like drama. Wallace tried to stay as far away from the theatrics as a whole, though it became increasingly difficult as the weeks went on. Ever since the start of the new school year, everything got worse. Sure, he himself enjoyed a few soap operas here and there, but it wasn't like he wanted to be in it. Of course, being young, rich, and having all eyes on you didn't help anyone. It felt as though at every little turn someone was there to make sure that there was some sort of slip up. Wallace was from Rome, he actually moved recently, near freshman year, and he had hoped that the gossip girl was a one time thing, yet here she was, and she was here to stay. "I cannot say that I am surprised about the whole party thing, as soon as I received the whole text I only assumed things were going down hill from there."
It was true, anytime someone stirred up drama, there was always damage that followed.

Wallace's head immediately pricked up, like a dog's ears if he heard his owner come back, the innocent grin of his seemed to stretch all the way until the laws of physics said it had to stop. He absolutely loved to run, and while not the most competitive person ever, he adored a good race, especially if it was against his track leader. Alec was invincible when it came to track, of course that was one of the main reasons Wallace was infatuated with Alec, when he run it was like his feet ceased to exist and wings grew in place. A disturbing immage, but accurate nonetheless. "I would love to, and even if you haven't there is no doubt; you'll win, you always do." Of course he said this with a smile of admiration, Wallace wished he was as fast. "A little slow for you is still the speed of a racecar."

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“I don’t even know how Gossip Girl works. I mean, they have all these ridiculous nicknames.” Alec scoffed, “Poor Thomas has to translate for my illiterate self.” Alec had not even the faintest idea about Gossip Girl, and had no reason to fear her. Well, except for a little happening last year...

“Stop stroking my ego, it’s bad for my health.” Alec said seriously, but a small grin toying at the edge of his lips said otherwise. Alec wished he could’ve gone running yesterday, but his father had wanted him to sit on a board meeting. The meeting was an absolute bore, only talking about how they could increase sales worldwide, blah blah blah. Alec still hadn’t gathered half as much courage he needed to confront his father and tell him would rather choke on his own vomit than run the absolute bore of a company. Not that he hated his family’s company, but even thinking about the telecommunications industry made him want to snooze. He wanted Oympic running to be his first and only career, not the thing he did once or twice before becoming CEO or COO or whatever his father had planned for him.

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"Whoever hides behind the facade of gossip girl is a coward, who doesn't know about the definition of confrontation." The words that came out of his mouth were intended to harm, yet the smile on his face was so conflicting that anyone that heard him would have simply laughed it off in agreement. Wallace started to stretch as well, seeing as he would need all the help he could get if he was going to try and beat Alec. Though as he did, he couldn't help but to look back over to football field, sure some of them were entitled assholes, but they indeed were in shape. Catching himself in his thoughts, Wallace quickly shook his head and once more surpressed it to the back of his mind. As Alec mentioned Thomas, Wallace merely observed the words coming out of his mouth, he knew that they loved each other very much, but how? In latin, love had five different names, yet in english, there was only one. How did they know it was romantic? How did anyone?

As Wallace was tunneling down the rabbit hole in his mind, Alec quickly yanked him back up to earth with his little comment. "So, where were you yesterday? Without you the entire team kind of ended up lounging around becuase coach had to assist Cameron to the office." Alec was the glue that held the team together, his leadership, skills, and level-headedness helped the entire team to function properly. Lining up at the offwhite number two, Wallace took the hairband on his wrist and placed back his dangling bangs back so he'd be able to think clearly before placing his phone and earbuds into his compact gymbag. While Alec might not have been practicing running, Wallace knew better than to underestimate his skills, he was captain for a reason after all. Placing his hands on the gravel-like texture of the track, he looked towards his captain the bleachers. "You coming?"

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tori | 92 comments (( is it cool if i jump in when there's a chance, angel? ))

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(( yes, anytime is good!! ))

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