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Chase had been sitting outside for about 10 minutes now, watching people walk past. He liked to watch people whenever he wasn't too busy. It was nice to see what people were up to in the afternoons. Smiling couples strolled past hand in hand while flocks of girls separated and re-grouped into those intimidating groups they always seemed to move in. Those little flocks of girls had always terrified timid Chase since they were basically the apex predators of the school. He preferred to stay out of there way, and he wasn't nearly interesting enough for any of them to pay attention to him, so it worked quite well.

There were a few benches scattered around and after some brief hesitation, he made his way towards one, settling down on the very edge of it as his greyish eyes skipped from person to person as he continued his people-watching. It was going fine until a couple decided to choose his bench for a make out session. It's not that Chase was against couples being happy and kissing, but he preferred not to watch people sticking their tongue down their partners throat. He watched the couple uncomfortably for a moment before coughing nervously and getting up. Now all he could do was hope that Q got around to meeting him here soon. It was Chase's fault that he was waiting because he had gotten out of school 10 minutes earlier than normal but it he wouldn't be surprised if Q was a bit late too, they always seemed to be busy.

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Q was in detention. Again. They had passed out in the middle of class once more because, it was so unbelievably boring. Plus, they already knew what the professors were teaching, so that didn't really make them want to listen to what they were saying. It was like having a broken record on for an hour. So, they did what any self respecting student would do, and slept right through it. Of course, most teacher viewed that as a certain neglegence for learning, and everytime they had to remind them that, they didn't give two shits. That answer, without fail, landed them in detention for the rest of their classes. For a little while, Quinn had actually forgotten about Chase, and for the first few hours, they stayed put of course when they noticed him sitting outside, they muttered a slight curse under their breath before getting up and dashing outside. While Q wasn't really inclined to sticking around people since they only wanted them for one thing, they didn't make many friends. Though ever since freshman year, Quinn had grown closer to him everyday, and as much as they faked it, it wasn't always nice being alone.

With their long silky hair up in a messy artists bun, and adjusting their overalls in the marble floor's reflection as they walked down, Q marched out of the building with no guilty conscience whatsoever, and down to the courtyard; where a clearly uncomfortable Chase, and two lovers who were clearly doing their best to merge their bodies. If they continued any longer, they'd probably suck each other's faces off. Calling out his name, Quinn strutted over to him with a smirk plastered on their face. He was such a big guy, but afraid of... everything. Like a elephant afraid of a mouse. "What's going on?"

((Sorry this is actually crap, it's my first time playing a character like this))

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Any respectable person would have left ages ago by the time Q actually came out of the building. But, Chase was not a respectable person in the sense that he didn't have anything better to do and certainly no other friends to hang out with, so he just hung around waiting for Q to finally get their ass out into the courtyard. It wasn't actually that Chase didn't have any other friends, in fact he could safely say that he had a pretty good friend group but they were only situational friends. You know, the type of people you sit with at lunch but you don't really see them outside of school at all. Anyways all the people he ate lunch with weren't exactly the most social people anyways and if they were, they were the ones who got invited to parties Chase would never go to. The thing about Q, was that they didn't exactly have an outside of school friend group either. So, somehow they had formed a bond, the type that let you be alone together. Plus, Q had a lot more force in life than Chase did and that was sometimes useful when he needed to actually talk to people.

When they finally appeared in the yard, Chase just fixed them with what he hoped was a slightly angry gaze. One problem. Chase wasn't good at looking angry. He was too timid and much too shy to actually be able to pull off being angry. He was the type of person who when they shouted at someone everyone giggled and told him he was adorable before continuing doing whatever they were doing that caused him to shout in the first place. Not that he shouted a lot, in fact it was an occurrence that was probably just as rare as a solar eclipse, or maybe even rarer.
"Nothing much. Besides watching these two have a moaning contest." He muttered softly. Everything Chase did was softly, he walked quietly, spoke quietly, lived quietly.
"Two things, where were you? And where do you want to go." He asked in again what was a slightly grouchy voice, but he was smiling shyly as he did so, so the affect didn't really work so well. He didn't want to be alone tonight, not for any particular reason he was just feeling the need for some company, even introverts get lonely.

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Quinn couldn't help but smile as she looked at Chase's face, it was contorted but that loveable smile of his completely ruined it all. Quinn had stuck around Chase long enough to understand when he was angry, sad, happy, irritated, but to most, it seemed like he was always the same. It was unbelievable. While Q really didn't have what one would call a "social setting" you could always find them at some random party hooking up with someone, without question. They didn't really care for long term, and it was going stay that way, nobody could ever change their mind on that. Yet, Chase was the one person they would never touch, one, because he was gay, and secondly because they wanted him to experience that for himself.

As he gestured to the couple that was continuously getting louder every milisecond, Q looked at them with amusement. Chase and Quinn helped to balance each other out, like yin and yang. He was the one who kept them from going too far (not that they cared), and they shoved Chase into new oppertunities everytime they had the chance. "Oh me? I was in detention. I got bored so I left. And, hmm.. where do I want to go? I honestly don't care. Anywhere but here."

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Chase shifted back and forth on his feet, moving his weight from his left side to his right. It was a habit he had acquired at a young age and had never fully gotten rid of. He couldn't help but feel a wave of disappointment crash over him at Q's smile. He knew that he had been smiling ever so slightly before, which meant he hadn't looked angry, but just once he would like someone to take his annoyance seriously. Of course asking Q to take it seriously was never going to happen. Q didn't seem to take much seriously and Chase knew that they definitely weren't going to take his anger seriously.

And.... just as Q didn't take his anger seriously, they also didn't seem to take school too seriously either. This wasn't the first detention they had gotten and it most certainly wouldn't be the last. Chase studied with an intensity that not many could match, so he didn't understand Q's lack of enthusiasm when it came to school. He understood that they might not find it that interesting or anything, but they could at least try right? They were juniors and marks were beginning to really matter. But their lack of interest was partly why Chase could be friends with them. They forced him to take breaks from school work when he didn't particularly want to.
"Isn't this like the third detention this week?" He asked timidly, raising any eyebrow at them. He chuckled slightly under his breath, a breathy sound that was so quiet just like the rest of him.
"There's a new bookstore that just opened... or I heard there was a party somewhere." Two options, both polar opposites. But so were Q and Chase in some ways, so it worked.

((The party thing is just an idea, we don't have to do it if you don't want to))

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As Q looked back up at Chase, she noticed how slight it had changed. His eyebows had slowly shifted so that he looked irritated. At this, they felt bad, Quinn never wanted to make him feel any type of dissapointment, especially pointed at them. Yet, they didn't say anything and kept quiet as the two students walked away from the sounds in the background. They were about to go and just admit how they felt. Not even to Chase. Friend or no friend, Quinn was still Quinn. Apologizing was not really part of their whole 'thing'. Whatever that meant anyway. Q was just as lost as any other teenager in the world, just because they were more laid back did not mean that they didn't experience any problems. They actually stayed on top of their school work, and were good students, but those damn teachers! They thought they knew everything. Q knew they could probably wrap more knowledge around their head in an hour than those teachers could.

Though as Q began to simmer in thier own thoughts, Chase had been there to snatch them out of it. Just like usual. Shoving their hands into the embroidered denim jacket, Quinn looked up at Chase with a quirked eyebrow. Was he genuinely concerned? "Yeah. It's my third this week. But whats the point? It's not like my parents give a shit, so why should I? After all, you know I could get into any college I want. Even if I didn't have the grades I do, the colleges only look at my cash." A moment of awkward silence passed, Q hated their parents. Even Wallace's. Anyone who met them would. As Chase continued talking they looked at them with interest. "Well, since you waited like thirty minutes for me, what do you want to do?" This was their way of an apology. Or at least the closest someone would get as one.

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As usual, Chase let Q bash their parents for a while, quietly waiting for them to run out of breath. Chase had actually never met Q's parents, they never seemed to have a time of day for their children anyways so he didn't particularly want to meet them. Chase usually wasn't a very judgmental person, he firmly believed that you couldn't judge someone unless you had walked in their shoes. But, Q's parents were an exception to that rule. From what he had heard from his friend, their parents couldn't care less about their children and basically ignored them which was the exact opposite of what parents were supposed to do. Chase didn't exactly have a great relationship with his parents since he strongly disagreed on a few things in their lifestyle, but at least he knew that they loved him and that was worth a lot more than people think it does. So, while Chase usually wasn't quick to judge he disliked Q's parents with a passion that was unusual for him.

"I guess. But money can't get you everywhere." He replied softly. Whenever Chase spoke, he always ended off his sentences with a high note that made everything he said sound like a question. He never sounded too sure of what he was saying and was quite timid when offering his opinion to others.
"It's sort of not fair that you get such good grades and hardly work for it." He admitted, biting his lip. That was probably the most opinion you could ever get out of Chase in one conversation, and only if you were friends with him. Q's apology was subtle and indirect but Chase had known them long enough to realize when they were apologizing. Accepting it with a slight tilt and nod of his head, he switched mental gears to decision making. Like many shy people, Chase didn't particularly like making decisions because it meant he could make someone unhappy with what he might choose, but he knew that Q would argue if they really didn't like what he chose.
"Alright, Party then? I forgot my wallet at home so I can't buy anything from the store anyways." He grumbled quietly.

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I can rp now if you want im back

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((Yay. I'm still doing school so my answers might be a bit far between but I love to procrastinate. Um, do you have any ideas where they should go?))

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((Erm, no I don't we don't have a bookstore))

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((When I started this I was hoping that Chase would start awkwardly asking for relationship advice cause he had a huge crush on one of the boys, but Jay hasn't made the character yet so I'm not sure if it will work))

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