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message 1: by R.P. (last edited Aug 06, 2014 08:29AM) (new)

R.P. Dahlke (rpdahlke) If you're in KDP Select, you're already signed up for the new Kindle Unlimited, in which case, you may already be seeing a lot more downloads in your KU/KOLL column. I know I am!
Yes, this is Amazon scooping Oyster and Scribd and any other subscription site, but it's also giving authors another incentive to stay with Amazon.
It also makes me think that Amazon may have finally found a way around the "free" ebook giveaways. I don't have a crystal ball on this, but look at how this deal vastly improves your options.
For Readers: A subscription deal @ $10.00 a month and they can download as many books as are listed in the program. Hundreds of thousands of books!
For Authors: get paid royalties from the pool of monthly subscribers for each of your books that a subscriber reads. How cool is that? What does that mean to you? It means that readers can chose the retail price and the Kindle Unlimited price. Gee, lemme think. FREE or full retail?
Note: I will be interested in seeing how the FREE Kindle Unlimited will affect ranking.

I'm already tweeting this for my books adding #KindleU or #KindleUnlimited with #FREE on it. Here's a sample:
#asmsg #mystery, #FREE ON #KINDLEUNLIMITED 20yr old secrets threaten this flying family in A DEAD RED CADILLAC,

So how does this change your strategy for marketing? Marketing your books is STILL going to be important, but now we have an option to NOT do FREE giveaway books on Amazon.
Note: Giveaways can be done on Blog hops, Library Thing, GoodReads, etc. I'll be doing more of these!

Starting August 1, 2014, the author form at DIRT CHEAP MYSTERY READS will look a bit different:

1) I will still accept Kindle FREE, and Kindle countdown, and regular priced books up to $2.99.

2) I will now accept retail prices OVER $2.99 ($3.99-$5.99) as long as your book is in Kindle Unlimited. *there will be a box for this, and "FREE on Kindle Unlimited " will now be part of the promotion

**Talk about an incentive to readers! Buy the book for $5.99 or get it for free anytime.

Yes, there are naysayers for this new program, but not from this author/promoter!
I'm going to be advertising my books now more than ever, and I don't have to advertise them at FREE or even 99cents!

Advertise your book with Dirt Cheap Mystery Reads.
I can accept your book once a month. Boxed sets, multiple author boxed sets, short stories, Y/A, children's books--as long as it's mystery/suspense/thrillers--my readers what to hear about it.

Author information page:

message 2: by Beto (new)

Beto Glad to see some optimism for this program!

message 3: by Briana (new)

Briana Gaitan (brianagaitan) | 1 comments I am gonna try it out, but how does it affect your rankings? Help it at all? I'm checking out your site right now! I may submit my book ;)

message 4: by Beto (new)

Beto I went to no. 1 in two categories today with it. Pretty cool.

message 5: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Dahlke (rpdahlke) Dear N.R. You are correct and I have edited/corrected my post (see original/edited post). As for authors "being in the dark" each month, all you have to do is look at your KOLL/KU column to see how many downloads you're getting. At $2.99 retail for a kindle book, this is indeed a good deal.
It has been clear to me for some time that Indie authors get the best "deal" with Amazon Kindle. Indie authors also need to price their books so that they can entice new readers! Subsequently $2.99-$3.99 is a good price point. Naturally, if you're a NY Times bestseller, you can price your e-books at the going market.

message 6: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Dahlke (rpdahlke) Here's a thought--every time authors give away books for FREE, thousands of readers pick them up. I do this too! But do I read them all? No. And most of the people who download them don't either. Yet, this is the way I've gotten hundreds more reviews, and hundreds more fans now read my books.
True: The free days are NOT profitable for Amazon, and yet this program has made many a career-- Mine too! Which allows me, author of six books--newest in August, to say that Amazon's FREE day giveaways have been a resounding success.
Kindle Prime is a sort of reading service, but it isn't entirely the same. Prime takes in a little bit of everything: books, movies, shipping, etc. And books are only a small portion of what Amazon is about. And still, every month, I have people downloading my mysteries. So perhaps Amazon got to thinking--what could a dedicated subscription do for readers and authors?

Kindle Unlimited has less to do with the reality of reading all these books than it has to do with marketing by Amazon. And yes, most Unlimited subscribers will download a LOT more than they'll EVER read in favor of having lots of books to chose from. But guess what? They will continue to do this, because their kindles will hold 2,000 books at a time and they can always clear off books for more new ones. Shocking, isn't it? Well, my friends, readers are changing their habits. And authors will still get paid for it!
One author suggested that Kindle Unlimited will be a money loser for Amazon--Really? At $10.00 a month for the subscription? Thousands of readers will sign up for this every single day. New readers buy kindles, download Kindle reading apps for their tablets and I-Pads every single day. No one has the clout Amazon does. Authors get paid from the pool of subscribers, and right now the author list is only 600,000+. I would bet that this new Amazon reader service will explode with readers in the next couple of months.

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Jeff Chapman (jeffchapman) | 6 comments I see this as much better than free giveaways. First, the authors get paid something. Second, readers can only have up to ten books downloaded at a time. To get more books, they have to return some. Hopefully, limiting someone to ten books at a time will encourage them to actually read them instead of downloading lots of free books that they forget about.

It's hard to find the phrase about the 10 book limit:
"You can keep up to ten books at a time and there are no due dates." See

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Marie Gabriel (lisamariegabriel) | 12 comments For a few days back there I was getting a lot of borrows and no sales but now it is about the same. I like the idea because as a new writer it is hard getting people to take a risk on your book. There are so many giveaways these days that even that is no guarantee of readers. So, whether the payout is in dollars or cents it is something I welcome.

message 9: by Helen (new)

Helen Brower (hebrower) | 29 comments Here's a long but interesting take on the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited:

message 10: by Beto (new)

Beto Lisa wrote: "For a few days back there I was getting a lot of borrows and no sales but now it is about the same. I like the idea because as a new writer it is hard getting people to take a risk on your book. Th..."
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I started a blog in order to get a "fan base" about a year ago. that helped out a little, but even then it was less than 10% of my of my audience who bought my book

message 11: by Beto (new)

Beto Helen wrote: "Here's a long but interesting take on the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited:"

I can say my reads/sales have "doubled" so to speak. But it hasn't made a significant difference!

message 12: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 50 comments So, how are we all feeling about the 'paid by the page' thing Amazon has started for Kindle Unlimited?

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