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Recently, things at the Mitchell Estate were not going well at all, her parents were constantly dashing out of the house the leaving two irresponsible twins charge. While Salem absolutely loved Wallace and Tori, neither of them knew how to light a match without burning themselves in the process. In fact she only one she did trust was Cassandra the thirteen year old. Oh god. The thirteen year old. Though as Salem continued to focus on it, the senarios simply got worse. Before her entire mind went down the rabbit hole once more, Salem took a few deep breaths, then tried to remember why she was here in the first place. Your grades are slipping Salem, you can't let mother and father know. Right. She couldn't let herself get distracted, studying was the utmost important thing on her list right now.

Walking into the library, she couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty every time she walked inside. The gorgeous and life like murals on the grand cealing, the corinthian columns that stood tall as if guarding the books themselves, the smell of fresh pinewood that always seemed to surround the books when you walked in, the worn down spines of books students have used multiple times. Gently closing the grand oak doors, Salem noticed someone out of the corner of her eye. A girl, not in her grade but younger, she had probably seen her somewhere along the halls. With a swish of her blue fur jacket, and the clack of her chuncky heels, she quickly walked over to her with a smile that lit up the freckles on her face like a painting. "Uhm, pardon me," she said with a slightly lilt in her voice. "Do you happen to know where The History of Rome: The Rise and Fall is? Or at least which section it's in?" The smile on her face remained somehow widening as she ralked as if reminiscing something funny.

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Mirabelle had escaped into the library after escaping her dreadfully boring Algebra class to drink and maybe smoke a cigg, cranky librarians be dammed. She had been drinking her Svedka in peace until someone had dared interrupt Mirabelle exploring the adventure of being an alcoholic in a dark corner of the library.

“Do you think I’d honestly fucking know?” Mirabelle replied sarcastically to Salem, dangling an unlit cigarette from her left hand as she finished off the bottle of vodka. Honestly, if people were asking Mirabelle for help in the library, there was clearly some sort of demon possessing them. “You must be new here.” Mirabelle harshly replied with a cynical laugh. God, it had been less than ten seconds since Mira had met this freckle face, and she already wanted to drop kick her into the sun. Did people always have to be so nice and peppy?

Sighing, Mirabelle stuffed empty vodka bottle into an interior pocket of her jacket. She had a ballet performance, as Odette, in the evening and she would need all her energy to avoid barfing out of pure disgust, so she couldn’t exactly talk to people and drain all her stores of tolerance for other people— not that she had much in the first place.

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I really can't do this today. Salem was trying her hardest not to completely loose her shit, there was already enough going on at home, and the people here were already insufferable. Of all the people in the world, she was the person she had to run into? God. Fucking. Damnit. Luckily, the twins had gone through their angsty teen, I'm-to-good-for-you phase. Hopefully this wouldn't be much different. Just keep smiling! Be the better person! You have to be. Two idiots doesn't get you anywhere. The lord was really testing her today. "I just need some help," Salem had a bit of a problem reading her lips with the ciggarete in her mouth and the bottle glued to her lips. Luckily, she was barely able to make out what she said. Squinting her eyes she focused on her lips before making eye contact once more. "I am actually. So, do you know where the history section is? the librarians aren't here."

Salem watched carefully as the vodka was slid back into her jacket, and had trouble not beating her over the head with it. "I can't see the signs this far down and there is no way I'm climbing a rolling ladder in heels," she chuckled before smiling once more. "ya know? Just too much risk, no matter how big the heel." Salem stared expectantly at Mirabelle her chocolate chip eyes as wide as two glazed donuts.

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Mirabelle rolled her eyes again. This girl sure was desperate. "I. Told. You." Mirabelle enunciated. "I don't know where your fucking book is, okay? Read a sign or something." Lighting up her cigarette, Mirabelle returned to closing her eyes and smoking in peace, until that dumb girl opened her mouth again.

"Take them off then." Mirabelle said, motioning at Salem's heels. God. How thick was this girl's head? Was there any brain knocking around in there?

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(( oof this was short ))

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Take off her shoes? Was this girl crazy? Well, obviously if she thought she was going to just leave her shoes in the library. Her main probalem wasn't even if anybody was going to steal them, after all, everyone at this school could probably buy like ten of these, but with a school so big she could probably loose them.

With a defeated sigh. Salem merely walked out of the library with frustration brewing in her head, begging to let it all out at Mirabelle. Yet, Salem wasn't stupid, she knew that, just like everybody claimed at the school, she wouldn't actually give a shit. So, she held her tounge hoping to come back later with better luck of finding someone who actually would take their time to help them.

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Arcadia rolled her eyes with every question. Adam obviously knew nothing about journalism other than his typical TMZ or regular prime time news networks like ABC or NBC. He was, though, used to her pestering him with questions about his personal opinions since she’s always needed a second opinion who wasn’t her bestfriend and also this was a good enough excuse to talk to him. She didn’t bother to turn to him as she led him down the winding hallways of the school “I’m not going to tell you because it’s a surpriseeee.” she said in a sing songy voice.

If you were to take a first glance at Arcadia, you would wonder why she was enrolled in Constance. Her overworn adidas slides, oversized sweatshirt (that was probably a hand me down to be completely honest) and jeans don’t necessarily scream privilege which is true. She wasn’t the most expensive student here, most of her tuition comes out of the trust fund her aunt made for her when she was little. Still, for what she lacks in financially she makes up for in intelligence. And to maintain intelligence means maintaining her schoolwork. Which is what she came here to do.

“Not that you probably know what this is, but we have reached the library. A place filled with things called books that help you learn.” Arcadia said finally turning around to face him after the whole car incident. Her cheeks were still flushed (usually when Adam breaks the fourth wall and enters her personal space she tends to behave like this). She had a smile on her face that no other place can bring her. Call her a nerd or whatever the hell you want but the library really is her second home. She spends most hours afterschool here, which is why it is rare to catch her at a function. If you wanted to catch her, all you had to do was check the computer furthest to the door and there she was, most likely waist deep in papers and binders, working on her next scoop. Naturally once they entered that was the first place she chose to sit.

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He rolled his eyes at her refusal to indulge him any further about what exactly she was working on, but he knew that she would tell him eventually so he didn’t push either. She tended to do that sometimes, spilling all the facts and perspectives of stories that she had learned or dig into, asking him what he thought about it, wanting comments and opinions about the topics of her writing. And then, she may not know it, but he did always read her entries in the school newspaper. After all, her writing did dominate the school newspaper and he couldn’t deny that she had some real talent in her reporting skills. He would tell her from time for time, surprise her by giving a direct quote from what she had written - but never too often, for he didn’t want her to get a big ego.

“I know that you might not be familiar with this, but some of this modern generation that we are a part of does know what a library and books are,” he deadpanned, rolling his eyes as they entered said library. What she was implying was right though - this place wasn’t frequented by him or much of anyone in the student body. Who needed books and resources when you had drugs and alcohol? No, they were not on the same par, but kids their age - including Adam himself - would not really be found here and more often would be found at a party instead. “God, this place smells ancient,” he wrinkled his nose, though his lips spread in a small smile, signaling that he was only joking by adding onto the stigma that kids their age no longer needed libraries and that libraries were a source of the past.

Adam plopped on the seat next to her, his fingers lazily raising to press random buttons on the keyboard of the computer next to her and then pushing the mouse around of the monitor. They owned Mac devices for the house - monitors and laptops for each person in the family. And of course, the school would provide similar equipment for the students even though none of them would ever use it and hardly valued their education in the first place. Bored already, Adam leaned over her shoulder and ran his finger down a row of keys, interrupting her work just because he had nothing to do except wait for her.

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As Arcadia unpacked her stuff she had a milllion thoughts buzzing through her head. For one, it was rare that the two of them were completely alone (the campus was basically closed) in a room this close together. I mean he was sitting in a chair directly next to her. This never happens and yet here he is, absentmindedly fidddling with the computer next to her. “You’re saying that like you smell any better.” Arcadia joked, but in reality she knew she was lying through her teeth. From the brief time he leaned close to her in the car scene that is now forever burned in her memories, she could conclude that Adam did not smell bad at all. He smelled fucking great.

Arcadia held a secret the entire time they communicated today. A partially big reason why Adam was here with her today was because she needed him for something other than a ride. Adam was a pretty popular guy amongst the seniors. She’s stuidied that group for long enough that she could tell. Girls valued his opinion merely because he’s attractive (girls here are shallow like that) and guys cared about what he had to say because he was rich and unapologetic like them. She needed him for a project, which involved a series of students giving their honest opinion about the school, the people in it and the social stigmas surrounding Constance. Now as previously mention, Arcadia isn’t dumb. She knew he would never agree to an interview if she merely texted him. So she brought him along.

Again she felt his presence closer as he tried to screw up her work. God he smelled good. Shaking her head to rid herself of her thoughts she frantically pressed the backspace and proceeded on typing the header of her article: Candid featuring Adam Murphy. “I’m guessing you want to know what my work is going to be about today,” she began swiveling her chair to face him, a mischievous glint in her dark brown eyes. “It’s about you. Surprise!”

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A pout formed on his lips when the mess of letters that he’d created on the screen had now been erased by simply pressing the backspace button. Arcadia took his teasing and messing around easily without being butthurt and that was probably why he liked having her around. She was always a good sport and even though she whined from time to time, he knew that she never took his jests too seriously and that every comment exchanged between them was not meant to personally offend the other. With this in mind, he watched as she began to type again, her fingers flying rapidly across the keyboard as words appeared across of the screen. “Candid featuring Adam Murphy?” he read the title out loud questioningly.

But she gave her explanation very quickly and all became very clear to him. All of it came together and instead of being annoyed or mad with her, he simply raised his eyebrows in slight amusement. “Well aren’t you clever, Sparky. You thought you could get me to do your little interview if you tricked me into coming here with you?” he confirmed out loud. Well, wasn’t that sly of her to do? She’d used the excuse of needing a ride to school from him as a means of getting him there and being the nice guy that he was, Adam blindly followed through.

“My answer is no,” Adam started, “if there was ever a question in the first place, that is.” Well, she hadn’t asked him if she could interview him, but from the way that she had tricked him, he knew that she thought that his answer would be no originally anyway. He didn’t just say no because he simply didn’t want to, but rather because he didn’t really like having his words published out there in the newspaper for anyone to quote. He wouldn’t be saying anything bad or controversial necessarily, but he just didn’t like the idea of others reading what he was saying in confidence to Arcadia. Of course, he knew she would never intentionally sabotage him in anyway, but published word had a habit of biting people in the ass here at Constance.

He stood from the computer desk now, grabbing his keys and shaking his head, “Yeah, sorry, Arcadia, but I really don’t want to be interviewed.”

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Her face felt like it was being set on fire, it was so hot. She expected him to feel a sort of way about her taking him here under a secret motive but she was really hoping he wouldn’t give her a hard time about it. “I wouldn’t use the word trick it was just convenient that I needed a ride...you had a car...I needed you for my paper...you are with me right now, it just was a minor coincidence?” She tried, speaking in that fast paced scattered voice of hers that she uses whenever she gets nervous. She took out her binder from her satchel and opened it, showing dozens of polls she did on other students, complete with a headshot of each. “Look!” she said scooting it over to him so he can look as she turned the page. “These people all have done one, it’s conpletely harmless.”

The fall sun was already firmly set and the parking lots were all but cleared. Arcadia can already tell that the school had just closed when she looked back and noticed that everyone who was already here had left. Arcadia needed to get this interview done today, well tonight. And she can already tell he was ready to leave. And she didn’t even ask him the first question. “Please Adam, help me out here I have a deadline for these things.”

“You don’t have to do or answer anything that you’re uncomfortable with, you know I wouldn’t force you.” She pleaded looking at him rise from the computer desk, and pouted her lips doing her signature puppy dog eyes. “Please please please please please please please.” She begged clasping her hands together. When he reached for his eyes she suddenly without thinking grabbed his wrist to try and stop him. Arcadia paused for a second, realizing the skin to skin action that is happening, but for some reason didn’t move her hand. She looked into his eyes with one more “Please don’t go.”

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Despite the fact that Adam liked to stick to what he believed and what he said, his resolve wasn’t always very strong and Arcadia knew this when she continued to beg him to do the interview. This entire newspaper was incredibly important to her, he knew, but did it really matter if she had one extra comment just from him in it? He wondered if there was a more specific reason that she wanted him in particular to answer questions for the paper rather than any other jock. Adam wasn’t all that different from the other athletes, so Arcadia certainly didn’t have a shortage of people that she could pick and choose from to interview. But she’d chosen him.

Adam’s lips parted, ready to give her another no when her hand wrapped around his wrist, pleading for him to do as she asked. He stopped to stare back at her, jaw slackening some. God, she was like a puppy - he couldn’t really say no to her. Actually, he’d never really been able to say no to her in the past at all. With this in mind, Adam groaned, rolling his eyes as he returned to his seat. Though it was obvious he wasn’t terribly happy about the interview - his arms were crossed over his chest and his lips were flattened in a line - Adam submitted, “Fine, I’ll give it a go. Don’t expose my deepest darkest secrets to all of Constance though.”

It was meant to be a joke, but he’d basically implied what another source was doing. Gossip Girl was doing just what he said and he feared something similar happening with him. What secrets could he possibly need to keep from the world? Nothing much really, but it was still scary that someone could upheave his entire life by knowing something about him or any other person that the rest of the student body didn’t.

“Come on, then. Give it a go,” Adam encouraged her, leaning his elbows now on the desk with his eyes trained on the screen in preparation for whatever he’d be interviewed about.

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You could hear Arcadia's sigh of relief through the entire empty school. She was partially surprised, Adam seemed entirely ready to leave her behind to do all this work by herself. But she wasn't going to question it. He was here, hes going to do her interview, she was touching his wrist...wait, she was still touching his wrist? Her eyes slowly lowered in horror when she realized that she never actually let go. "Oh!" she snatched her hand away, cheeks varying from shades of pink and red. Arcadia was silent for a moment, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, trying her best to slow her heartbeat. Awkward silence ensued.

"Uh right! The poll!" She exclaimed turning from him suddenly to face the computer screen. "Ok well, I don't know how much time we have left, the school's eerily empty right now." She began, frantically typing a short introduction. Along with being a nitpicker she is also a stickler for the rules. Students weren't usually supposed to be in school once it was closed, so every minute that ticked by only heightened her anxiety. Every minute or so she would check the time on her phone silently cursing herself for letting herself get in this situation. "But we could start with some starter questions like your name, age, where you were from, your grade, do you play any sports? clubs?" all of this spilled from her mouth in one breath.

After the last cars pulled away from the lot, leaving Adam's pickup lonely, Arcadia started biting on her bottom lip. "You don't think we're going to get in trouble for being here right now, do you?" She sneaked a peek at Adam, God why did he have to do this to her? Looking like how he did and acting like she wouldn't have a crush on him? Even when he was bored he was gorgeous it was just - it was just so infuriating. Her bottom lip nibbling continued, partially in annoyance because of herself and the beautiful human who wasn't even paying attention to her.

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Adam's eyes opened wide in a slight alarm, watching Arcadia as she fired off questions too quick for him to fully comprehend. She'd always been a fast speaker, trying to fit as many words in so many sentences under a minute, but this was just frantic questioning that he couldn't understand. "Arcadia, wait..." he started, leaning forward with a frown. By the way that she kept checking the time on her phone and then smacked her fingers across the keyboard at a wild pace that he would never be able to match, Adam understood finally why she was doing this so urgently. That and she'd basically confessed it herself -

"Arcadia, stop," he abruptly interrupted her, his hand landing on her arm, twisting his fingers around her bicep to get her attention. It never occurred to him that she was so jumpy around him, that his touch would drive her in mad circles in her mind that would be impossible to get her out of. She was so nervous around him, but he still couldn't quite understand that it was because of him. Adam always believed that it was just her nature and that she was just like this with everyone. Sighing softly, he released his grip on her arm and held his hands in his lap, starting over again, "People get in trouble for being here after hours for other things, Arcadia, not for editing the school newspaper. Chill out, if someone comes here and finds us, they'll understand."

He'd never straight out say the word sex around Arcadia - that was just uncomfortable. Associating her with anything to do with sex - thinking that she might come to school after hours to do such a thing - seemed improbable and frankly he didn't want to think about her and sex in the same thought ever again. Adam shook his head, his lips curling in that small smile, seeing her discomfort about breaking rules and decided to indulge her little interview again, "Okay, so my name is Adam Murphy. I'm eighteen years old and I'm in my senior year. I moved here from Miami a couple years ago. And I play several different sports - soccer, lacrosse, swimming, uhm...some volleyball sometimes. Football and basketball too from time to time. I guess I'm an all around athlete."

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Arcadia paused for a moment when he touched her. Everything seemed to move in slow motion when he reached over and put his hand on her arm, right over her small lorem ipsum tattoo. His hand was so warm and soft and just, perfect like every other thing about him. She didn't want Adam to move a muscle, and yet as quick as this moment happened - it ended. And Arcadia snapped back into reality, remembering where she was and what she was doing here and more importantly what time is was. "I uh-" She stuttered awkwardly, mentally kicking herself for tripping over her own words like the idiot Adam already probably thinks she is.

She took a breath and took her hands off the keys to regain her composure. "I'm sorry, I'm just a little panicked right now." She confessed playing around with the slightly damaged ends of her hair. She wasn't going to admit she was nervous because of him, Arcadia is pretty sure this crush is going to go nowhere and she's just going to accept the fact that he will soon graduate, pack his bags and disappear completely from her life. "I'm trying to not miss the deadline, and it's getting late so I freaked a little."

She raised a curious eyebrow at Adam's attempt at calming her nerves down. Other things? She didn't question it though, talking about...other things with Adam would probably cause Arcadia's brain to self destruct. "Ok yeah chill, I can do chill." She said, partially to talking to herself. "Chiller than a polar bear." Ouch. The moment that slipped out of her mouth she immediately wanted to take it back. She hoped Adam didn't actually hear that. Forcing her muscles to relax she slumped a bit in her chair. "So sports, how do you feel about Constance's sport program? Do you believe they put enough funding towards the schools extra curriculars?" Her eyes flickered down from his eyes to his smile, and produced one to match. Just be chill Arcadia.

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"Don't worry about it," Adam shook his head. A smile cracked at his lips at her comment - polar bear. She definitely was acting a bit more nervous than she usually was, but he pitched it up to the fact that she was working on a deadline and had a lot on her plate to finish. Of course, to him, the deadline was not a big deal. All he had to do for his part of the interview was answer her questions. But, she, on the other hand, was required to ask questions as well as write up the entire newspaper when she was done. He didn't think of all that she had to do - why should that matter anyway, she liked doing the work, he thought - because it didn't really matter to him. But, it mattered to her, so Adam remained cooperative with her questioning. After all, she did go to these huge lengths in order to get this interview down, so he might as well help her. Adam was nonchalant as he shrugged his shoulders, "Sure, I do. Constance puts a lot of support behind all of its sports teams - facilities, equipment, uniforms..."

But extra curriculars did not only mean sports. It also implied the arts and drama and all the different clubs across campus. Adam wasn't really involved in many other extracurriculars at Constance. It was not because he didn't like them or they were unpopular, but rather because he was just not interested in robotics or the environmentalist club's agenda to plan trips to go hiking. Well, he was interested in the latter, but he knew that club never really was organized enough to do as they promised. So, Adam told her, "Some organizations on campus are prioritized over others, though. Like, obviously, the sports are seen as more important than say the environmentalist club. They've been trying to organize hikes down for weeks, but there are never enough volunteers or support from the school for it."

His eyes turned back towards her and then the screen, looking at what she was typing. This line of questioning made him wonder what exactly was the focus of the piece, what kind of interview it was that she was conducting. Were his words meant to bring light to a situation that everyone was aware of but not speaking up about? "What exactly is this all about?" Adam asked her finally, leaning back raising his elbows from his knees.

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments i love how adam is like lol shes probably stressed while acardia is like pls marry me thx

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rimskur | 1470 comments lmao their dynamic of him always being oblivious to her and her fan grilling over him

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments should we play out the interview a bit more or do u want A to just panic cause of the time and just ask to finish it tmmrw

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rimskur | 1470 comments panic and finish it later but then she could always ask questions in the closet

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A smaller and shyer smile came upon Arcadia's lips when he looked back at her. She wanted to open up to him, she really did - but it's so hard to step out of her comfort zone due to fear of rejection. She could only imagine his reaction if she just spilled her guts out to him. In her head his face would look like a mixture of fear, disgust and a sprinkle of horror. She was fine with how their dynamic was now, him being stupidly oblivious and her being completely head over heels for him. Just being near him is enough in her mind, no matter how hard it to suppress the urge to just jump into his arms and-

Oh wait, the newspaper. Right. Okay she needed to get out of her own head. His voice was just so soothing, she really couldn't pay attention to anything else. He could literally be talking about virtually anything and she would give her full attention to listen. She typed along to everything he was saying, vowing to tweak edit and omit everything else hopefully at a later date. "There's been a huge debate about where schools have been focusing their funding lately. I was going for an administration vs. student opinion on whether they think it is a problem or not in Constance." She mumbled, pressing backspace a couple times. "I know to you it must sound boring, but you'd be surprised at some the responses." After what seemed like a couple of minutes of more writing and backspacing, she checked her phone clock again, just as a precaution.

"8 o'clock??" She shrieked covering her mouth with her hand. She knew they were lollygagging in the library for a while but not this long. She must've gotten lost in the moment, typical for a love-struck girl like her. She knew Adam told to chill literally 7 minutes ago, but this was really pushing the envelope. "Okay we gotta go. Like now." She mused, pushing all her stuff back in her satchel and logging out of the library's computer. Heading towards the door and realizing that the hallway lights were all but turned off she turned on her heels and motioned Adam to follow her. "Hurry up!" She urged in a hush whisper, now for the sake of not getting caught by the campus security.

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rimskur | 1470 comments lmao what a dork XD

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments it’s so fun to be a dorky nerd

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devo (yourdevotion) | 346 comments https://youtu.be/fTASJroi1Gc and this is arcadia @ adam

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He shrugged his shoulders, showing a bit of detachment and disinterest. Well, he really wasn't all that interested in the debate about where school funding was gong to. It didn't matter that much to him because all of the important extracurriculars that he was involved in always had suitable funding, so it didn't matter all that much if there wasn't enough in some other places. It wouldn't affect him, so, yes, talking about a subject that he wasn't necessarily interested in was a bit boring. Adam didn't tell her, however, simply just watching as her fingers flew across the keyboard, rapidly typing letters onto the screen that soon turned into a flowery languaged piece. He'd seen some of the direct things that he had said included in her writing and he was happy to see that she wasn't twisting his quotes around to mean something that they didn't.

His head jerked up from his phone - he'd been occupying himself with a game of 2048 while she continued to write on the computer - when she'd suddenly shrieked, surprising him back in his seat. Arcadia was scrambling and because of that, he began to hurriedly get out of his seat as well. It was only when he understood why she was getting so anxious that Adam barked with laughter, "Arcadia, it's fine!" But, she was already off, taking all of her things and racing towards the exit of the library. So, he had no choice but to follow her because he could guarantee that she would be the one to get them into trouble somehow.

"Look, how about we leave through the art studio? Campus security is light on that side and we can just take this way to get there fast without being caught," Adam suggested, pointing at the long hallway outside the library door that would lead them to the art studio. He spent enough time there that he knew his way around and if they were caught, well, he was sure that he could come up with some formidable excuse. Plus, the art teacher was a good friend of his, so if they were caught, the guy would let them off with a pat on the back. "Come on," he slipped his hand around her wrist, pulling the door open cautiously. He couldn't hear anything - not even footsteps - so he hurriedly pulled Arcadia along with him towards the studio. It was only a short distance away, so they made it there quickly and without getting found out.

However, just as they saw freedom, Adam spotted a flashlight bouncing around the hallway outside the studio, coming towards them. It had not caught them yet, but if they remained rooted where they were - they would be. Adam yanked her towards him and tugged her inside of the art room closet before the light could flash on them.

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Could she say that it was actually super hot when Adam took charge? It was the sudden shift between completely bored and unaware, to suddenly springing into action like the superhero he is- well maybe Arcadia was getting ahead of herself. She counted mentally how many times he's touched her this entire day (two) and grinned to herself mentally, that number broke the record this year. Even though he joked that it's fine it didn't stop the panic from rising in her chest as the moved through the dark and empty hallway. It really was late. Late for her anyways.

Even though she was dazed and confused because he was touching her yet again, not realizing the effect he had she tried to be quiet and quick, so she wouldn't drag him down with her. She could see the light at the end of the tunnel, they were on they're way to the exit! She could basically feel the cool air of outsid-

And suddenly is was dark. Very dark. The force of Adam's yank capitulated her to his chest. Judging from the smell of paint and crayola crayons, she knew they were in the art closet. The limited space caused Arcadia’s heart to thump a million beats per minute. The only thing she could hear was a mixture of their breathing, hers probably quicker pace, she could feel herself borderline hyperventilating, this had to be the closest she has ever been to him. Trying to scoot away the back of her head met one of the shelves, spilling a cup of pencils on the floor. She laughed awkwardly and tried to find the door knob. “Okay well this was fun but, we really have to go...” she chuckled turning it. But the knob wouldn’t budge. She looked at the dark outlining of his face and gave another sheepish chuckle. “Um, okay let’s try this again.” She turned, yet the knob was relentless.

They were stuck.

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The closet was dark and the place was completely cramped. They didn't have all that much space to move around and every moment that Adam shifted, his arm would brush against Arcadia's. In their confined space, it was impossible to move at all without making any physical contact, so Adam tried his best to give her some kind of space. But, the closet was small and most movement would result in a lot of noise, so he tried to stay as still as possible. His efforts were fruitless, however, as he took another step back and ended up colliding with the huge wooden shelves behind him, which also funnily enough took up most of the space in the closet. The stack of foam boards and the containers of nails rattled on the shelves as his back and shoulder hit it, making a small ruckus that he was sure was loud enough to be heard outside. This distraction was the only reason why he hadn't quite interpreted what Arcadia was doing.

"What?" he asked after stabilizing the shelves, his hands brushing off sawdust that had gathered. In the dark of the closet, he could vaguely make out Arcadia's features for there was some light that shone through the bottom crack of the door. "It's not opening?" he questioned her, eyes widening a bit as he too shifted towards the door, his shoulder brushing by hers to reach it. He, too, twisted and pushed at the door knob, but all of his efforts went to waste because the door would not budge even an inch. Adam pressed his shoulder against it, trying again and again, but the door didn't move. They really were stuck.

"Well, shit," Adam scoffed, staring at the door with a slightly dismayed look. The two of them would be stuck in the closet for who knew how long. They couldn't open the door from the inside, so the only other alternative was having someone open it from the other side. And who could? Campus security. That didn't really seem like the best idea, but then again, Adam wasn't looking forward to sitting around here in this tiny closet for the entire night. "What do we do now?" he asked her with a deep sigh, slowly sliding to the floor with his back against the door and his knees pressed against his chest. If they were going to be stuck in here for a while, he might as well try to get as comfortable as he could.

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"Oh my God, Adam we're stuck. Oh no no no this isn't good." Arcadia winced, twisting the knob more forcefully, but it was no use - it was completely locked. Even an idiot could realize that. She couldn't call either of their parents, both the Lopez's and the Murphy's had busy careers, and probably wouldn't bother to pick them up from Constance. Also there's the question of "well what were you doing in the closet in the first place?" which was a question that came with too long of an answer.

"Scoot over." She sighed in defeat, joining him reluctantly. Turning on her iPhone's flashlight feature she turned her phone on the floor so that the camera was facing the sky, thus illuminating the dark, and actually now that she mentioned it, really messy closet. She looked up in the corner where she can swear she saw a spider dash behind a stack of papers. Shivering Arcadia banged her head against the door in annoyance, not even realizing that she was touching shoulders with the person she was nervous around the most.

I mean, she didn't realize it until now. Suddenly she could feel her heart banging against her chest, and blood rushing to her nose, cheeks and ears. Arcadia thanked the room for being dark enough for Adam not to notice. She sighed loud and deep and turned to face him, their faces closer then they ever were before. "I dunno, charades? 21 Questions?" She realized the first suggestion was dumb, almost like everything she said to him this whole day. But she was too exhausted from this adventure to care anymore.

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He sighed softly, hands pushing against the dirty closet floor to shift over a bit so that Arcadia would have room to sit down on the floor next to him. The two of them were squished in between old boxes of random art materials that the art teacher had been hoarding forever and those overflowing materials were currently being a nuisance in his face. Adam did his best to adjust everything around in the closet so that they had even the slightest bit more breathing space between them. With the light from Arcadia's phone illuminating the closet, he pushed aside the boxes even more until they were comfortably sitting shoulder to shoulder.

"21 Questions it is," he shrugged his shoulders. There was nothing else that they could be doing right now anyway and playing the silly game would at least help past the time somehow. It was not like he and Arcadia couldn't naturally make normal conversation - as 21 Questions was a game used by people who generally were trying to get to know someone that they were interested in romantically - but rather it was a game in which they could ask and answer unthinkingly without much consideration at all. These questions were supposed to be easy and light, like what was his favorite color? Favorite movie? What did he want to be when he grew up? Adam could answer all of those questions.

Having confirmed that, yes, they were now playing this game, then came the question of who would start the game. "Do you want to go first?" Adam suggested, head turning to the side to face her. It was then that he realized just how close to two of them were. Her face was only a few inches away from his own and in the soft light of the closet, lit only by the phone's flashlight, Adam was staring directly at her lips. It was the first thing that he saw when he looked over at her. His eyes quickly flashed up towards her eyes and then across entire face, unthinking of the fact that he had been staring at her lips longer than he should have been.

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She pulled up her knees to her chest, resting her chin on the parts of her knees where the jeans tore and ripped. Chuckling to herself at how utter ridiculous this situation was she nodded to Adam choice of 21 Questions. This game was one of her favorites (obviously, she was a journalist). To her it was almost like a miniature interview, minus the writing and editing that a real one usually needed. “Ok 21 Questions.” Arcadia giggled. She was almost proud of her composure, they have spent a couple of close minutes together in close proximity and Arcadia didn’t burst into flames. Sure her heart was beating a million miles per minute and she was so nervous that her stomach hurt, but it wasn’t like she was showing and signs of physical discomfort. Playing with the edges of the chipped blue polish on her nails she though of things she could ask him.

Naturally she knew the answer to a lot of these questions - Arcadia was his sibling’s closest friend. They saw each other often when they were young, and even though now they grew farther apart due to awkward things such as puberty and school, Arcadia could still tell him his favorite cartoon was Scooby-Doo and that both their families collaborated on a certain Halloween (he dressed up as Shaggy and Arcadia as Velma) when they were respectively 6 and 8. She had pictures to prove it.

“I guess I could go first...” She started, looking at him again but trailing off, realizing his eyes were on her as well. Well to be more specific - her lips. Why does he always have to play mind games with her? She held her breath for a moment, not entirely sure of where this was going. Arcadia has been suppressing this urge pretty much for as long as she could remember. Now, being in a closet that smelled like pencil led and construction paper she couldn’t help but draw parallels to 7 Minutes in Heaven, another game meant for potential couples. Her nails dug into her palms as she tried to resist herself, but to no avail.

Hesitantly, she reached over to touch the side of his face. She could feel the stubble underneath his chin as Arcadia brought his face closer to hers. Her mind was telling her all sorts of things: Arcadiastopthisyoucanliterallypotentiallyruineverythingyouidiotdon’t- and yet, she did it. Arcadia leaned forward and gingerly brushed her lips on his, then went in for a kiss. Her mind went silent then. Everything did.

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He waited then, expecting her to come up with some kind of stupid, ridiculous question that was usually asked in these kind of games. The darkness of the closet made it hard to see her face, so he really didn’t expect what came next at all. For a moment, they were both just sitting there side by side, their shoulders pressing and bumping into one another. His hands were perched in the space between their legs and his entire body was relaxed despite the situation they were in. Of course, he didn’t really expect for what happened next. The moment of hesitation, the one where he looked towards her, thinking she would say something, was over in a heartbeat because she’d scooted in closer.

All of a sudden, their lips were touching and he could feel her touch everywhere. Their knees knocked into each other awkwardly as their lips were pressed together in a slightly long kiss. Adam was stunned, lips tingling from contact, but still utterly confused. He pulled back away from Arcadia, dark eyes staring at her questioningly for what she had done. If her kiss hadn’t dazed him so much, he might have been able to give her a real response, a conversation the two of them could have about all of this. But, he was actually stunned into silence.

Finally, words seemed to slip through the seconds of silence between them. “What was that for?” Adam asked her, sensing that this kiss hasn’t been entirely spontaneous. It just didn’t seem like Arcadia to do anything really important without thinking through it entirely with a plan. And this? Well, it had the potential of changing everything and he wondered if Arcadia recognized that. From all the years he knew her, she’d always weighed the consequences of her actions, thinking everything through and recalling what kind of results might come out of it. And what consequences would be coming out of this exactly? Adam himself wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything right now, eyes still wide and lips parted open. Arcadia had just kissed him, his younger sibling’s best friend had just kissed him.

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Kissing him made her feel 17 different things at once, but mostly dizzy. It was a good dizzy, though. A really really good dizzy. She tried to think back to when her brain gave her the courage to do something that outlandish, but she couldn't remember. She couldn't remember most things at the moment, except the time her lips were on his and it was quiet and dark and beautiful. Dazed and confused she almost didn't catch the question being asked by the love of her life Adam. She said nothing at first, just stared at him distantly, for her mind was in a place much farther then in this closet.

Then suddenly the high crashed and she remembered where she was, and more important what she has just done. Her heart stopped for a moment when she focused her eyes on his face. Though it was dimly lit she could see his furrowed eyebrows and his eyes that were filled with confusion. Her own widened in realization and she slowly lifted her hand up to cover her gaping mouth. Arcadia lowered her hand to stutter "Oh my God. Adam I-" before covering her mouth again. She couldn't even explain what just happened herself. What could she say? She was momentarily possessed? It was a twitch? There was no excuse in the world that could save her ass this time.

The only thing that could rescue her was if the closet door magically opened and she could run away and never show up in Constance again because Arcadia was truly embarrassed. No mortified would be a better adjective. If there was a God up above who loved her, he would open the door right now. "I-" She offered, but trailed off again, trying to rack her brain for an explanation good enough to save her. But nothing was good enough. Please God if you're listening, open the door and help me get out of he- Suddenly, she found herself falling backwards, a gust of light entering the previously dark closet. "Well look at what we have here." A deep voice of a security guard rumbled, amused with the sight before him.

Someone remind Arcadia to go to church next Sunday.

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Adam’s face was hot, warmed considerably even more in the small space of the closet they were confined in. His ears were warm, his neck was warm, his hands even seemed sweaty now. His eyes flashed all over the place, from the floor where his feet were pushed against the floor to the ceiling where he watched the turned off lights hang from above. He didn’t know what to say, what to do. Adam was at a loss and it could be confirmed that he was just severely confused. He didn’t see any of this coming at all, didn’t even think Arcadia could be capable of doing something like this. All he knew was shock, sitting back against the door of the art closet in confusion about something he never would had expected.

His hazel eyes turned towards her, hoping for some kind of explanation but also being scared that she would get so worked up and start panicking like he’d seen her do before. A part of him wondered if this was supposed to mean something, if this hadn’t just been spontaneous on her end because the two of them had been pushed in a tight space together. Adam would have never guessed that it was possible that Arcadia might have feelings for him because that was just utterly ridiculous. It was improbable, impossible, just not...it didn’t make sense. Arcadia couldn’t like him, could she?

He didn’t have time to really let it settle in however because as soon as he began to speak up, the door was pushed opened from behind him, leaving him sprawled out on the floor without warning. His hands were jerked behind him and when Adam looked up, he was staring into the face of an unimpressed security guard. “Shit,” he muttered, scrambling to his feet as best as he could without hitting Arcadia or the security guard. But he did manage to hit his head on the door on his way up. “God, I’m so sorry, this is not what it looks like, I promise,” Adam began, hands spreading out before him as he meant to explain to the security guard what had happened to get them stuck in the closet. The security guard seemed reasonable and he did end up listening to his tale in the end. Unfortunately for him and Arcadia though, they still were given detention.

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Under the fluorescent artificial lights on you could see how red and flushed her face was. Arcadia looked like she ran a marathon, eyes squinting at the sudden change in brightness. She let Adam do all the talking, figuring she should shut up momentarily so she wouldn’t do anything even more stupid. If that was even possible. Was she going to tell her bestfriend about this? Like “Hey I kissed your brother by accident lol whoops?” That would ruin their relationship. Arcadia shivered to herself at the thought. And even though all of this was completely embarrassing and might have just single handedly ruined the relationship Arcadia tried so hard to build, she doesn’t really think she would take it back.

As the security guard explained that the only way out of this without getting in any deep trouble was detention, she sucked in a breath but let it go. That was the least he could do. She didn’t even bother to say thank you or anything directly to anyone as he led them down the hallways past janitors and other security guards to the exit. She felt their stares as she gripped onto her satchel bag so tightly, her knuckles were turning white underneath her tanned skin.

“You know what? I don’t want to continue to burden you, you don’t have to take me home. I’ll just call an uber. Drive safe.” Was the first couple of full sentence she was able to make out to him when they were alone outside campus. Her suggesting an Uber was extremely uncharacteristic of her. If anyone knew Arcadia they would know of her phobia of public transportation. The last time she called a cab, the driver pulled over and tried to hit on her. She got out the car and proceeded to walk 9 blocks in the rain just to get away from him. After that she never even considered getting a ride from anyone other than who she knew as an option. Though she may have a phobia of being driven by a stranger, the fear of Adam driving her home was even worse. So she pulled out her phone and started to download the app, sitting on the bench nearest to her waiting for it to load and nervously tapping her foot on the pavement.

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Adam had gotten detention before. Several times, actually. But always for pointless little things that didn't actually matter. A detention for having his phone out during class or for being a rowdy jokester. There were numerous reasons of which he could have landed himself in detention, but one that he did not picture was that it was because he'd been trapped in a closet after school with his younger sibling's best friend and he'd just been kissed by her. Okay, of course, he was an't getting detention because of the kiss, but he most certainly was still mulling over it himself over and over and over. Because it just didn't make any sense to him at all!

Adam was acting sheepish by the time they were released from the confines of the school and were walking freely in the parking lot. Despite what had happened between the two of them earlier in the closet and then the conversation with the security guard, he was still under the impression that things were okay between them and that they'd be able to act very normally after this. Adam believed that he would be able to pretend this never happened and that she could pretend as well and both of them would act the same as they always did and Adam never had to wonder if Arcadia actually had feelings for him or not. Because it was obvious right? She couldn't possibly have feelings for him. It just wasn't real.

"No, no, I can still drive you," Adam insisted, his voice awkwardly soft, having to clear his throat in order to talk clearly and to avoid the small hitch he was sure that had formed when this all occurred. He didn't want to just abandon her here at school all by herself, not especially when he had a car here waiting for her. It was just pointless money being spent - but then again when did the amount of money they spent ever really matter to them anyway? It didn't, but he just needed to use an excuse to really get her over to the car. What would his parents and his younger sibling both say about leaving her here on her own? Don't. That's what they would say, so Adam knew that he couldn't. "Come on, it's on the way. It'll be a short ride," he reassured her.

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She should have known that he would have insisted on her going home with him. Arcadia she couldn't escape his feeling of responsibility over her, and she knew he would argue her decision to not get in his car. She knew all this, and yet her heart dropped when he protested. Why couldn't he have just been as out of character as she was today and left her to rot in the parking lot of Constance? She would have surely liked that way better. "Fine." She huffed, realizing that arguing with him would only make things worse.

She hated the way he was acting around her, tiptoeing around her feelings like she was some glass figurine he was afraid of breaking. The more he talked to her in a soft, gentle tone, the more choppy and hostile her responses were. Why was his head so dense? Why couldn't he just have confessed that he shared her feelings and they could just live happily ever after like on TV? As all the pessimistic thoughts swarmed in her head, they only were replaced with optimistic ones. Like how good Adam's hair looked right now, or how she could see his muscles bulge from underneath his t-shirt. She sighed loudly, wishing she wasn't so bipolar and all over the place.

"Let's just get this over with." She said, defeated. She picked her satchel up from the bench and brushed past him in one fluid movement, avoiding all eye contact. That's how she will behave the entire car ride: distant and quiet. She would have to avoid answering any questions, and ignore him when he looked at her. Arcadia had to be as removed as possible, for anything she did or said could possible ruin their relationship further.

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He nodded his head, eager to get to the car now that she had agreed to go with him. Adam couldn’t help but be a little nervous, his eyes glancing up to her every so often to see what she looked like, if she was sad or if she was fine, if he should say something to her. He was tiptoeing around her and he knew it, but what else could he do? He didn’t know what to say to her, what to even do now that she’d kissed him. Things could be normal, he told himself, but what if they weren’t ever again? Arcadia didn’t actually like him, did she?

His movements were a bit more hasty, getting to the old car and swinging the door open. Again, his eyes traveled to her face once she got in the car with him, but quickly flew away to the parking lot in front of him as he started the car. It was quiet between them even when he began driving and that was because he couldn’t think of something to say at all. He wanted to talk to her, wanted that normalcy they had on the way over. He would tease her relentlessly, shake the car around and swerve the roads and she’d be giggling like mad, holding onto the safety handle for dear life, telling him to stop and drive normally. But, he wasn’t quite sure he could do that right now.

“Hey, just text me if you need more help with that interview,” Adam suddenly said to her, his eyes on the dark road lit up by his headlights. He didn’t take his eyes off the road this time, but he thought the environment in the car had grown less tense so it was okay to say something at all.

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Arcadia couldn't even meet his eyes the entire ride. She was nervous about his facial expressions that he would make at her if she looked at him. She was afraid he would be absolutely and completely disgusted with her and the kiss. What if he secretly was appalled by her and was only hanging out with her on certain days just to please his family? What if she was dead weight to him? The mere thought of that sent shivers down her spine. The night itself was also brisk so she wrapped her hands around her arms to warm the goosebumps that found their way up and down her body. As she looked out the window she only followed the street lights and trees with her eyes, not daring to turn her head not even an inch.

Without the radio it was quiet. Really quiet. She couldn't find anything to say to him because she knew she would just stutter and rant like a broken record (something she did when she was extremely nervous). No, biting her tongue and trying to ignore his presence was the only thing she could do, the embarrassment eating her alive and the shame permanently tinting her ears and cheeks red.

The moment he pulled over to her house was the moment Arcadia could finally breathe. Letting out a deep breath of relief she thanks God that they weren't stuck in traffic or ran over a deer or did anything that would slightly slow down the trip back to her shabby house - one that was tiny in comparison to Adam's. "No I think- I think I have everything. Thanks for your help Adam, goodnight." She said almost breathlessly, offering an almost shaky smile underneath the mop of brown hair that blew over her face due to the night wind. Closing the car door almost a little too hard she walked quickly into her house and closed the door the moment she walked in, not turning back to Adam. Sinking down to the floor with her back to the door she stared down her hallway, in shock. But a small smile did creep up on her lips as she bit on them. She did the unimaginable.

And boy did that feel good.

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