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Evangeline swooped into the hallway after her French class, her Hermes Kelly bag (named after her dear Grandmother Grace) draped artfully over her elbow. Her father wanted her to be on a conference call with all the various Ministers and some diplomats earlier that morning (so she had skipped the first half of school, as she was wont to do), she had to throw out last season's clothing, and there was the desperate matter of all this Gossip Girl drama. Oh, what was a Princess to do?

This was practically the only break she had had the entire day, except for sipping a Diet Coke at 10AM before dashing into Constance Billard. She hadn't even had time to spend with Julian -- the entire point of this god forsaken trip to America. He was at St. Jude's to be fair, but she didn't want to waste an iota of her time on the non-essential, such as reading Victor Hugo with a bunch of illiterate dimwits. And the material of her uniform was dastardly scratchy-- she couldn't bear to even have a hint of polyester touching her royal skin. Letting out an indignant huff, she angrily brushed past some underclassmen with their sickeningly sweet Frappuccinos, shoving them into a potted plant, and sat down on a red velvet bench so she could scroll through her official Instagram before her next class.

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An alarm blared on his phone, signaling a reminder Julian had set for himself and effectively causing him to drop half of everything he had been carrying: textbooks, homework assignments, a now-cracked phone. The crowd parted around the books, but weren't so kind to the boy leaning to pick them up. It was all so rushed, so stressed - so very much unlike Julian. There was really no need for him to be so diligent in his studies at Constance. After the year was up, he'd simply follow Evangeline back to Monaco, resume his position as a guard. But unlike most people at Constance and his age in general, Julian enjoyed getting the work done. Being a leader, for once. Being recognized for something he earned.

But the reality was far more stressful than the daydream. He haphazardly picked up the mess, stopping by his locker to shove everything away for the next couple of hours. His classes for the day were through - he thought about texting Eva, but remembered she had said something regarding a conference call with foreign diplomats. Instead, he set off down the hall, which had yet to clear out. A flash of platinum blonde caught his eye and Julian realized Eva was, in fact, in school, sitting on a bench. With a duck of his head, Julian made his way over to her. As a greeting, he leaned down and pulled Eva in for a kiss, simply sitting down next to her with a grin on his face afterward.

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"Julian!" Evangeline exclaimed happily, tucking her phone into her bag. "What a pleasant surprise." And that kiss? Now that was why she had even considered attending this horrid institution with the polyester cotton blend uniforms in the first place.

Noticing his cracked phone screen, Eva furrowed her brows and bit her tongue. Julian was one of the most put together people she knew (with the exception of herself, of course) and thought he couldn't possibly tolerate a cracked screen. Perhaps though, their brief sojourn in New York City had changed him. "Anything interesting occur?" Eva asked brightly. She had a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle when she wasn't hearing the cacophony of camera shutters at all hours of the day -- at first, it had been a little odd, but now it just reminded her that she could have a civil conversation without screaming herself hoarse over the paparazzi.

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Every worry, every reminder, every concern of Julian's just melted away when he was with Eva. His schedule and assignments were neatly organized into a little box in his mind that he could stress over later. But his studies weren't the reason he came to New York; he came to New York because of the beautiful girl sitting in front of him and Julian was determined to enjoy every second of it with her if he could. He stuffed the cracked phone - as much as it bothered him - into his backpack and reached for Eva's hand, pulling her after him.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing interesting. I made it through Calc and Latin this morning," Latin being the one foreign language Constance offered that Julian didn't already know. "And now, I was wondering if you might be able to 'play hooky' for the afternoon, as I believe I've heard these New Yorkers say?"

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Evangeline grinned when Julian suggested an alteration to their monotonous class schedule. "Why, I would be delighted." She replied, already eager to live the poorly lit hell hole she was in. "Where should we go?"

Eva wondered if she should call her chauffeur. She had never learned to drive (at least with regard to the other drivers on the road), as it had never been neccessary, but she could certainly see the appeal of it now. But learning to drive would mean the hubbub of the DMV, which was odious from what she had heard from people. And Eva was certainly not a patient person. If she wanted something, she would not wait for it like some plebian-- oh no, she would receive it that instant. Pulling out a bottle of Evian from her bag, Eva twisted off the top and pondered what they would do. New York City had practically everything, and she wanted to do it all. She had already eaten at all the best restaurants and shopped at the best boutiques, but she hadn't had time to indulge her touristy side.

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