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Hello, seniors of Aurelia Auburn Academy! As you know, voting for the yearbooks superlatives are coming up quickly. Now is the time to nominate people for the voting.


- You nominate the character you want in the category that's relevant
- You can do this for any amount of characters in any category
- If a character has already been nominated for that category, they don't have to be listed again
- The nominations will be open until a (currently undetermined) deadline, then will close
- And then the mods will make a poll for each and you can vote

- All characters MUST be seniors.
- Don't spam the threads. Just don't.
- You are allowed to nominate your own characters, but really. Don't go crazy.

Categories with ONE Winner:
- Cutest Couple
- Most Inspirational Senior
- Cutest Would-Be Couple

Categories with TWO Winners (one of each gender):
- Best of Friends (one for girls, another for boys)
- Best Eyes
- Best Smile
- Best Hair
- Most Contagious Laugh
- Most Talkative
- Most Likely to Succeed
- Most Likely to Become Famous
- Biggest Moocher
- Become a Renowned Artist
- Become an Olympic Medalist
- Become President
- Most Likely to Become a Movie Star
- Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize
- Biggest Flirt
- Class Clown

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If ONE of the people in a couple is a senior, then they are able to be nominated.

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