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Strong Female Protagonists

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Meghan Blistinsky I recently read a book where the female protagonist was so helpless that it made me cringe whenever I wasn't rolling my eyes. It seems to be a popular debate topic recently. My point is though, that it totally ruined the entire book for me. Now, I'm not particularly a feminist while saying this, but the book reeked of sexism and was so annoying that I could barely get 100 pages into it.It just seems to me that ANY book where the MC isn't characterized as overwhelmingly strong,makes the fans, and anyone who reads it, scream "SEXIST!".This isn't exactly solvable either though. If no one else is going to say it, I will. The snarky, attractive, warrior-like female protag who kicks ass and uses sarcasm as a second language is seeming to become the equivalent of a cardboard cut-out. Even the "non-strong" and"Feminine" characters are still overwhelmingly strong.

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Dramapuppy Is Eve the sexist book you are talking about?

Meghan Blistinsky No, I just needed to pick a book in order to start this discussion.

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Dramapuppy Yeah. I kind of agree with your point. It's possible to not be sexist without using this cutout. It didn't used to be a cutout but now people are just remaking Katniss over and over again.

Katsa Gassad By far, I the best heroine a ever read was Penryn in the Penryn and the end of days.

Hannah Rahman Katsa wrote: "By far, I the best heroine a ever read was Penryn in the Penryn and the end of days."
I love Penryn too , but i feel as though she is always thinking about food,
what do you think?

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