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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Hey thanks! So do you want to do realistic or paranormal? Can I be the girl though because I am doing this with two others and I am the guy for both :)

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Sure we can do realistic - where do you think it should be set?

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Yes great, I'll make my character now :)

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Why don't we say the girl :)

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments What rating is it?

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Okay that's fine and great

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Name: Denver Louisa James
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has long black hair down to her waist and she wears it in a French braid. She has dark brown almost black eyes and she is short.
Other. She has a un-identical twin sister called Daisy and she lives with both her parents. She had to move because her dad got a new job in LA and she isn't too happy about it.
She loves sports and swimming but she doesn't eat as much as she should for an athlete.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Great!

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Okay shall I go first or you?

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver took a step into her new school. She followed the directions given to her and sat down in a chair in the correct classroom. She wondered what the people in this school would be like.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver spotted a tall guy walk in and smile at her, so she smiled back. She watched him sit down and start talking with a bunch of people she didn't know. Denver got a pen and started doodling over her paper. Her sister had gone to another school as their parents hadn't liked then being so close and she missed her a lot.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "I'm Denver." She said to him. "It's nice to meet you!" She smiled and put her hand out for him to shake.
Shit Denver why would you do that he probably thinks you are a freak now, she thought, waiting for his expression.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She sighed with relief. He didn't think she was crazy.
"I moved from London not too long ago with my twin sister and my parents. My father got a new job. I love it here. What's it like?" She asked. She hoped she wasn't talking too much.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Wow." She smiled. "I've never been to the beach before? London isn't in the countryside so I'm not sure what goes on." She looked at him and thought about what would impress him. "I once won a reading competition though." Denver mentally smacked herself for being so annoying and crazy,

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver blushed and sat up straight hoping to make a good impression. She listened to the teacher as he spoke on and on about Chemistry, making notes every now and again. She shot a quick look at Alex, hoping that he wouldn't notice.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Scare her off? Denver smiled at the thought of being pared with someone she knew. She watched him as he walked towards her and sat down in the chair next to her. "Hello then partner!" She said, sounding jolly and very, very English. She smiled and hoped she wouldn't be the one to scare him off instead of the other way round.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Wow! That would be great! I would love to go to the beaches and investigate! My parents won't mind. But my sister might be a little jealous ahah what with me hanging out with hot guys and that-" Her hand sprung to her mouth with shock. Did she actually say that? She was so embarrassed her whole face went red. Why does she have to ruin everything?

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Great!" She said, taking the paper. "I'll be ready." She said as the bell went. She picked up her stuff and started walking out the classroom, towards her car. She knew the way home luckily.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver texted him her address and got in a pretty summer dress, exited for him to get there. She put on a little bit of makeup and did her hair in a messy bun. She then went to wait for him downstairs.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver heard the doorbell ring and jumped up to open it. "Mum! I'm going out!" She said with her English accent.
She opened it to see Alex there. "Hey!" She said happily. "Nice to see you!"

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Smiled as she followed him towards his car. She got in and the car started, playing her favourite song. Denver started singing along loudly. She was one of those people that didn't care what other people thought.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Beaches." She said. "I'm so exited. I've never been to the beach before." She smiled with excitement. Her sister would be sooo jealous. She was going to the beach, with a boy! She couldn't stop smiling.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She sighed. "I've lived in the north of London my whole life. Every time we went on holiday it was to the middle of nowhere. I'm so exited that I'm finally going. My sister would be so jealous." She smiled. Poor Daisy.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver took her shoes off as well, doing the same as Alex. "Yeah, she is my twin. We aren't identical though." She smiled, walking towards the beach. "Are you an only child?" Denver asks him.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Do you mind? I mean, i wouldn't mind being an only child but me and Dais are really close so that would just be mean. I would love an older brother or a younger sister though." She put her hand over her mouth. "Sorry. I always babble. You have to tell me to shut up or i will just talk forever." She admitted.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She smiled. "Oh please. That would be the first time anyone has ever said that to me. So anyway. How are you? I'm sorry I took up your time but this place seems really nice and I would love to look around with company. Do you know any good book stores?" She babbled, again.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She stood in the water, just looking out to the distance. The sea, the waves, the sand. It was all so beautiful.
"Wow..this is...Amazing." She said, shocked. "I can't believe ive never been before."

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She laughed out loud and followed him. "Why thank you!" She did a little curtsy and almost fell over so she grabbed into his hand and grabbed tight.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Yes! I love America! And the beaches. I can't wait to get a tan and hopefully I will catch on with the accent because I hate my English accent. I sound so posh. Anyways I haven't had much time making friends except you, so hopefully everyone will be nice and I will fit in soon enough."

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Thanks! And great! I hope so too!" She said back to him. "I didn't have many friends back in London but that's probably because they all got bored of my talking so I'm learning not to talk as much but to be honest I don't think it's working." She smiled.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Awesome!" Went further in the sea, pulling him along, so they were now hip-deep. She smiled and took in the view. It was beautiful. "So. Come here often?" She asks him.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Woah! That's beautiful. It must be amazing to live so close to the beach all the time!" She said. "It's so nice here. The view from your house must be awesome!"

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments ((Sorry i was in paris))

She turned around with him. "Storms? Do they get quite bad? Like proper stormy storms?" Who even says stormy storms dammit.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments ((Great thanks!))

Her eyes widened in happiness. "Wow! Really? Are you sure? My mum won't mind because she will be happy that I a settling in so that's great but are you sure?" Her smile widened as she mentally had a celebration party.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Ahh thats great. I'd love to meet your mum! I'm sure she is lovely. I hope she doesn't mind that i talk a lot because im not that shy around new people and it will be hard to shut me up most of the time." Denver smiled and followed Alex's lead towards the house. "Your mum sounds great. I hope she does't mind my annoying british accent."

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Well if thats the case I'm sure she is lovely!" She giggled and rinsed her feet of sand. "What does that mean?" She asked, curious. "I have always wanted to learn a different language but i never got around to it."

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She follows him up the stairs. "Wow! That...that smells amazing!" She says, her eyes sparkling. "What is that? It's amazing? Is your mum some kind of food goddess?" She asks him, breathing in the delicious smell. She looked around, taking in the details of the house. She stopped to look at one of the photos and grinned.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Wow that's amazing! You must get the most amazing meals every day." She looked at the picture closer. "Is this you? She asked, pointing at the boy.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She smiled as well. "Awwh so sweet. You look so happy! And so adorable!" She giggles to herself and puts down the photo ready to follow Alex again.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver smiled. "I'm Denver. I moved here from London! It's a pleasure to meet you! I've heard lots about you." Denver puts her hand out for Alex's mum to shake.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver laughed. "Yes of course! Your house is beautiful! And that smell is amazing!" She smiled and sat down next to him.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver looked at Alex for confirmation. "That would be amazing thanks. Unless you don't have enough, then it fine." She says smiling nicely, waiting for the reply.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "I moved here from London not to long ago with my mum and twin sister Daisy. We have always wanted to move to America! Alex has just taken me to the beach here and its amazing! I had never been to the beach before because London is so boring and my sister doesn't like leaving the house very much." She smiled.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver laughed and nudged Alex back. "Yeah me too! I'm just hoping my sister fits in as much as i have so far!" Denver looked at Alex. "When are you going to meet her?" She asked him.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Thank you!" She said politely. "And, she's different to me. She's...different." Denver tried to explain. She looked down awkwardly, rearranging her skirt on her legs.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver paused. She watched him move and followed him silently. "She has mild autism. She's different. If she doesn't like you, she will be so rude to you until she makes you uncomfortable and makes you want to leave, but if she likes you, no-one is allowed to spend time with you or be near you except her." She takes a deep breath. "And ever since we have moved here, she has been extra rude and grumpy because she doesn't like it and doesn't know anyone. Back at home everyone loved her and was friendly with her. I guess I just hope she doesn't get in the way of my friendships. If you know what i mean?"

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments She breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, yes. Be extra nice and if you want to really knock her off her feet, bring her a lollipop. She loves those. Wait? Is that what you call them here? Lollipops?" She asked.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver smiled and nodded at him. She followed him out and helped him bring in the drinks. "I don't mean to be so, forward, but it's really a lot better if you meet her sooner rather than later, otherwise she will get suspicious about why i am not at home so much, and then she will get upset that i am keeping something from her. The whole 'twin thing' is a big deal for her. Are you available at all this week to meet her?"

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments "Yeah. Yeah, thats fine. Great actually. The sooner the better." She forces a smile, trying to hide the nerves. What if Daisy doesn't like Alex? She hears a male voice coming from the front door and walks over to introduce herself. "Hello! My name is Denver and I am new here from London. I am a friend of Alex's. It's nice to meet you Sir!" She sticks out her hand and smiles sweetly.

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Maeve (echocinderella) | 301 comments Denver smiled brightly and arranges her skirt on her legs, fiddling with her napkin. "Yeah, me too." She sighs and watches as the steaming food fills the room with a magical smell. Her mouth waters with hunger and she closed her eyes and imagine what it would be like to live in a normal family, a normal life.

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