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Rebecca Rosenberg welcomes Eldonna Edwards!

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Rebecca Rosenberg (rebeccarosenberg) | 270 comments Mod
Rebecca: Welcome, Eldonna! Tell us about yourself! THIS I KNOW is your second book?

Eldonna: Thank you for inviting me to host this week! My name is Eldonna but I often go by Ellie because it's easier to write on a coffee cup. ;) I've been in love with writing since I penned my first poem at the age of nine where I grew up in West Michigan, the fifth of seven children headed by a rural preacher. Although THIS I KNOW is fiction, many aspects of the novel were obviously inspired by my upbringing.

I moved to California a couple of decades ago and put my writing aside to raise my son and focus on my business. In 2010, life took an unusual turn when I donated a kidney to a complete stranger. I was featured in the documentary Perfect Strangers that follows one kidney patient and one potential donor. Because people had so many questions about the "why" of my decision, I once again set aside my fiction projects and published LOST IN TRANSPLANTATION, a memoir about my donation journey. Thanks in part to the success of that book, I sold THIS I KNOW to Kensington in a 2-book deal two years later.

Rebecca: Please tell us more about THIS I KNOW. What sparked your interest in “THE KNOWING” as you call it, that glimpse into people’s past and futures?

Eldonna: THIS I KNOW juxtaposes a minister with deeply-held religious convictions against a father who struggles to embrace his daughter and her unusual intuitive abilities. Rev. Carter is consumed by fear and Grace is obsessed with his approval.The story follows their parallel journeys toward acceptance and forgiveness, along with a mother who suffers from postpartum depression. Grace seeks wisdom from her twin, Isaac, who didn't survive their birth. She also befriends a homeless man and a spirited bohemian who help her navigate her way toward embracing her special gifts. Although the book deals with some tragic circumstances, it is not a sad story. It is a love story.

As a massage therapist for over two decades, I've come to understand that there's a lot we don't understand about the connection between our bodies/minds and the surrounding world. What I do know is that keeping an open mind to the unknowable is paramount to a broader experience of this life. I decided early on that I wanted to explore the "what ifs" of someone who maintains a deep intuition--what we sometimes call the gift of sight--and how those uncanny abilities might challenge the belief system of a conservative family and/or community.

Rebecca: If you could meet the your protagonist, Grace Carter, what would you ask her about her life?

Eldonna: I'd want to know how she can see and know things without experiencing deep anguish or emotional trauma. Since she regularly communicates with her deceased twin, I'd ask her if she ever contemplated contacting others who have passed over. And I would absolutely ask if I could please have her clothes because all that vintage stuff would be worth a ton now. ;)

Rebecca: I see you have been on Buzz Books and Delilah Book Club! Tell us about those!

Eldonna: I was thrilled when Publishers Marketplace selected THIS I KNOW as one of their Spring 2018 Buzz Books, meaning they believe the book has potential as a best-seller. The Buzz Books catalog gives libraries and bookstore buyers greater access to sample chapters, book cover images, blurbs, etc. I noticed right away that libraries were picking up my book as well as Target, Sam's Club and other outlets beyond all the usual places. Shortly after that, America's most popular radio host Delilah read my book and picked it for her Delilah Book Club, recommending it to 6 million listeners! I'm over-the-moon excited and honored that Delilah chose THIS I KNOW. I can't wait to hear from her book-reading audience.

Rebecca: What are you working on next?

Eldonna: My next book is also a coming-of-age story. Set in the 1970s, CLOVER BLUE features a young boy raised in a Northern California commune called The Saffron Freedom Community, where the identity of his parents is kept from him. With the help of his best friend Harmony, Clover Blue resolves to uncover hidden truths and explore his deep-rooted yearning for home.

Rebecca: Please let our readers know how to stay in touch with you!

Eldonna: Thank you! I hope readers will follow me on all the things. :)


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Donna Everhart (donnaeverhart) I have a truly special affection for Grace Carter, and for her creator, Eldonna. :)

I read THIS I KNOW as a simple MS document on my computer when the editor Eldonna and I share asked me to read for a blurb. I loved this book so much!

And from the buzz it's received thus far, it's apparent others love it too. Eldonna's writing stands out, and can't wait till I can get my hands on CLOVER BLUE.

Eldonna Edwards Thank you Donna Everhart! Your review captured the heart of this story so well. We'll definitely have to trade ARCs of our next books! I'm hankering to get my hands on THE FORGIVING KIND.

Donna wrote: "I have a truly special affection for Grace Carter, and for her creator, Eldonna. :)

I read THIS I KNOW as a simple MS document on my computer when the editor Eldonna and I share asked me to read f..."

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