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Jess Lucas (jessicalucas) | 19 comments For any interest:

The Witches of East Bayou (Dark Romance)

- one romantic wish - three deadly sinners -

A Southern Gothic tale of three unlucky friends, Ava, Mae, and Evie form a coven and use their senior year dabbling in voodoo spells. Since neither of them has ever had a chance of finding real love, they unwittingly create a charming young stranger, Marcellus, to come into their lives.

But as they each start to grow a strange attachment to him, their sisterly bond starts to get tested through town gossip that soon conjures up deadly consequences to those around them, leaving the girls wondering if Marcellus is the one committing the violent crimes.

Will these three young witches be forced to betray one another all in the name of love? Or, will they join forces against him before one of them--most likely--ends up dead.

Chapters posted weekly:

Enjoy :)

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Jess Lucas (jessicalucas) | 19 comments New Cover added.

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