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Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Comments, frustrations & opinions about Branch.

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Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Oh Sue I must admit I have short fat fingers! I have always had them and I hate them. I have the same problem you do I'm always hitting the wrong keys or sending things before I want to!!!!

message 3: by Cross (new)

Cross | 12 comments I think that the development this season have given him more dimension as well as a deeper story line. I always thought that he was the "extra" character in the first season and really like that they stepped up his story line. I guess that he was harder for them to develop because he wasn't in the books so there was no dynamic from the novels to jump off with. This season has been hard to watch. They stripped down all the walls that he build to survive his childhood, buffer his disappointments and conceal his fears. That scene last week where he was talking to his dad about not even holding his hand when he was little was achingly honest. The recent interview with Bailey Chase talked about he redeems himself by the end of the season. I don't know if just validating his hunch that Ridges was alive or if continues into the final episode with more contribution. Can't wait to find out!

message 4: by David (new)

David Bross | 2 comments I guess we now know why "Branch" did not make an appearance at Longmire Days this year!

message 5: by Brenda, Co-Moderator (new)

Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Sierra it was very nice of you to share your knowledge of what the stars are doing during the off season. According to Craig Johnson when I saw him in May, Lou Diamond Phillips has never made a commitment to Longmire Days. He apparently always has potential projects in the works. He tries to make the most of his time off.

With the way the finale ended and not everyone knowing he had gotten such a great opportunity it is no wonder we assumed the worse. I certainly don't blame him and I can understand why Bailey canceled at the last minute. Congratulations Bailey!!!

message 6: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei Hawkins | 30 comments David wrote: "I guess we now know why "Branch" did not make an appearance at Longmire Days this year!"

The end of the show had NOTHING to do with the reasons neither Henry nor Branch were at LONGMIRE Days. Or why Katee made so few appearances.

Henry went to Australia to perform in "The King and I". While Bailey Chase is in upper New York state filming a new movie. Katee was on vacation in the area and only showed up at a few events the entire weekend.

Filming was long over by the weekend of LONGMIRE Days and they were finishing the final edits of "Ashes to Ashes" or were working on them.

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Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Lorelei wrote: "David wrote: "I guess we now know why "Branch" did not make an appearance at Longmire Days this year!"

The end of the show had NOTHING to do with the reasons neither Henry nor Branch were at LONG..."

Sierra had said the same thing yesterday but I don't see her comment here any more, I'm puzzled as to what happened to it. But thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

message 8: by Marie (last edited Aug 06, 2014 10:03AM) (new)

Marie | 22 comments Mod
I have felt all along that Branch would be written off this season finale. I get posts from Bailey's Facebook and he has had some great offers and he would be crazy to commit to Longmire when he potentially could get some leading roles. He certainly is fine eye candy in his uniform!
Maybe they will bring in "Double Tough" or Santiago from Death Without Company to replace Branch. I love Lucian and I think he will continue to be around in about the same capacity. He is just too much fun.
I'm worried about leaping Walt and Vic into a love affair. In the book, she has no issue with just hooking up (not her words, but can't print hers here).
Every TV show that took the two main characters away from the sexual tension to a full blown affair ended the show horribly. My prime example is Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cheryl Shepard. The show died the following season and people were bored. The writer's of Castle know this and have tip-toes around the same thing, but took them five years to get there. Very smart move on their part.
I'd like to see more of Henry and Walt involved with issues and I think the casino/resort/golf course project will open the doors for Barlow/Jacob/Malachi conflicts and make for some good story lines. After all, Martha and Walt (and Henry) were against the casino and this could make for some good story twists.
I love Graham Greene and he is a wonderful character for you to love to hate. I think he will figure in for a good part of next season. IMHO.

message 9: by Cynde (last edited Aug 06, 2014 10:26AM) (new)

Cynde Janis | 17 comments I do not get the feeling that Branch's mom - Barlow's ex-wife - is Barlow's great love because he stated to Walt something to the effect that it takes nothing like a family crisis (Branch being shot) to make you remember why you divorced someone. Plus he had not talked to her in over 10 years prior to calling her and telling her about Branch.
But I could be wrong.

message 10: by Cross (new)

Cross | 12 comments I can't help but think that Branch will be back, if there is a season 4. He is a popular character who demanded a fair amount of screen time this season. It would seem improbable that would all be the build up to his end but only time will tell. My mind spins with all the possibilities of story lines that could come from his return as the prodigal son and his access to Connelly LLC as a means to ultimately catch Nighthorse in the act of whatever it is that they all suspect him of.

message 11: by Marie (last edited Aug 06, 2014 12:55PM) (new)

Marie | 22 comments Mod
Nice comment Cross. I thought about bringing Branch back, but he NOW knows his father was behind Martha's murder and the writer's would have to brainstorm in bringing him back to redeem his father's bad actions. I doubt they would go there, story line is too boring and very short lived. Barlow's confession sunk him and Jacob, so both would be out. This leaves a huge gap for story lines.
I think Branch is gone, Barlow will say he tripped over the release foot peg and his gun went off and killed Branch. NOW he and Jacob can set the stage to take over the casino and THAT would create a large story line base to go in many directions. I think that is the way the writers will go. Branch may have been popular, but getting his father's confession was his redemption to leave the show as a hero and not a zero. WE know the truth, now Walt has to prove it.

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