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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical romance 19th century Pac NW at a lumber mill older sister takes her younger sister's place as a mail order bride

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message 1: by Leigh (new)

Leigh | 1 comments Looking for a historical romance.

- set in the late 1800s (1880s maybe?)
- h is named Kate (like 95% sure)
- has a fraught relationship with her younger sister (possibly also with a name starting with 'K')
- the younger sister is small and very pretty and blonde
- Kate is tall and thin and brunette
- younger sister is a bit flighty and kind of mean/manipulative, plays on her sister's insecurities
- younger sister answers an ad for a mail order bride
- younger sister sends a photo to the groom that has both her & Kate
- something happens and younger sister has to back out of the mail order bride thing, so she convinces Kate to take her place
- Kate travels by train to the lumber mill / logging camp owned by the H, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon? Washington?)
- H is disappointed that he ended up with the 'plain' sister in the photo and is pretty mean to Kate for a while, blames her for not being her sister, whom he was crushing on because of the photo, which is a big trigger for Kate who has spent her whole life being overshadowed by her prettier sister
- H's younger brother tries to temper H's meanness, he low-key likes Kate but Kate only has eyes for the H
- finally H starts to realize that maybe he does like Kate after all and should marry her
- and Boom! stupid little sister shows up and starts being terrible and manipulative but the H can't see it
- Kate is heartbroken that the H flips on a dime once little sister arrives
- H's brother tries to run interference to help Kate but isn't too successful
- I think the brothers might have names that start with J?
- can't remember much past that point

- subplots about the employees at the logging camp that Kate befriends (maybe she takes over the cooking duties in camp??)

- written in/before 1998
- has a yellow 3/4 cover, with the four main characters in little cameo frames down the right side (seriously, how can i remember this much but not the title or author!?!?!), possibly with red lettering on the cover

message 2: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Ann | 161 comments Have you tried using this site - http://www.eyeonromance.com/heroine.c... ?
There are hundreds of Kates, though, but maybe you will recognize the surnames of the book titles :)

message 3: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40603 comments Mod
Leigh, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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