A Home In Hopeful (Wyattsville, #2.5)
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A gift to say thank you...

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Bette Crosby (bette_lee_crosby) | 29 comments This has been a delightful week, sharing book fun with you I have a nice little treat to thank everyone for joining in on all the fun ... If you stop by my blog and join my VIP Readers group you will receive my newsletter and a free short story called "A Home in Hopeful" - it is the background story of one of the most beloved characters in Spare Change, Book 1 of the Wyattsville Series. Following is the link and once again, thank you for giving me such a warm welcome here at the American Historical Novels page -

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Tamara (tammy929) | 1 comments Thank you for joining, Bette!! LOVE your books and am looking forward to a Home in Hopeful!

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