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Reading List 2019

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In the past, I've solicited suggestions from you all regarding our next cycle of titles. This year, the deadline for the paperwork was due earlier than usual and I had to make some executive decisions. While I incorporated some leftover suggestions, most of these are new.

That being said, I'm really excited about the next cycle. You'll be happy to know that I've skewed a bit lighter this time around. The list represents foreign voices from all over the world, but there won't be any more six months stretches where we only read about war atrocities.

1/24/2019 Swallowing Mercury - Wioletta Greg (Poland)
2/28/2019 What We Lose - Zinzi Clemmons (African-American)
3/28/2019 A Horse Walks Into a Bar - David Grossman (Israel)
4/25/2019 The Queue - Basma Abdel Aziz (Egypt)
5/23/2019 Mirror, Shoulder, Signal - Dorthe Nors (Denmark)
6/27/2019 Exit West - Mohsin Hamid (Pakistan)
7/25/2019 White Tears - Hari Kunzru (England)
8/22/2019 Augustown - Kei Miller (Jamaica)
9/26/2019 War and Turpentine - Stefan Hertmans (Belgium)
10/24/2019 Sudden Death - Alvaro Enrique (Mexico)
11/21/2019 Memoirs of a Polar Bear - Yoko Tawada (Japan)

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Lucy (lucy47) | 146 comments Good job, Travis. I see at least a couple I've wanted to read. We'll try to keep carping to a minimum.
I'm in fire-stricken Durango, CO, with my sister; drove her home here post-Detroit memorial last week for my brother.
Back in StL by the end of the wk, see you all at the Jun discussion 6/28.

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Vera Emmons | 25 comments Thanks for listening, Travis. I won't make it to the May group. We're just coming home from a trip to Chicago.

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