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Excellent YA thriller

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message 1: by Joy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joy This book was riveting and truly a page-turner. I was captivated by this Young Adult thriller-- very unusual. The story is told from the various perspectives of a group of kids who volunteer to spend the night in the famed Danvers State Hospital before it is torn down. This creepy place seems beyond haunted--strange things happen immediately upon their arrival and don't stop until they are "allowed" to leave.
I really enjoyed this YA book! Teens will love it. Great characters and the plot twists will keep them guessing.

Danielle Faith I'm sorry but this book was just terrible. Yes, I am a teen. The end was soo predictable and anticlimactic. The characters were like cardboard cut outs and the writing was truly terrible. One of the worst book I've ever read. But if you enjoyed it, thats great. :P

Lanielove Ive read this book a long time ago, but I have to say, for me to remember this particular book, Id agree that I rather enjoyed this book, because when I look back to it, Ive spent alot of time just to continue reading this book when I did.

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