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message 1: by Nathaniel (last edited Jun 10, 2018 08:24AM) (new)

Nathaniel Cassani | 3 comments Hello.

This is for Beta’s to read the back blurb for a fantasy book. The blurb is 200 words. I want to check the project viability in the marketplace—basically, how much interest generally there is for it. I'm checking only people between the ages of 12-34 at the moment.

The questions are quick and easy and will probably take you 2 minutes or less. Here is the link to the form. If you would please your comments there that would be appreciated as then it's easier to consolidate.

Thank you all for your time.

P.S. I know I posted this message somewhere else by accident. I think I was in the wrong window or something. I apologize for the repetition. Note to moderator: Feel free to delete the other thread I created on this same topic. Sorry for the trouble.

message 2: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel Cassani | 3 comments Thank you for the response.

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