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Looking for beta readers

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message 1: by Mira (new)

Mira Kanehl Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the wrong book title, it wouldn't let me post my book from Amazon, hope this works now.

I'm currently wrapping up my first novella "Her Majesty's Quill", and looking for beta readers. I'd be happy to receive any kind of feedback! :) Here goes the description:

In the historical fiction and magic realism series "The Sorceress' Child" set in early nineteenth century Hawaii, Delmar Lécuyer, a French surgeon, is drawn into a culture palpably magic. When he finds out about a legend inevitably tied to his existence, he plunges into a web of forbidden beliefs and persecution. Along the lines of a supernatural and paranormal adventure sparkled with romantic comedy, he makes friends and enemies alike that pull him closer and closer to this legend. But can he, a scientist at heart, really believe the prophecy?

Her Majesty's Quill, Book 1
July 1827: The freshly baked French surgeon Delmar Lécuyer steps onto the shores of Honolulu after months on the Pacific, ready to start a new life. Fate, however, has other plans: Faced with dire poverty and the prospect of having to return to sea, he attempts to aid his situation by speaking to the king. Instead, he mistakenly angers the monarchy and plunges into a web of royal agents. Recently stripped of their traditional belief, the crown has converted to Protestantism and taken the islands with them in a dangerous surge of damnation of the old and sacred. And the Catholic missionaries Delmar came with have no place in this plan. When Delmar meets a mysterious woman, he is drawn into a sub-culture rich in mysticism and superstitions, and away from the only people he knows and understands. Is he ready for what faces him now, or is he about to fall for a political trick?

Let me know if you're interested! :)

Have a lovely weekend. :)

message 2: by Mary Ann (new) - added it

Mary Ann If this is still an option, I'll be happy to read your book and provide some feedback/comments. Let me know what comes next.

message 3: by Mira (new)

Mira Kanehl Mary Ann wrote: "If this is still an option, I'll be happy to read your book and provide some feedback/comments. Let me know what comes next."

Hi Mary Ann, my apologies for my late reply, I was flooded with notifications from Goodreads and this one drowned in them. Sure, it's still available, if you're interested. Let me know via author@mira-kanehl.com if you are. :) Best wishes, Mira

message 4: by Grover (new)

Grover Mira, wondering if you are on a new project, might yet have need for beta readers. Happy to participate, if there's yet a need. Your kind of work is a genre I adore.

Will try your email, as well, to double chances this gets seen.

Hope "Her Majesty's Quill" has been a success. The description was fascinating.

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