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message 1: by Sascha (new)

Sascha | 391 comments I have explored an issue which is completely new for me and I wanna open up space for discussion here because in my eyes it‘s an exciting new world. I occasionally discovered an article in the german daily paper taz / die tageszeitung which explains the close connection of Roller Derby with feminism.

I read in the article that this sport has evolved in the USA since the 1920s. It was quite popular for some time and people filled stadiums when a Roller Derby match took place. But until the 1960s, Roller Derby declined and became a niche.

But in the 1990s, women* from the Punk movement and especially the feminist Riot Grrrl movement revived Roller Derby and practised it for fun – without any rules. Mainly women* are playing the sport since then.

The teams organize all their activities themselves. That means that women* don‘t just join for the matches but they also manage their visits in other cities and financial issues together. Men* are mainly involved in some of the few mixed teams, as referees and at supportive activities but not so much as players. Today the sport has become more and more professional with its own leagues and rules.

But there are still remnants from its Riot Grrrl connections as players are often fashioned in their individual and colorful ways. Players have individual and creative names like Kitten of Baskerville. Teams like the Riot Rocketz from Leipzig fight actively against sexism and homophobia and encourage transwomen‘s participation.

So what is your opinion on Roller Derby? Are people here on OSS who play Roller Derby and what does it mean to you and what are your experiences? Do you have more knowledge about the sport‘s connection with feminism and Riot Grrrl?

Here you can watch a short video where some women* talk about their views and experiences playing Roller Derby and being feminists as well as Riot Grrrls at the same time:

And here is the taz article from 12 March 2017:

Your knowledge and different views are welcome and your participation in the discussion is appreciated!

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1091 comments Mod
Love the Derby. I'm incredibly fortunate to have a team in my area. It's definitely an event.

As an adult woman looking to join a sport. Derby is an awesome one. You have a team of women. You have a extremely physicsl sport that leaves you with bruises to admire and be proud of, and it's something you can do year round.

While I do not play,it's on my list if I ever want to change my current sport fix. Others clubs in my area: American football, rugby, and volleyball are all seasonal.

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