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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments The windowless office was dark. Dark, except for a small glint of light from a mirror square, set in the center of the desk.
The Seer fingered the smooth edges of the mirror. She sighed. "Do we have another candidate? Someone who isn't a werewolf?"
The Sentinel--a burly man, situated in the corner of the room--shrugged. "You think I haven't looked? He's our best bet."
"But..." The Seer held up the mirror edge, which still glinted in the lightless room. "It's silver. I don't think he'd willingly go through it."
"It'll supress his werewolf abilities for a little while. He'll love that."
The Seer sighed. "Send them in."

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments     After being beckoned into the office, Gabriel strode in confidently, his hands clasped in front of him and standing so straight he could balance a champagne glass on each shoulder. He couldn't deny he was a tiny bit surprised that they had even considered him. He'd been working at the agency for four years and had been reduced to mere office work for longer than he would have liked, while all he really wanted to do was get out on the field, so to speak, and get in on all the action.
   Apparently they finally realized that he was more than a barbaric wolf-man, and that he could actually do some good. Took them long enough. Now, after some training, he was finally going on a mission. He didn't look it, due to his stoic exterior, but he was ecstatic.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle was shown into the office shortly after Gabriel was. She'd seen Gabriel around the offices mostly, and had a vague idea of his story. With a small sigh, she stood beside him. It was going to be rough, working with such a serious guy. Especially since she couldn't use sarcasm without sounding nasty...
The Seer sat at the desk, her cowl a darker shadow within the unlit room. "The disturbance the other day was, contrary to the reports, urgent." She moved her clasped hands to the side. The mirror shimmered silver in the dark, but cast no light on its surroundings. "Two pieces of the mirror remained; the iron, and the silver. You two have been tasked with obtaining at least three pieces, using the silver mirror to begin your journey. Your first destination is sure; the Isle of Undead. There are other agents in the field, whom you may encounter. Be warned: since the mirror is shattered, it is unstable. Right now, Gabriel, you are the strong one. Gaelle, you are the nimble thief."
Gaelle frowned. She'd never stolen anything in her life! Well, except for some food at one point. And a few trinkets for her brothers when they were young. And Alice from Accounting's lunch...
"Once you pass through the mirror," the Seer continued, "you may...change. The same applies to the other agents. I will do my best to aid you from here."

((I just looked at what I wrote, and I realize this is a very large wall of text; you want to take the NPCs from here?))

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((If you don't want to anymore. But I think you're better at the seer and sentinel than I would be 😁))

Gabriel nodded briefly to Gaelle. He had seen her around enough to know her name, but that was the extent of his knowledge. He wasn't sure what to expect when working with a partner, but if he could be in the same room with eight troublesome siblings and avoid strangling one of them, one partner would be a breeze to get along with.
He shifted slightly as he listened to what the Seer was saying, "What do you mean by change?" he asked. He was already aware that the mirror would likely suppress his werewolf side, and going through it would certainly be painful. He wasn't worried about that -- he'd trained himself to tolerate extreme levels of pain -- but he wanted to be certain he knew what to expect on the either side. He didn't want anymore surprises than were absolutely necessary.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((Alright, I'll keep playing them, then. :D))

The Seer tapped the desktop. "Your...methods of achieving your goal..." She bit her lip. "They will change. Now, you may be what is commonly called 'good.' After a certain amount of travel, you may be what our agency defines as 'bad.' "
"You mean we could become bad guys?!" Gaelle burst out. A few other half-intelligible attempts at protest stuttered from her lips, then she started cursing silently in dwarfish.

((I'll go ahead and pause here for a reaction from Gabriel.))

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments Gabriel's jaw twitched, but that was the only indicator that he was even the slightest bit fazed by the information. He'd come too far and put himself through too much for the sake of maintaining his humanity. He would have to be extremely desperate to revert back to his savage ways.
"That won't be a problem." he stated calmly. He was confident in his level of self control.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments "I'm afraid it may be, Gabriel; you won't have a choice." The Seer bowed her head. "So long as the mirror is shattered, it can be manipulated by forces we can't control. Those forces will play on your psyche each time you travel."
She held up a hand to stall any objections. "The faster you get in, and out of the islands, the less damaging the forces will be." The Seer waved the Sentinel forward. "Take these," she said as the Sentinel handed them two small electronic disks each. "Before each travel, the disk circled in red will show you your alignment; good or evil. The disk circled in green will tell you the task necessary to find the mirror shard after you reach the island."
The Sentinel returned to his place at the wall, and the Seer leaned forward. "Any questions?"

Gaelle crossed her arms, head low. She gave a noncommital grunt. "Have the regular rules on mirror travel changed?"
The Seer nodded. "Since this is a smaller mirror, you can take nothing with you except the clothes on your back, and anything that will fit into a pocket. It is our hope that you will find the safe houses on each island intact, along with the weapons and food normally found there. But it is nothing more than hope." The Seer turned her focus on the werewolf. "What about you, Gabriel? Any questions?"

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments    Gabriel frowned down at the small, seemingly insignificant object that taunted him, with the words "good" and "bad" shining in green and red. 'You don't know me!' He wanted to yell at the disk. At the moment it confirmed what he already knew to be true -- that he was good -- but for how long? This mission would be the ultimate test of his endurance and self control, but that wouldn't stop him from giving it his all.
    "I know all I need to know now," he answered resolutely, "I say we get on with it, if you're ready, Gaelle."

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle licked her lips. Her green disk was blank at the moment, while the red simply had the word "good" displayed. She clipped them onto her belt and nodded. "Uh-huh. I'm ready."
The Seer handed Gaelle the silver mirror. "You should go through first, since Gaberiel will be weakned once he goes through."
Gaelle nodded again and took the mirror. She glanced at Gabriel. "See you on the other side." She set the mirror square on the ground, and stepped into it.
The sensation that normally came with mirror travel was different than normal; more like squeezing down a narrow alley than being submerged into a pool. Cool, swirling grey patterns swirled around her.
Dry leaves crunched beneath her feet. Black, leafless trees surrounded her, stretching their dead fingers towards an overcast sky. A light fog obscured everything past a five-foot radius. There was little sound, just a light wheeze that came from everywhere at once.
"I guess the land is struggling to breathe," she whispered. Gaelle drew a pair of daggers. "C'mon, wolf-man, I really don't want to be alone when things start coming."

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments Gabriel stepped cautiously into the mirror after Gaelle and was instantly bombarded with excruciating pain, as if every inch of his body was being continuously jabbed with small daggers. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was in what appeared to be a forest. There was Gaelle, waiting for him with daggers in her hands.
The pain lingered still, but was fading with each second that passed, and soon faded into nothing.
"Well, wasn't that pleasant?" he murmured under his breath.
He froze when he heard leaves crunching. His gaze flew to Gaelle who stood as still as he stood, yet he could still hear footsteps. Considering his werewolf hearing probably wasn't at its best, he guessed whoever was joining them was close. His hand flew to his own dagger as his eyes darted around him, ready to attack if the need arose.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle did her best not to panic. She turned slowly, keeping her back turned to Gabriel's. Seeing no one, she chanced a glance down at her belt. The green disk's display read "Troublemaker."
((Did you have someone/thing in mind for the encounter or whatever's making the leaves crunch? If so, you can go ahead and take it from here. If not, I'm sure I'll come up with something. :) ))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((I'm just winging it))

Gabriel waited and listened, noticing that the movement was more like shuffling rather than stepping through the leaves.
A human-like form finally came into view. It was a ghoul with gray, decomposing skin clinging to bone, lifeless eyes, and a gaping hole of a mouth. It was repulsive. If it was human before, it certainly wasn't anymore, and he could tell it wanted only one thing: destruction.
If what Gabriel learned about such a monster was true, it was much stronger than it appeared and he shouldn't wait for it to come any closer. He lunged forward and sliced the creature's neck in one swift motion with his dagger then kicked it to the ground with his boot. That simple action left him sluggish and weak. The effects of the mirror were still present, and he feared he wouldn't recover as quickly as he'd hoped.
"We should hurry and find those safe houses." He said to Gaelle, "I suspect there's more ghouls to come than just our friend there."

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments (('Kay. Since I'm using italics for NPC bits, I'll use underlining for mental thoughts.))

A ghoul. Gaelle shuddered, muttering comforting song lyrics to herself. She nodded at Gabriel's comment. "Right." But...what if the roles that will lead us closer to the mirror move us away from the safehouse?
Since the Troublemaker role involved moving things around, she briefly searched the ghoul (after stabbing it again, just in case) to see if she could find anything useful. Nothing.
She started walking to the left--everything looked the same, but the safehouses were usually a set number of paces away from the arrival point--keeping her daggers drawn. "What role did you get?" she quietly asked Gabriel. "I got Troublemaker."

((Do you want me to choose Gabriel's role? Or do you want to skim the site that I posted in the discussion thread and pick?))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((hmm. I'll let you pick))

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((So I found a couple roles that would probably be good for this island: Priest, which grants him the ability to cure any companions of vampric/other diseases, and thus his job will be to find someone that needs to be cured to get to the mirror. Or Hunter, which will allow him a weapon that will ensure a killing shot even if he dies/almost dies, and thus his job will be to kill someone to get to the mirror.))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments    Gabriel glanced down at his disk and scoffed. "Hunter." Typical. Unlike most werewolves, he didn't particularly enjoy killing. "I hope whatever I'm meant to be hunting is mindless like the ghoul back there." He should get his hands on a bow and arrow or something. Then he could really look the part. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to complain." He walked in silence for a while, and then opened his mouth as if he was going to say something.
   "Gaelle," he finally spoke again, "How long have you been working for the agency?"

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle listened to Gabriel in silence, nodding every couple seconds. He didn't sound happy, and she didn't know him well enough to offer comfort or advice. "How long? Uh..."
She spun her daggers, frowning. "I'm really bad at keeping track of time, so I'm not sure. A few years, I guess?" She spoke in a low whisper. "I started as a desk clerk. Then I met up with Kelpa--you know, the Selkie door greeter? And she and I were talking, and she introduced me to a few people. Now I'm a field agent." She smiled. "I've only gone on one or two missions, though. I found a part-time job as a mountain guide, so I asked if the agency'd cut my hours."
A feeling of dread began to overtake her. How long had she been talking? How far away from the starting point were they?
As if in answer to her overcast thoughts, a house suddenly loomed out of the mist. It looked too rickety to be a safe house; a partly caved-in roof, a loose and faded sign-board, opaque and broken glass...and a long-dead ghoul sagged against a wall. Or a live ghoul. Alive or dead, they looked the same. But, as it hadn't yet moved, she hoped it was dead.
Gaelle stopped a good ten yards away from the building. "I don't watch horror movies often, but I'm 90 percent sure going in is a bad idea," she hissed.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments     "Come on, troublemaker, where's your sense of adventure?" He rolled up his sleeves in that dignified way of his, and pulled out his dagger. His teasing hid the fact that he also thought it was a terrible idea. Maybe they'd find something useful in there, although judging from the state of the place, there wasn't anything useful about it. Still, it couldn't hurt to check.
     He strode toward the door, which was uncomfortably close to where the ghoul sat hunched over. Just as he was about to turn the knob, a hand grabbed his ankle into a solid grip and tugged, throwing him off balance and onto his back. The air was knocked out of him as he struggled to sit up and kick the ghoul away.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle shrieked. She tried to make it more of a battle-shriek than a scared shriek, but she wasn't sure if she was sucessful.
She leaped over Gabriel and behind the ghoul, spinning aroud and slashing her daggers--left hand swipe across the neck, backhand stab to the ghoul's head, right dagger under the ribs. She yanked her daggers from the ghoul.
The ghoul gave a low moan. Twitching, it toppled right on top of Gabriel.
Gaelle shrieked again, and tried to kick the thing away. "Get off get off get off of him! You disgusting--!"

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((Just realized that I should've made the kicking sound more forceful--"began pummeling the thing with her large feet" or something like that--otherwise it reads like a high-school gal half-heartedly tapping something dead... :P))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((Good thing you made that clear, cause I totally read it that way 😂))

With Gaelle's help he managed to squeeze out from under the cursed thing and stand up.
"Note to self," he said breathlessly after thanking her, "always make sure the ghoul is dead." He opened the creaking door, this time on his guard. The first room they found themselves in must have been a living room, once upon a time. There were various pieces of furniture still scattered about the room -- an old rocking chair, a writing desk, and a settee that may have been elegant once -- all of them now tattered and dusty.
All the windows had drapes, drawn so that very little light shown through -- all but one, which was only half covered by what was left of the drapes, which were being blown slightly by the wind through a crack in the glass.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((Lol! XD))

"No kidding," Gaelle gasped. She booted the ghoul one more time, then trotted after Gabriel. Now on extra-high alert, she looked behind and in every piece of furniture they came across. She found very little of interest until she felt inside the musty cushions of the settee.
A very elegant hairpin. It had three pearls arranged in the center of a purple-and-red stone flower, with gold backing. "This is nice, but I pity whoever had to wear this thing. It's heavy," she said more to herself than anything. Very carefully, she set it on the top of the desk. It made a hollow *thunk*.
"Ooh." She sheathed her daggers and began feeling around the desk. "I think there might be a secret compartment," she told Gabriel.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((I'm gonna have a really busy weekend, so if I don't reply until Monday, that's why))

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((Alright, thanks for letting me know. :D))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments "Fascinating." Gabriel muttered as he took a final look around the room before coming up behind Gaelle. "You gonna stab that thing open , or what?"

((for some reason I thought I had replied already. woops))

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((*pounce*))
((S'okay, I do that from time to time as well. :) ))

"I might, if I can't find anything to turn, push, or pull." Gaelle frowned in frustration. After a minute of feeling around, she stepped back and propped her chin on her fist. "Hmm. Oh, I know." She leaned down with her lips nearly pressed against the desk's dusty top. Closing her eyes, she exhaled a dwarven revealing spell. The dust flew up and around her face. Then, it sparkled and descended onto the desk. Glittering red trails circled around and around the desk. When they stopped, they congregated in the back of a small cubby.
Gaelle removed the tattered bookmarks and crumbling letters that blocked the light. Licking her lips in aprehension, she pressed the sparkling red circle in the back.
The desk whirred and clicked, buzzed and jangled.
And continued to do so for a full minute.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments Gabriel's eyes widened for a moment and then returned to their usual, unamused expression. "That was unexpected." the corners of his mouth twitched into a small smile. "What else can you do?"
He turned his head as a secret compartment opened on the left side of the desk. At first glance it looked like an old junk drawer, filled mostly with stacks of papers, and one empty blood bag. Disgusting. Perhaps a vampire once lived there.
"There has to be something of importance in there considering they went through the trouble of keeping a secret compartment." He was thinking out loud.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle glared at the desk. She crossed her arms. "Seeing as it hasn't exploded, it sounds like it's stuck. There's one other thing to try."
She drew back her leg and kicked the desk. Everything in and on it rattled. The desk itself didn't move, as if it were bolted to the floor. There was the sound of something small and metallic falling, and the whirring noises began again. Only this time, a chorus of tiny clicks and slides joined in.
After an anxious eternity, a padded drawer barely the length and width of a pen popped open.
Gaelle humphed. "That's it?!"

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments Gabriel reached in and pulled out a single key and turned it over in his hand.
"Darn, I guess this means I won't have any doors to kick down." he smirked. "I say we go figure out what this thing opens."
He tried the only other door in the room, besides the one they came in through, and it was unlocked, leading into a hallway with four other doors. Judging from the size of the house, one door likely led to some stairs.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle followed behind him, jiggling the door handles as they passed. She peered into the first room. "Ew, yuck," she said, and quickly shut it. She fought the urge to gag. "The back wall was torn off and there were...bodies..." Shuddering, she swallowed hard. "You open the next one. Please. Hey, maybe you can smell if there are corpses or ghouls? Or are your senses still, you know, lagging a bit?"

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments He shrugged. "I can try." Since he'd been distracted he forgot about the effects of the mirror. As far as he could tell, the symptoms were no longer lingering. The feeling it had left with him was there no more-- a feeling he could only describe as a severe lacking, as if a major piece of him was missing.
He sniffed as he passed the second door. The first scent that hit him was the oak that the door was made out of. A type of mold was also very clearly present in the room behind the door, as well as the whole rest of the house. Besides those two things, nothing stood out to him, and he couldn't hear anything.
"It's safe." he stated with confidence and pushed the door open.
There they found a small bedroom that appeared to have once belonged to a little girl. The walls had pink, flowery wallpaper that was beginning to yellow and peel off. On a white fireplace mantle, there was a small music box and a vase with long-dead flowers.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments "I think this room exponentially raised the creepy factor," Gaelle whispered. She tip-toed into the room, looking for anything that might stand out; something that might go with her role. "If we don't find a manic, possessed jack-in-the-box or something, I'll be happy." She crept up to the fireplace, peering at the dust-laden mantle. "Hmm, doesn't look booby-trapped..."

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments    Gabriel nodded in agreement. "Let's get this over with." Against his own wishes, he was getting bored and struggled against the increasing urge to kill. His hope was that the next living being they encountered would be another mindless ghoul, and not a creature with even the slightest trace of a conscience. He wouldn't mind it if he never had to kill another creature again.
  Memories of his family flooded his mind -- memories of the times they would hunt together. Sometimes it was for food, and sometimes it was for fun. Sometimes they hunted animals, and sometimes they hunted...
   He was brought back in the room when his ears twitched with the sound of robins making a nest in the chimney; another indication that it'd been a while since someone had stepped foot in the room. That, and the shoeprints they left behind when stepping on the layer of dust caked evenly on the floor.
   "Did you find anything interesting?" He looked back at Gaelle after examining an empty drawer that turned out to be, well, just a drawer.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle tentatively lifted the music box from the mantle. When the roof didn't come crumbling down on them, she relaxed a bit.
Gabriel seemed preoccupied, and she didn't want to startle him, so she whispered a spell at the box. Red glitter, akin to what had appeared with her first spell, flashed inside her eyes and on the surface of the box. After blinking once or twice, she could see through it.

((Did you have anything in mind for what's inside the box?))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments ((nope :D))

  Gabriel's gaze drifted onto a dusty old journal on the bedside table. The binding was coming undone from use, and the pages were tinted yellow. He felt bad reading someone else's journal, and possibly someone's private thoughts, but his curiosity got the best of him and he took a peek. Not wanting to read more than was necessary, he was drawn to the end as he read the final page. The chilling words were written by a newly turned vampire who had lost control and murdered her family. Gabriel flipped through the previous pages to find writing that greatly contrasted with the last page. They were the words of a perfectly normal, innocent girl, however all the handwriting, including that of the final page, matched perfectly. If that wasn't confirmation enough that vampires were devoid of humanity, he didn't know what was.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments (('Kay.))

There was a small, broken figurine inside. Its head was gone, the neck jagged.
Gaelle tilted the box, spotted a picture on the inside. Despite the spell, it was grainy.
Before the spell wore off, Gaelle turned her gaze to the fireplace. The red sparks flew inside. "Secret passage," she said in quiet sing-song. As the spell faded, she blinked rapidly. "And--" she popped open the music box to get a better look at the photo. "--some girl with huge pig-tails and big eyes."
She approached Gabriel and peered under his elbow to the pages on the table. After skimming a few words, she said, "Eeeew. I wonder if this is her?" She proffered the box.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments "Yeah. Well." Gabriel slammed the book shut and placed it back where he got it. "It's the only thing that makes... a little sense. As disgusting as it is." He looked at Gaelle and blinked. "Did I hear you say secret passage?"

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments "Yup," Gaelle said with a huge grin on her face. "Through the fireplace. The spell wore off before I could look for a latch or anything, though." She tucked the box in one of her pockets. "I'll poke around a bit. Hope I don't make the roof collapse on us. Ooh, wait." She went over to the bed and poked at the rusted frame. "Even if it's not iron or silver, it could still make a good weapon." She aimed a side-kick at one of the leg posts. It snapped, and the bed slumped over. Dust poofed into the air.
Gaelle shielded her nose with her arm, and picked up the rusted piece of metal. "Just in case," she said.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments "My bare hands will suffice, I think." he muttered, but it came out as more of a low growl than anything. The thought of the journal was still making his blood boil and he couldn't take his mind off of it even as he followed Gaelle through the fireplace.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Having found the button to open the passage, Gaelle ducked into the fireplace. "I'm sure they are. But, just in case I end up on my lonesome..." After a few feet of travel, Gaelle cleared her throat self-consciously. "Probably should've thought of this earlier. Uh, you want to go up front? I can't see well in the dark without moon or stars."

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments    Gabriel nodded then remembered she couldn't see the movement. "Certainly." He answered as he moved past her in the tight passageway. "There're some steps coming up." He began down ten steps, the air becoming significantly cooler with each one.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle tentatively followed, shivering slightly as she descended. She tightened the grip on her metal bar.

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments "Oof!" Gabriel wasn't paying attention and collided with a metal door at the bottom of the steps. As he turned the knob and pushed open the heavy door, he could already feel cool air flowing through. He stepped into what appeared to be, and felt like, a freezer.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments Gaelle nearly ran into Gabriel. She caught herself just in time, and breathed a sigh of relief at the cool air and vague freezer appearance. "Oh, man, I was so afraid we were going to end up someplace more...wet, I guess? But frost, frost is good."
On the downside, now she wanted to go sledding. She slid on the iced-over floor, doing a couple spins and catching herself on the far wall. She didn't need to see to feel the ice all around, to feel the form of the room. "Let's see what we have here." Carefully, she gripped the handle to one of the many boxes lining the walls. Slowly, she tugged it outwards. It was heavier than she thought it would be...

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments ((*nudge*))

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 108 comments Gabriel pushed one of the boxes in front of the door to keep it propped open. He wouldn't want to end up locked in there. He could see just fine even though there was hardly any light, and what he saw troubled him. There were large clusters of ice as one would expect to see in an old fashioned freezer. Behind the mounds of ice, etched on the wall across from him, there were what appeared to be drawings portraying the capture of a vampire, and if he was interpreting them correctly, the vampire was once trapped in this very freezer. If that was the case, there was no sign of the creature now.
"Are you seeing all this?" He asked Gaelle as he looked around for any source of light.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 1151 comments "Well, I can't really see anything..." Gaelle shoved herself back towards Gabriel. "I can feel the shape of the room, you, and some of the boxes." She whizzed past him, and did a few jumping spins. The movement took her to another wall. Closing her eyes, she tried to feel inside the box. "Some of them have meat. Most of them are empty. There are a few with thick enough ice in them that I can't really get a feel for what's inside."

((What do you think? Vampire tries to shut them in? They leave and find the vamp elsewhere? Or he's trapped in one of the bigger boxes?))

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