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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
Antal writes, “Creation itself – the context in which life as we know it has evolved – is experiencing severe discontinuity…. In the context of such massive upheaval, what is church for?” (pp. 48, 49) What is your answer?

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
This idea - the church in the time of climate change (like "the church during the Renaissance" or "the church during WWII") is a new idea for me, and I am finding it helpful. Maybe the closest experience I have had that I can remember is moving to England. I was still me and much about how I should and could respond to the world was the same, but I also became wary that I couldn't trust WHAT would be the same without testing each thing one at a time. Is my accent giving me away as "not from here" and why do I care? How do I dry clothes without a dryer when it rains every day? Is this friendship a deep friendship, or just casual - the cues are slightly off.

Thanks to Antal, I am beginning to imagine myself as having crossed into a foreign country. I am discovering some things that I can no longer assume will be the same, and finding that discovery both liberating and gut-wrenching. Also, exhausting, to be honest, because I am off-balance all the time. But just as I couldn't successfully live in the UK while pretending it was the US, I can't successfully live in and plan a future in "climate changing world" while pretending the climate isn't changing. Refugees may have a lot to tell us about how to thrive in a new land. Maybe all of us are refugees from "climate stable world?"

So, what is the church for? If we are all going to be off-balance for the foreseeable future - exhausted, and scared, and remaking ourselves - somebody has to remind us that God is loving us (and all of creation) every step of the way. That love is possible and practical. That we don't have to figure out everything on our own. That there is forgiveness for sin and the possibility of transformation. That is what the church is for.

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