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One of the most luxurious stretches of retail in the country, Fifth Avenue is the main artery of New York City's shopping scene. Among the designer stores are Louis Vuitton, Barney's, and Chanel.

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"I'm not kidding, Eva!" he protested, his features the picture of surprise. Eyebrows were settled high on his forehead and his lips were parted wide in a gasp. What exactly was he so surprised about? Well, of course, it was the dress. "Where did you even find that?" Mateo questioned, putting his glass down on the side table to stand up and get a closer inspection of the dress Eva was wearing.

The two of them had been visiting all the stores on Fifth Avenue for several hours now in search for the perfect dress. Mateo didn't really need anything for himself but he found it fun to come along on these shopping trips with Eva whenever they hadn't hung out in a while because, naturally, she would unload all the gossip that she had heard or witnessed in the days that they hadn't seen each other and give him all the updates on her spectacular life. He loved to hear about it all from her and, in exchange, she devoured all the vivid details he would share with her about his most recent dates. The two of them could go on for hours and hours talking about the most ridiculous thing. He just found that it was best to put their talkative mouths to use by also spending money on expensive dresses Eva would likely only ever wear once. It was more productive that way!

With his glass forgotten on the table, Mateo circled Eva, amazed. His hands were splayed out in front of him, pumping the air as he commented, "Wow. Just wow. You look like a motherfucking princess, Eva. I can't even look at you anymore - it's too much for me."

This was just his banter with her, however. The perfect duo, they were, together. They could match one another's energy and certainly had the same eye for fashion. He knew just how to cheer her up and she, the same, with him. When they partied together, they brought the roof down. There weren't many people in his life that he actually trusted completely and was really fond of, but Eva certainly was one of them.

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Eva gave Mateo a little twirl in the elegant Oscar de la Renta gown she was trying on at the moment. She fluttered her doe eyes and pursed her lips for a second before strutting down the walkway of a store like she was at Paris Fashion Week. The dress was fresh off the runways, and although not custom tailored for her, a one of a kind creation. Not only did she love it, but she knew Julian would love it as well.

“I want it.” She declared to the sales person, holding out a thin credit card for the salesperson to take. Pausing suddenly at Mateo’s Princess comment, she brushed off the worry of anybody figuring out her secret. After all, she had been here for a few months and nobody had the slightest idea, although she was one of thhe most famous royals on the planet. What a load of thick-headed dunces. If she had known it would be this easy to blend in, she would had done it months ago.

“And Julian will adore it.” Evangeline commented to Mateo, sitting beside him on the luxurious sofa. Placing her hands in lap delicately and crossing her ankles like she had been trained to do by her etiquette tutors, she observed Mateo’s face for signs of lying. She mainly let her guard down around him, and she knew he wouldn’t lie about how stunning she was. After all, they had practically the same taste in couture.

“I heard a girl a year below us overdosed on heart pills.” She commented blandly. It was a conversation that was all. Other people to Eva were simply conversational starters or pawns for some higher motive. “Can you believe it? Such poor taste.” Wrinkling her nose a bit, Eva graciously accepted a glass of champagne being offered to her. “And,” she prodded,” how are things with you and.... your current liason?” While Evangeline was endlessly faithful to Julian, Mateo was the polar opposite, switching between people every night. Not that she hated him for that or found him repulsive, in fact, quite the opposite: with a face like his, who wouldn’t be sleeping with a new person every night?

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(( ok !! have fun grocery shopping ? ))

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Mateo smiled wide, pushing his fist in the air triumphantly when Eva agreed to buy the dress. Even though he was not the one buying something so expensive, he had been just as hyped for his friend as if he would be for himself. That was the thing between the two of them - they were mutually happy for each other in times of success and good fortune. There could be a sense of competition in some things, but Mateo would never wish ill will upon Eva and he hoped that Eva would never wish ill will on him either. He believed their friendship was stronger than petty drama and he knew that there really wasn't anything that could break their friendship.

"Julian will adore taking it off, that's for sure," he whistled lowly, his eyes gleaming with that wink of humor. Mateo always loved to embarrass Eva about her little boyfriend, finding it always a bit strange that the two of them were together. In his eyes, it was a little bit of an unexpected relationship, but as someone that came into close contact with both of them, he knew that their relationship was real and genuine and that appearances and social standing might seem like they weren't meant to be together, but that they really were beating the odds. He'd come to realize how perfect they really were together and it made Mateo so genuinely happy that Evangeline was so happy with him.

"Heart pills?" he scoffed, seeming slightly taken aback before amending, "I heard that it was diet pills. Apparently they were highly toxic."

But, they moved on from the dreadful topic very quickly and Mateo jumped onto the next conversation avidly. His face glowed with that boyish smirk of his, enthused by the topic. "Well, I haven't done much yet, but Reese has convinced me to go after someone so unexpected. I actually never imagined myself having sex with Roman Campion. Like doesn't that just sound unreal?"

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Eva shrugged her shoulders when Mateo pumped his fists in the air. “I can’t help that I’m so beautiful.” She said with a self-assured tone. How hard it must to be ugly, when beauty was the currency of all that mattered at Constance Billard. That’s why she and Mateo were some of the closest friends: their relationship was free of drama, an unbreakable bond, and they were both some of the most stunning people at school.

“Oh hush!” Eva chided, blushing when Mateo made his comment. “What a dirty mind.” She laughed, slapping his shoulder gently. Evangeline treasured her relationship with Julian, and while it was indeed sexual, it was a deep bond, much deeper than any one night stand. “And you haven’t bought anything today.” Eva told Mateo, “and a shame too. So many new collections.”

“Roman?” Evangeline mused, rolling the name over her tongue. The boy was undoubtedly gorgeous, but an utter recluse. He was popular by some grace of the heavens, but she had never seen him actually interact with other people outside of school. She had never seen him at any parties or other social gatherings. “What a change for you Mateo!” She said with a sly tone,” you’re not catching feelings are you? Well, he’s certainly gorgeous. But don’t tell Julian I said that!” She laughed. Evangeline was infatuated with Julian and would rather chop off her toes than end the relationship before she had to... well, get married. To the Prince of Luxembourg. In nine-ish months.

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Mateo shrugged his shoulders, not too bothered by the fact that from their entire shopping trip today, he hadn't actually bought anything. It wasn't like he needed it anyway. He'd already gotten a new suit fitted and pressed for him, waiting in his grand closet for the next occasion. He didn't need any new clothes for the upcoming events because he'd already flown in so many different options. "I sampled around, so, maybe I'll change my mind later and buy something," Mateo flippantly commented, recalling the different outfits that he did see through their walk down Fifth Avenue. A lot of things called to him and he did put them on hold for someone to come back and buy them for him if could make his mind up about it.

He returned to his seat on the sofa next to her, bouncing down on it with his legs coiled beneath him and his arms spread across the back of the sofa. Mateo rest his head down on his arm, grinning at Evangeline while she gasped at his newest plans of conquest. It wouldn't be all that complicated, he believed, though that was what he believed about anyone that he was trying to convince into his bed. He wouldn't have a hard time with any typical person, but Roman Campion was an enigma. Mateo hadn't encountered much of him before, but the things he had heard from others and confirming this with Eva, it would seem that he was being met with a new sort of challenge compared to the people he had bedded before.

"Eva, you think I'm capable of catching feelings? Me? That's utterly ridiculous," he laughed at the prospect of it. "It's cute that you think every one of us can have a cute, little relationship with a pretty boy like Julian. Some of us are just meant to be hoes for all eternity," Mateo rolled his eyes dramatically as if it was such a terrible fortune to have. But, even if it was true, Mateo didn't think it would be so bad. Love? Did he really need it? Did he even want it? At the cost of missing out what more than one person could provide him - yeah, definitely not.

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Evangeline, still in her absurdly expensive dress, looked around at the rest of the shop. Nothing else had caught her eye like the dress had, although there was a lovely emerald necklace. Evangeline had always loved how emeralds matched her eyes, but she didn’t want any more jewelry at the moment. “Ah, shopping can be a bit of a bore after a while.” Evangeline said simply. In fact, the main reason she went shopping so much was to gossip with Mateo. Really, it was the best thing about their excursions.

“Any hot gossip besides pretty boy Roman?” She prodded, returning the empty glass of champagne to a silent salesperson waiting nearby. They knew she was still in school and not of leval American drinking age, but they’d be damned if they lost her business. Eva had probably single handedly increased fifth avenue’s business ten fold since her arrival a few, short months ago.

Tossing her own feet up on the sofa like Mateo, she gave him a devious smile. “Ok, go be a basic ho.” She laughed, flicking a strand of hair off his face. “You know, your romantic endeavors never cease to entertain me.” Roman would be quite the challenge, even for Mateo, who usually never asked before someone was offering themselves to him. Evangeline loved Mateo and all his shenanigans, but she had placed a strict ban on sexual actions between him and her minions. It was a practical measure, nothing personal.

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He shrugged his shoulders in response to her question, glancing sideways at salesperson that was still hanging around the dressing room area. He flashed a look at her, a bit annoyed that she was still there, but also knowing that she was just doing her job, waiting on the two of them in case they needed anything else. At Evangeline's prodding look, Mateo thought of the suitcase full of gossip that he'd been saving up to talk to her about. This was the kind of thing that he did with Eva instead of Reese. The two of them were his best friends in two very different ways, showing two sides of himself that rarely ever clashed with one another.

He tilted his head to the side as he found his glass of champagne again, sipping on it casually as she teased him. "I'll keep you updated on how it goes," Mateo offered, though he knew that she would be hounding him for them whether he wanted to give them to her or not. It was the kind of thing that they did where Mateo claimed he was going to something spontaneously and she'd encourage him all the way and consistently be asking him how it all went once he did it.

"Nah, there's not much anything new. Except for the same drama with Matt and Annie. She literally won't break up with him despite everything that he's done. Cheated, lied, and then he completely ignores everything she does for him and just uses her when no one else wants to be around him. I mean, if he's going to do all that, he could at least be honest about it. See, if he was going to do all of that, he should just break up with her and leave her out of it. Simple solution!" he ranted, cheeks blooming pink. Obviously, he took the situation seriously because despite everything that Mateo was - a cheater, a fuck boy, sometimes even an asshole - he was not a liar.

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“Oh, I know you’ll give me all the juicy details about you and Roman.” Eva stated firmly, poking one of his abs to make sure her point got through. Evangeline was a notorious gossip, and being the most popular girl in school certainly gave her lots of people to choose her gossip from, with Mateo being one of the best ones. High school gossip was so banal and entertaining, much more fun than looking over Monagesque financial reports or flying to Ibiza for a modeling opportunity (ok, maybe not that). Julian wasn’t much of a gossiper, which was why it was so great to have Mateo around.

“Ugh, if Julian cheated on me, I don’t what I’d do.” Eva admitted, before pondering the subject for a longer amount of time. “Well, I’d probably cut off his dick.” She admitted. Evangeline was certainly not someone you wanted to get on the bad side of: it was why her minions worked so hard to stay in her good graces and how her friends were lavished with material items and affection at every turn. “Excuse-moi, garçon?” Eva asked, waving over the salesperson. “I need some more champagne.” Realizing that she had slipped into French, Eva hoped Mateo wouldn’t bring up. Maybe she could make some excuse about how she practicing French for her French exam on Tuesday (what a bore, the teacher wasn’t even French, she was from Canada. Ew.).

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He gasped softly, holding his hand to the area of his stomach where she had jabbed at him. But, her claim that he would eventually end up telling her everything had proven to be true. Most of the time, at least. There were a lot of different things about Mateo that he still had not revealed about himself to Evangeline. She was one of his most trusted friends, but he didn't think that he would ever be able to tell her a few things about himself. It wasn't because of who she was, but rather those matters were so personal and remained secret for so long that it couldn't just come out easily for Mateo to talk about.

He sipped casually on his glass of champagne, watching his female friend with curiosity. Her comment about her boyfriend made him chuckle, but she imagined she would hit him if he said anything more about the matter. After all, cheating had never really been a big deal to Mateo in his past relationships. That is, of course, because he was always the cheater and had never really faced any repercussions for cheating because he simply didn't end up caring for the person he cheated on anyway. But, he supposed that Eva and Julian were different.

"Me too!" he chirped, holding his glass out to the woman as she came back with the bottle. It hadn't even caught his attention that she had slipped into another tongue, so unfazed by it. Instead, he quickly marched onto the next topic. "So, tell me. The party that I'm hosting, I need a theme. Something to make it a bit more memorable."

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