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Here we are.

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Against all odds, there are only two people left on the earth. Luckily it's a man and a woman. It was nothing like the zombie apocalypse, or anything like that. A nuclear bomb blew up, and the rest of the human race, flew in a spaceship, and is living there. Guy A, And Girl B didn't get on the ship in time, but they survived the blast.

I'm the girl
Please no one liners, three at least.

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Okay so any questions?

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Hm..how old do you want them to be?

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Um, well Old enough to drink, but not too old.

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So like early 20s?

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Pretty much :)

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Alright, awesome! So do you want to make the character template detailed or just simple?

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Simple please :) I have a request, can you make a tough kind of guy? If not I totally understand :)

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Okay, sure, I'll try :P

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[First Name] Rosetta
[Middle Name] Elizabeth
[Last Name] Stone
[Nickname] Rosie, Rose

[Age] 23


[Height] 5'6
[Weight] 127 lbs
[Eye Colour] Hazel, to brown eyes
[Hair Colour] Dark chocolate brown

[Family Members]
(view spoiler) Father {Garrett Stone}DEAD

(view spoiler) Mother {Emily Stone} DEAD

(view spoiler) Sister {Lillian Stone} ALIVE
~ Climbing
~ Singing
~ Acting

~ Reading
~ Being indoors
~ The Dark
~ Her mother

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[Name] Alexander
[Middle Name] Damian
[Last Name] Kent

[Age] Twenty Four Years of Age
[Date of Birth] The 27 of January

[Gender] Male
[Sexuality] Heterosexual


Mother: Status: Unknown
Father: Status: Unknown

-Just exercise in general and working out
-Reading maps and such
-Not being panicked in bad situations(such as the end of the world ._.)

-Not that good with working with others and opening up
-Socially awkward ._.
-Fear of heights

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I just realized I joined your zombie group XD one of my friends invited me, and I just think It's funny that your the mod XD

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Haha, lawl xD

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Lol okay now it's fate, I have to friend you XD

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Lol okay so do you want to start?

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вℓσσмιηє¢єηт wrote: "Lol okay now it's fate, I have to friend you XD"


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вℓσσмιηє¢єηт wrote: "Lol okay so do you want to start?"

Yeah, sure! :P How should we start?

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Hmm, how about they wake up, and everyone's gone.

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Alright. Do you want to start off, or me?

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Can you? I write better if I don't start. :3

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Alright :P Where do they wake up? O-O Just...in the middle of nowhere or..something? ._.

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You get to decide, It has to be a place, that they could survive the blast.

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Haha okay. Ermmmmmmmmm........an underground bunker xD Lawl hm..

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Sure :)

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Lawl xD Okay ;p

(let's say the bunker looks kind of like this :P
http://endtimessigns.files.wordpress.... )

"W..what?"Alexander slowly opened his eyes, feeling lightheaded and a bit sick. He looked around the dimly lit room..hanging from the ceiling was a flickering lightbulb, almost dying out. The walls looked like some of kind metal; strong, obviously, steel, or something, and there was a bunk bed, and a storage case full of canned food and other things. Other useful supplies was scattered around the room, and a door was at the other end. Standing up to his feet, Alexander saw tiny black dots everywhere and swayed. Shaking his head, he blinked and tried again, this time being a bit more steady on his feet. He headed towards the door, slowly opening it. There, was a set of metal stairs going up."We must be in a basement or something..."He murmured. Alex closed the door and turned around..and that's when he finally noticed the girl with chocolate brown hair, laying on the floor.

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Rosetta's eyes flung open. The first thing she noticed was that she was laying on a floor, and that she had a killer head ache. She looked around the room, seeing a cement brick wall, and a flickering light above her. She lifted her head above the ground, wincing at the pain pounding in her skull. She grabbed a near table for support, and once she was able to stand, she leaned over the desk, and took deep breaths. What happened? She thought to herself. When she was able, she looked around the other side of the room, and saw a guy staring at her. *What Rosetta didn't realize, was that a big gash on her forehead was bleeding.*

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Alexander's mouth gaped wide open, when he suddenly noticed the very noticeable, gash on the girl's forehead..bleeding a deep red color."Uh.."He mumbled, not knowing quite what to say. What was he supposed to say? 'You have a bleeding wound on your head, just thought i'd let you know'? "You..your head.."He said stupidly."It's bleeding. A lot." He found his voice and told her that firmly."I'll find some bandages."He ran to the shelves of supplies and food, searching desperately for anything to help. Finally, he found a first aid kit with bandages and other medical supplies. Going back to the girl, he said,"You should probably sit. And i'll try my best to stop the bleeding. Apply pressure to the wound..right."He muttered the last part, not exactly sure how to stop the bleeding. Well, he definitely wasn't a doctor.

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Rosetta raised a shaking hand to the gash, and instantly winces, she looked at her head, seeing all the blood. She sat down on the table, and looked at the boy she just met. She gave him a curious glance when he went around searching for the medical kit. When he came back to her she had to speak her thoughts aloud, "Your not some guy trying to kidnap me are you?" The last thing she could remember, was her being at a party, and she was drinking, but that was it. But that explained why she was wearing a silver strapless dress, with her hair in now deflated curls.

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"Kidnap you?"Alexander laughed."Oh gosh, no. I'm kind of confused on what's going on too, right now, but I just remember the world going into chaos. A bomb or something."His face turned sad as he took out a gauze."That's all I remember. I live a few houses down, I think. I'm pretty sure this is my neighbor's underground bunker. He was kind of a crazy old man. Thought it would be useful for the alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, or..well, to stay safe from a nuclear bomb. Okay, i'm not a doctor, but i think i just have to press on the wound to make the bleeding stop..? Do you know any medical knowledge..or something..because i'm kind of lost."

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Rosetta gave a small smile, when he said he wasn't a kidnapper, but it instantly dropped when she heard about the bomb. "Bomb! Wait, wait, wait, your saying that we were hit with a bomb! But, I- I was at a party." She wanted to cry, but she knew if she got to upset, then her cut wound get infected, or she would bleed out. "I - Um ... You just need pressure, and .... Probably pain killers." She looked in a random direction, her voice was breaking and tears were filling her eyes.

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((gtg /bouncing bye!))

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"Yeah, a bomb."He sighed."I think people were getting on spaceships or something..for safety. But I didn't make it on."Seeing the girl look upset, Alexander felt..awkward. Was he supposed to comfort her?"Hey..uh, everything will be alright."He said, being as soothing as he could, digging through the aid kit again for some painkillers.

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((Sorry I went to the movies with my friends after work, I'll try and post now.))

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Rosetta gave him a glare, one that said, We just got bombed and your saying that? she then turned back to stare at the wall. She was more scared about how she ended up there, and didn't even know about the bomb. "So what are we going to do now?" She asked quietly.

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"Sorry, that was a stupid thing to say."Alexander muttered, mentally cursing at himself."Well, first, we're going to do as much as we can to stop the bleeding on your head wound. Then after, gather some supplies, and probably go look for other survivors. We can't be the only ones who didn't make it on the spaceships. Maybe there's other people at there."It wasn't that good of a plan, but that's all he could think of what to do. What else was there to do?

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Rosetta sniffed and quickly dried her tears. She looked up at the boy, as she still sat on the table, she stuck out her hand. "I'm Rosetta, and I guess we will be getting to know each other a lot for the next few days." She gave a smile with as much happiness as she could manage. Her mind was thinking about her parents, and her sister. She wonder what was happening in the world. If animals went extinct. What if a whole breed of dogs no longer existed! It was ridiculous but Rosetta couldn't help but think about it.

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"I'm Alexander. Alex, Xander, whatever you want to call me."He shrugged.

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((Were you going to add more? Sorry it just looks like that.))

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