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Heyo XD

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Jamie | 223 comments Hello there. So...what genres would you like us to do?

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Well I really am open to any type I like supernatural stuff

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Jamie | 223 comments I am too! ^^ Any ideas?

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Haha Idk maybe like there is girl who has supernatural gift and there is kidnapper out for people like her but somehow she is special or something along those lines

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Jamie | 223 comments I'm up for that but can you explain further?

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Sure maybe she was an experiment and someone saw her in her form maybe an angel. The kidnapper has an infuatuation with her wanting her for his own. He can think of the money he can get for people just to see and along wither wont be alone anymore

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Jamie | 223 comments I like the idea but I got to go. You can make your character with this


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KK do you mibd if I am the girl?

Name: Delilah-Rose
Age: 15

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Jamie | 223 comments Name: Axel Penn
Age: 18

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Would you like to start?

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Jamie | 223 comments Can you start?

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Delilah-Rose just finished working her shift at a dinner. She had to keep it low since the word went out about an angel in the city. She was the angel but she hated the title. She was nothing but an experiment to herself. She was an experiment to her parents when she was just a child. She that it was a regular thing to have her parents stick needles into her until she grew wings. She shook off the thought when she exited the diner saying bye to her co-workers. She was only fifteen but she acted as if she twenty-one. She lived with her adopted family but she usually was either working or studying. She started walking down the short cut to her house while listening to music in her ipod.

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel Penn looked at the girl through the binoculars he was holding in front of him. It was odd that an angel would be young and beautiful. From his observations from the past few weeks, he inferred that she is friendly with her peers but not too open with them. She has her secrets of her own and it's his goal to uncover all of them even though it had been 6 weeks since he had been surveying her and her home. Pulling a chocolate bar from his jacket, he peeled off the the wrapper and took a bite. Doing this was hard work and it's been days since he had a decent meal.

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Delilah-Rose took out her keys when she arrived at her house knowing everyone was asleep. She unlocked the door and went up the stairs to her room to sleep for an hour. She looked at the clock seeing that is was midnight like usual. She had insomnia so working late didn't bother her. She went to pullout her pajamas without a word. After she showered she looked outside of her window because she had a feeling someone was there. Lately she felt someone was watching her for the past month o so. She hated the feeling of someone watching her every move escpecially since she is the 'angel'. She looked again before she laid down in her bed. She decided to take a walk to calm her nerves heading to her favorite park on the swings.

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Jamie | 223 comments When he saw her going to her house, he climbed up the tree that was directly in front of her home where he can see her laid down on her bed. When he saw her get up and leave the house, he thought of the park she was went to for the past few weeks he had been spying on her. He let her walk about 3 minutes in advance before climbing down the tree he was in before following her. He took a deep breath through his nose before pocketing the small binoculars he still he still have in his hands. It was reveal himself to the angel.

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Delila-Rose looked up from her feet when she heard movement from somewhere she looked up and started searching for the source. She got up from the swing and turned around still searching. She cursed herself for leaving the house alone usually she was okay but this time she was actually scared to even move. Her lips quivered as she spoke, "W-Who g-goes t-there?"

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Jamie | 223 comments "Don't be afraid," he called out to her. Axel knew that this wouldn't be easy but he had to try his first plan first and if that didn't work it was time for phase 2. The plan was to befriend her first. He walked to her slowly, his movements sluggish and he let his hands sway by his hands like everything's normal with him. He shrugged away the anxiety that built up on his way to the park as he shot a smile at the angel, "I'm just here to relax. No need to be afraid." He lied through his teeth convincingly.

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She relaxed a bit realizing it was guy that seemed nice. She still felt something off about him but shook it off when she sat back down on the swing. She didn't want to be rude and bombard him with questions to make sure he what he looked like, "I apologize for acting that way you just startled me is all. You can sit next to me if you'd like its quite relaxing." She cursed herself for being nice and not scared but it was her nature, "My name is Delilah-Rose"

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Jamie | 223 comments "Axel," he simply said as he sat on the swing beside her. He touched the syringe in his jacket pocket lightly. It was a small, about only 3 inches long and she wouldn't see it coming if plan 2 was up. Coughing he nodded thoughtfully, "It's fine. I'd be like that too if someone was lurking around me." He told her with a small smile. He knew that his smile was a little bit rusty because it felt odd to smile at all but in order to look friendly he needed to act like others.

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She smiled at him before looking at the moon admiring the scene before her. She wished she could have fly right then and there but Axel was there. She didn't want him to know about her she only just met him. She went through her hair before averting her eyes to him once more, "It's beautiful tonight but I must ask why are you here so late? I usually come here and haven't once seen someone else."

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel carefully chose his next words, "I can't sleep and since I'm new to this city, I decided to go to the park instead of the bar because I want to be alone." He followed her gaze and he wished that it wasn't so bright and full. It would only make things worse if the plan A didn't work out and he needed to do plan B. He brushed his hair back from his face. Crickets can be heard from around them and it felt wrong to be like this out her somehow and he didn't know why.

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Delilah-Rose looked at him while he was speaking giving him her full attention. She felt bad for accusing him mentally and shook her head slightly before she spoke to him again. She looked at him the eyes, "Its nice to meet you Axel and you will love it here trust me. You around 17 or 18 how would you even get a drink from a bar? My brother has tried that many times and always fails getting in trouble." She started laughing at the memory before she calmed down looking back at the sky, "I should be going now". She got up giving him a smile before turning her back to him with a smile on her face.

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel chuckled and no it wasn't forced and he was surprised bye the sound of it. "I have my ways of getting into a bar so be quiet about it," he said with real amusement. He hadn't expected this and he really was surprised that he was having this talk with her. When she said that she was going home, his mind all but shouted, No! His chance was dwindling away as he stood up as well, to stop her he said, "Why are you going now? I didn't mean anything by wanting to be alone."

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Delilah-Rose turned around to face him shocked at his change of tone. She looked up in disbelief, "I uh- I am tired and I wanted to get some rest. I didn't mean to leave you like that" She felt bad and went up to him before kissing his cheek to be polite before she pulled away, "I enjoyed speaking to you but I must go home and sleep. I have school tomorrow and I don't want to wake up late. Bye,Axel" She turned around to start walking again.

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Jamie | 223 comments She kissed him? He raised a hand to his cheek and thought of how her lips were so soft against it. He shook his head at the thought. "I can't let you leave me, Delilah." He told her as he got the syringe out of his jacket. He palmed it so she wouldn't see it since it was so small. He waited for her to turn around and when she did he didn't move because he knew she was going to run away if she did so he stayed put.

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"Axel I have to go please understand that" She said softly when she turned around he saw his demeanor change. His voice changed also and that made her scared she slowly back away from him. She did one thing that seemed natural and ran away from him trying to get away but she tripped. She looked at her ankle seeing it swollen and cursed herself for being so clumsy. She got up before limping away as fast as she could.

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel didn't like to see her hurt so he took his time getting to her and stopped her from limping away. "Stop it, Delilah, before you hurt yourself even more. You only need to cooperate so that there wouldn't be a need to use this," he showed the syringe to her as he laid a hand on her shoulder. He gazed at her wide eyes and scared expression and felt slightly ill that if she didn't comply he would be forced to use the syringe against her. He shook his head and added, "Please. I don't want to hurt you, so please cooperate."

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Delilah-Rose's eyes widened as he told her to cooperate. He must have been to crazy to think she was. She hated when she was naïve and this is where it has gotten her. She pulled away from his grip when she saw the syringe. She didn't care about the consequences she hit him the sun don't shine before limped away once more. She knew she couldn't have make it her house so she hid behind a dumpster. The smell her nauseous but she knew is was worth it than being the Axel. She felt bugs and rats around her she put her hand over her so she wouldn't scream. She thought, "Please Please don't find me"

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel gasped at the pain and he knelt on the ground because of it. He hand let go of the syringe and it fell to the ground with no sound as his eyes watered with tears. He never would have thought an angel would knee him in the balls but maybe this angel was different from the others ones he had encountered. He stared at her retreating back and as pain dwindled into nothing he slowly got and picked the syringe up. He started to go after her and strides around the corner where he had last seen her. All he saw was a dumpster and a light post. "Delillah! Come out of hiding and I swear nothing will hurt you!"

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Delilah-Rose shook her head furiously trying to ignore his pleads. She wasn't going to go with him not ever because she couldn't trust him at all. She was shaking so bad until she remembered her when it started to ring. She quickly turned it off praying that it wasn't heard from him. She scooted further behind the dumpster trying to not be scene.

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Jamie | 223 comments Because of his extensive training as a soldier he heard a faint sound coming from behind the dumpster. Lifting the syringe up in one hand like a knife he took of the cover on the needle with his teeth. Plan B was on the way and he would do his best not to hurt her so much. "I know where you are, please get out of there," he loudly said with a non-threatening voice.

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"No I wont come go away Axel I don't want you near me" She yelled with tears running down her face. She hugged herself tighter realizing he knew where she was. She started to breath heavily and looked around the dumpster and saw him with a syringe in his hand again. She disliked how he wanted to take her she was only trying to be nice unless.....he was the one stalking her.

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel took a deep breath as he saw the angel within reach. He plunged the syringe at her jugular and the effect was instantaneous as he saw her eyes droop fast. He carried her when she almost fell to the ground and with gentle movements he carried her to his arms. "I'm sorry but I can't do that, angel," he whispered to her as his phone buzzed in his jeans pocket. It always does like that whenever it's midnight and he got the feeling that something's going to happen tonight.

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She felt a sharp object enter her and she felt weak then her eyes wouldn't stay open, "I'm sorry but I can't do that, angel She heard those words before she entered darkness. She couldn't see but her thought were all over the place. She was naïve again letting someone in and now she was being kidnapped. She hated him immediately for doing this to her. She had a life ahead of her and now she wont be able to do anything. She was always different but why different enough to be taken.

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Jamie | 223 comments He carried to her to his car which was parked not far from her home. There was no people in sight in which he was glad for since he didn't any to see them get away. He looked down at the angel's sleeping features. Somehow her face had been so etched into his mind that he knew how delicate the slope of her nose was. How bow-shaped her lips was and the shape of her almond eyes were. Getting her at the backseat of the car was no hardship and in just 5 minutes they were on thir way to where he was staying at the moment. He turned on the radio and jazz music filled the car as he drove away.

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Delilah-Rose opened her eyes feeling movement of what felt like a car. She looked around seeing that she was in the back of a car. She placed her hand on her head before her vision cleared. She saw Axel in the front seat and he was listening to jazz. She tried to open the door not caring if it was moving. She decided to speak, "Why the hell did you take me? You know when my parents find you they will personally kill you. Why did you even take me?" She was beyond angry to be shy at the moment. She wanted to go back to her family. She tried her best not to let tears fall turning her head to the window.

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Jamie | 223 comments Axel looked back at the back seat with surprise. She was awake already? He would have never thought that the serum he had injected would have a short effect on her. Calmly taking his time to answer he turned the the radio off, "I took you because you're valuable and you're worth a lot of money to me...that's why I kidnapped you."

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She looked at him in shock he knew that she was the angel. She should have been more careful from not being seen and now it got her. She didn't want to be here and slowly but surely she will give in a hard time for taking her in the first place. She wasn't valuable she was just a girl with wings nothing big but it was true that anyone would pay to see that, "Axel please just let me go"

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Jamie | 223 comments He knew that the serum was still running through her veins so he was not worried of her getting away. "I can't and I won't, angel, so get that thought out of your head." He told her with a grimace. He didn't her to be hurt so he shut the doors with a flick of his wrist. "And you're not going anywhere."

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She looked a him with pure hatred before she spit at him. She was going to get away from him one way or another. She didn't care about getting hurt as long as she was away from this psyhco than she was fine, "I hate you Axel and I will get away from you when you least expect it" She let herself show her more dark side rather than her good one. She would usually show this side if she was upset. In all honestly she was beyond pissed off.

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Jamie | 223 comments He laughed at her without humor, "I love you too. Escape? You can't escape from me because you will need a dose to the serum I injected you with and if you do succeed to escape then you will die." He said in a nonchalant tone as he drove in a fast manner. He knew the way without looking at the street signs situated at the corners.

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She looked around the car feeling it speed up watching the signs passing by, "Why don't you slow down you bastard? We are about to crash if don't freaking slow down" She felt herself get even more pissed because of his reckless driving along with needing doses. She went through her hair frustrated, "I really hate you"

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Jamie | 223 comments ((Sorry but I have to go))

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((Its cool see ya))

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