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Mim Malone

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Sasireader21 Was Mim Malone a good representation of female teenagers? Although the book was well-written, I found myself constantly drawn out of the plot because she was written as a quirky, unique teenaged girl. "I only like 80s music," or "Ugh why would someone write 'Just Breathe' on a bag?" She's so Original and Independent, too much so that it is a really poor representation of teenagers. What are your thoughts?

Brooklynn I say that she wasn't supposed to represent teenagers as a whole, just the stranger, rebellious, more "crazy" side. What I'm trying to say is that her character is that she's not the average teen, no teenager would do something that elaborate, the excessive independentness is what makes her Mim and what creates the story.

Nanette Nielson I dunno... I identified with this in a big way. I was a teen with a snarky journal constantly summing up the people around me with judgmental witticisms - and frequently escaped reality in what-ifs/imagination as a protection from things happening in life that I had no control over.

I don't think that this is so far reaching... for a teen to be witty, insightful or different.... to foster small obsessions. etc. etc.

Alex I don't think Mim was a typical teenage girl, but I don't think "typical" teenage girls need a character like Mim either. I found myself very drawn to Mim, because I think navigating the teenage years can be scary especially when you don't grow up with the traditional family structure or the traditional brain structure. I think a character like Mim is important because she ISN'T "normal."

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