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Trust and Issues 3: A Bitch Name Karma
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Hello all

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Danielle Marcus (danielle_marcus) | 4 comments Hello everyone I'm new to the group and goodreads so I just wanted to introduce myself and my work. My name is Danielle Marcus and I'm the author of the Trust and Issues series and the Diamond's Affair series. If you get a chance, check out my work. Thanks and have a great day!

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Punkin | 3 comments hello i sure will are your books on amazon?

Danielle Marcus (danielle_marcus) | 4 comments Hey, yes. They are available in kindle format.

Kemi | 3 comments I have read the trust and issues series and it was a great read. keep up the good work

Danielle Marcus (danielle_marcus) | 4 comments Thanks so much Kemi! I appreciate you supporting and so glad that you enjoyed the series!!

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JoygaPeach (joyjapeach) | 1 comments I love both series, but that Diamond is a trip. :-) I swear she stayed having 99 problems. Can't wait to read your next book!!

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Really Rashida (reallyrashida) | 14 comments Hi! Nice to meet you. :)

Danielle Marcus (danielle_marcus) | 4 comments Thanks @JoyjaPeach!! And yes, Diamond was a mess!! lol But, my next release will be around the end of this month, early October and it's called VSOP: Very Special Love Story. And Hey @ReallyRashida! Nice to meet you as well!!

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Red Carma (redcarma) | 1 comments I didnt see an intro thread so I just wanted to say hi my name is Natasha and I pen under Red Carma. My first release Poisonous Crimes of Passion under pinkangelpublications is out and I would love to share my story about Poison.

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