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Selling my old books

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message 1: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis (ingenioua) | 8 comments I am not sure if there are any YA readers here but I am in desperate need to clear my bookshelves to buy more books (bookworm problems *sigh*)

I am selling each book at $3.50 but prices can be negotiable. Though some are yellowed and may have slight pencil underlines on ‘chim’ words. They are about 1-3 years old.

If you’re interested, feel free to email me or find me @ingeniou.s on Carousell. Thank you! And please help me to clear my bookshelves😂😭

Titles sold:
-Red Queen, Glass Sword
-Divergent series #1-4
-Legend series by Marie Lu
-The Selection series #1-5
-The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer #1-4
-Wonder series #1-2
-Perks of being a wallflower

message 2: by Vinash (new)

Vinash Gopalakrishnan | 1 comments You can always donate your books to the national library

message 3: by Rose-Marie (new)

Rose-Marie Tonk | 5 comments Hi, Vinash
How do you know the National Library is interested in receiving book donations?

message 4: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (patricia_bjaaland_welch) | 7 comments There is a bookcase in the basement of the National Library where you can leave books for others to take. This is where I leave many of the books I know I won't read again for whatever reason. I see many students and younger people taking books from these shelves so one hopes they go to people who will read them and pass them on again. BUT I have been warned that used book store dealers also keep an eye on these shelves for saleable items. As for 'better' books, years ago I tried to donate a collection of early Tamil literature and dictionaries (I had inherited from an earlier collector) to the library with no success until a friend had an NUS professor come to view the books and say that 'Yes, the library should definitely have these'. I was then instructed to deliver them, which I did, and I never heard another word. Were they shelved, discarded, or put in their annual fund-raising sale I don't know, but it was a very disappointing experience.

message 5: by Rose-Marie (new)

Rose-Marie Tonk | 5 comments Thanks for that, Patricia. Actually, I think there is a "donation" shelf at our local library at Jurong Point. It is, as you say, a book exchange-type set up. It feels a little like an afterthought, but at least it's there.

Sorry to hear that your experience of donating the collection of early Tamil literature and dictionaries to the Singapore National Library was somewhat underwhelming. Perhaps you just had the misfortune of falling through a crack in they system.

I worked for many years at the National Library of NZ and the Alexander Turnbull Library. Processes there for accepting and acknowledging donations were well established and rigorously adhered to. It may be that the National Library of Singapore does not have a well used donation system so there are lapses. I am sure the NUS professor who viewed the books was appreciative. Making a donation of heritage materials such as these is so important. So, on behalf of others, thank you.

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