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Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 9340 comments Mod
Please feel free to post about your archaeological mysteries and thrillers here in this thread. Just remember: absolutely NO ad links are to be posted -- we have an advertisements thread where you can do that. Goodreads links are definitely allowed!

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Khaled Talib (khaledtalib) Have you ever seen the inside of the Freemason Building?
Here's a video where I take you on a tour based on a scene in my thriller novel, Smokescreen.

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Vickie Britton | 41 comments My sister and I are the authors of the Ardis Cole Mystery Series. The heroine is an archaeologist who travels to different exotic locations to solve ancient mysteries and crimes. Her delving into the past uncovers a mystery in the present. Here's a link to the first book in the series, The Curse of Senmut, set in Egypt. A new book, #5 The Destruction of Neva will be out in late September.

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Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 9340 comments Mod

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Paul Gilmour Jeremiah's Codes centers on sacked CIA operative, Jon Bennett, who stumbles onto a secret organization with a sinister plan for humanity, a continuance of the Third Reich some may speculate. Made up of high ranking government officials and corporation magnates it has controlled society for decades, manipulating and forging a path of destruction that can only benefit their empire and Earth’s future.
Bennett discovers more than he expects and his life is thrown into turmoil not knowing truth from lies. He is not prepared for the trail of deception he unravels and when he starts to teeter on the edge of romance with someone he never anticipated, his life tumbles further into anarchy. Behind it all, a set of ancient codes are changing history and only the organization and one religious man they call the Monk have knowledge of the devastating consequences, but the power of greed and supremacy is too strong. The expanding world's population is high on their agenda but they have a plan, one that spawned in 1945 in the presence of a great rising demon in the nuclear testing fields of North America.
Jeremiah's Codes is a non-stop ride of action, suspense and intrigue seducing complete devotion from the reader. Based on conspiracy theories, various real events and locations, it provides an insight into how overpopulation and greed are slowly destroying humanity.

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Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 9340 comments Mod
@Richard and Paul:

I appreciate you sharing your books here, but we do have a policy of no sales links outside of the advertisements thread. A blog link is okay, as is a goodreads link, but please remove the Amazon/Book Depository link. Thanks!

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Cécile Chabot (CecileChabot) | 9 comments Hi Nancy,
I've been writing in French so far.
.. A series of mysteries set in a mayan city of the 7th century AD.

The first one has been translated under the title The Merchant of Death: A Mayan Mystery.

Before I even started the first one, back in 2010, I wrote down a timeline based on the archeological discoveries made in Dos Pilas, Tikal and Calakmul... and the outline of a 16-book long series: The Cycle of Xhól.

Still have fourteen to write :)


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Roger Weston | 23 comments Hi Nancy,

The Golden Catch is about little known artifacts from the far east. I learned about them while living in S. Korea. If you enjoy archaeological thrillers filled with cultural and historical facts you might enjoy The Golden Catch.

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Gisela Hafezparast | 368 comments The crime novels by Elly Griffith are all in one way or another centered around archaeological finds and celtic as well as the myth and history of North-Norfork and Scandinavia. Her main sleuth is really an Archaeologist! The very best crime detection you will ever read they are not, but if you are interested in the North of England, Archaeology and celtic myth, they are a good read.
The Crossing PlacesThe Janus StoneThe House at Sea's EndA Room Full of BonesA Dying FallThe Outcast Dead

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Khaled Talib (khaledtalib) Smokescreen is a thriller about a journalist who discovers a plot to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister during a visit to Singapore. Only problem is, he's the scapegoat.

SMOKESCREEN by Khaled Talib

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Paul Gilmour A land tsunami of epic proportion desecrated the landscape, India was first to fall...the New World had begun Jeremiah's Codes

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Sheldon Lefkowitz Hello all....Happy Holidays!

Adding my book to the list for your consideration:


I think it's okay to put the pitch here but to be sure that I conform to the group's rules, I'm just adding my Goodreads link, not any direct jump to a sales site. (Mod: let me know if this is not appropriate)

Quarter Finalist--2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!

In 1950, explorer Sir Lyle Ashford wrote a famous letter to the Times of London in which he boasted of finding “…a bigger cache of treasures in Egypt than existed in King Tut’s tomb.” Two problems; Ashford was known to lie about sites and secondly, after that dispatch, no one ever heard from him again.

Over sixty years later, archeologist Gavin Beechman uncovers the entrance to an unknown burial crypt high above the Valley of the Kings. In the deepest chamber, Gavin makes a discovery that electrifies the archeological community, the body of Sir Lyle. What he does not find are any artifacts, critically important clues to the nature of the tomb. He feels compelled to track them down, a hunt that will take him on a journey from Egypt to the quiet, country lanes of the United Kingdom.

Internationally known television correspondent Elizabeth Colino is confident the startling findings in the Middle East will provide the basis of an award-winning story, but is anxious about interviewing the man whose heart she broke. Following a news conference, Gavin refuses to share any information with Liz so she heads out on her own to fill in the details. She has the enormous resources of her network to back her up, but little expertise in the field of antiquities.

Will Gavin and Liz remain on opposite sides of the search? Who will uncover the truth first, and what will it tell them about Sir Lyle’s death?

SIR LYLE’S DIG will take the reader through Liz and Gavin’s emotional turmoil as they search for something that may never have existed and experience the apprehension of rediscovering what once did.

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Paul Gilmour Jeremiah's Codes (Jon Bennett, #1) by Paul Gilmour all starts with the ancient Sphere of Anubis but what it releases has ever been publicised until man will change all that

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Jay Amberg | 9 comments Amika Press has recently published Bone Box, my thriller/mystery novel set at an archaeological site in Turkey. Here is the book synopsis:

On a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey, an international team of archeologists discovers a stone box that first-century Jews used to rebury their dead. The box’s Aramaic inscription: Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Sophia Altay, the beautiful French-Turkish archeologist who heads the team, tries to keep the discovery secret until she can authenticate the ossuary. She knows that people will kill to obtain the relics—and to suppress the box’s other contents, documents that could alter Western history.

Joseph Travers, an American sent to Turkey to evaluate the archeological dig, soon finds himself pulled into the web of betrayal, reprisal, and violence. In his journey through Istanbul’s mosques and palaces, the archeological sites around ancient Ephesus, and, ultimately, the strange and mystical terrain of Cappadocia, he comes to understand the epochal meaning of the bone box.

I'm running a giveaway now that you can enter here:

More information and excerpts can be found at Thank you for reading.

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Pratik Shah (writesaidpratik) | 3 comments Well something from the Asian continent now... a book on the largest hostage taking incident in the world : Operation jai mata Di

meaning, jai mata di: name of a Hindu Goddess.

In a daring midnight operation by armed men, over 10,000 pilgrims are taken hostage en route to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi, a popular Himalayan religious-tourist destination in the troubled state of Jammu & Kashmir in Northern India. The hostage-takers threaten to shoot pilgrims every day, unless the incumbent Government accedes to their demands.

With the largest Hindu festival of Diwali just around the corner and elections less than six months away, the Government at the center is under immense pressure to act. What will the Government do? The army? The intelligence agencies? The common man?

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Who are these men? Is there a larger plot? Faced with such unprecedented events, will the country - the world's largest democracy - descend into unimaginable anarchy or will it rise above the issues of collective apathy and greed that have plagued it since Independence?

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Freight Books (freightbooks) | 3 comments Ex-footballer turned author Arild Stavrum's crime fiction novel Exposed at the Back exposes corruption within the beautiful game.

"Finally, a football crime book!" - Jo Nesbo

“What setting could be more apt for crime, corruption and cover-up than multi-billion pound world of modern football?” - Doug Johnstone

“The agents, the fixers, the people who contribute nothing to football and leech money out — don’t like me,” says author Arild Stavrum. "I wanted to highlight the crimes which are being committed in the sport. Football is a beautiful game, and I hate people who steal from it. It’s true, I do focus on dark areas of the game — but they do exist, believe me.”

Norway's most powerful soccer agent, the charismatic and ruthless Arild Golden, is found brutally murdered. Rumors circulate about infidelity and secret deals, about billions that cannot be traced and stories about talented African players who are dumped without papers when they fail to make the grade in the professional game. The lawyer Steinar Brunsvik, a former player for Ajax and the Norwegian national team, as asked to represent murder suspect Taribo Shorunmo. Shorunmo is a former pro soccer player living in Norway without a visa. Brunsvik discovers that his own soccer career has a connection to Golden's murder and realizes he caught in the middle of a dirty game that could prove fatal.


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Martin Hill (martinroyhill) | 26 comments A sandstorm uncovers a long buried secret in the Iraqi desert, an ancient Sumerian temple dating back at least 6,000 years to the beginning of civilization. An American army patrol sent to investigate the ruins is trapped inside the temple’s eroded walls, first by an insurgent ambush then by another, even more powerful sandstorm. When an enemy mortar shell blasts an opening into a hidden burial chamber, Captain Adam Cadman and his soldiers take refuge deep in the ruins. What they find hidden inside threatens to destroy every belief about the beginnings of mankind—as well as modern civilization as we know it.

Eden A Sci-Fi Novella by Martin Roy Hill

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G.J. Griffiths (gjgriffiths) So What Do I Do?

So What Do I Do? A Crime Thriller from the High School (So What! series Book 3) by G J Griffiths

In So What Do I Do?, the third novel in the So What! series, we see the return of a few of readers' favourite characters from the previous books. Constable Nigel Shantra returns as a detective, determined to bring to justice a serious adversary of his from the first novel.
Molly is back also, now as an experienced teacher and a new mum. She's trying to come to terms with the major changes planned for Birch Green High School, while she and Oliver have dramatic plans of their own that could seriously affect both their careers. Still anxious to save the natural environment and its wildlife, Molly is also troubled by the plight of the neglected children of the world and climate change. Is she ever going to settle down to a blissful life of domesticity with her family when so many problems insist on grabbing her attention?
And just what does a class of cheeky chimps, and a large black spider monkey, have to do with the traumatic events surrounding Hodgson's Hide - the legacy of retired Technology teacher Gil Hodgson?
When a conspiracy to defraud the local populace, devised by two apparently respectable but unscrupulous pillars of the community, goes disastrously wrong it results in an intriguing case for detective constable Shantra to solve. The traumatic events that ensue will prove to affect the haplessly incompetent pair of criminal perpetrators, hired by the swindling conspirators, as well as the teachers and pupils of Birch Green High School.
Recently promoted Molly discovers that the pressures of helping newly qualified teachers, like James Gibborn, to cope with unruly classes bear no comparison to the eventual strain that she and her colleagues experience when an ex-pupil of the school decides it’s time for payback. This bullying past adversary of Nigel Shantra and his brother, Adam, will prove to be far more ruthless and cruel than anyone could have imagined in order to achieve his criminal ambitions. But he is just as likely to turn his attention towards anyone who upsets his plans, with terrifying consequences for those who won’t comply with his wishes.

message 19: by Jack (new)

Jack Slater | 3 comments A couple to add, which can be found on Amazon: The Meridian Codex, an archaeological thriller set in the Mexican Yucatan, and They Wait In Silence, which is the first of a trilogy set in Peru. Both are fast-paced thrillers based around archaeological mysteries.

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Joshua Hood Hello everyone,
My name is Joshua Hood and my first military thriller, Clear by Fire is out now. I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of Goodreads, and am glad to be a member of this group.

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Mohammad V (Mohammadalivauthor) | 2 comments The Three Others The Three Others by Mohammad Ali V Hi Readers,

Hope you are having a good read.
I have my book available for free download in this website. If want to read a weird and confused man fighting for crimes he has not done with mysteries end and thrilling beginning and continuous blames by three others, just go for it.

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Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 9 comments The Shroud Key

The Shroud Key (A Chase Baker Thriller) by Vincent Zandri

Hi Guys,
The first three novels in my my action/adventure, archaeological thriller series featuring "Chase Baker" are now available as a handy trilogy ... They're also a Kindle Countdown deal for the Xmas break:

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Danielle Esplin | 4 comments Giveaway now open for Give it Back, a psychological thriller set in Seattle, Washington.

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 first edition copies of Give it Back. Danielle Esplin's debut novel.

“I stayed up to finish it. Scared my husband when I started yelling at my iPad because it stopped! I can see me adding this to my list of favorites and reading it over and over. I stopped watching Dr Who because I was so wrapped up in the story.”

Not long ago, Lorraine lost her husband to another woman. She thought that's the worst thing that could happen to her, but soon she realizes it's only the beginning of an everlasting nightmare.

The au pair, Lexy, moves to Seattle to help Lorraine with her infant son. But she didn't come for the kids, she came for something else.

When Ella receives a call from her sister, Lorraine, who begs her to leave San Diego to spend time with her in Seattle, she thinks she will take a few days off from work. Frightened to see how her sister weakened since her diagnoses, she packs her small bag with a foreboding that this might be the last time she sees her.

But on her way to the airport she learns that something shocking had happened between the day she last spoke with Lorraine and the morning of the flight. Lorraine’s testimony changes, making Ella question how unreliable her sister really is.

Soon Ella is entangled in a mysterious investigation, and more so, in the lives of everyone involved. Not only will she realize that she won’t go home soon, but she will never look at others the way she did before

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Luke Gracias | 2 comments My novel The Devil's Prayer is a historical horror thriller. It has been described by reviewers as a Da Vinci Code version of The Omen.
I was lucky to get a chance to visit some amazing locations around the globe during the reece for the film which sadly fell over.
It is currently available as an ebook on and the paperback will be available from mid August 2016.
Love to get reviews, so if you are interested, PM me as the book is on Netgalley as well.

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Greg Wagner | 10 comments
At The End Of Forever - A Historical Action Novel

Who wants to live forever?
Apparently everyone, as archaeologist Elijah Brooks and his granddaughter April discover when they find themselves in a race against time to find the fabled “Tree of life” in order to save his dying wife.
A race that ends up spanning thousands of years and thousands of miles.
Many powerful interests are involved, including a secret militant society that goes all the way back to the time of Christ, the pastor of a mega church, the head of the now defunct German mafia, the CEO of a multinational food conglomerate, and all the thugs and mercenaries that money can buy.
But nobody is prepared for what they end up finding…at the end of forever.

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J Russ Briley (jrussbriley) | 11 comments Releasing August 27th on Amazon - Two Dirty For D.C. book #2 of the Washington D.C. series by award winning and best selling author J Russ Briley. This thriller series scores with espionage, conspiracy, and political thriller fans. Likened to the styling of early Tom Clancy, the books feature "current day futurism", things that could happen right now and we are failing to prevent it.

What is it about?

Five Soviet grain irradiators filled with Cesium 137 have been smuggled out of Kazakhstan. A CIA agent finds them on a Venezuelan freighter but is discovered before he can report their destination. A Russian mastermind has infiltrated factions of the US government and is plotting to smuggle the irradiators into the country in a way no one expects. His dirty bombs will put countless Americans at risk for radiation poisoning, and slow, painful deaths. Robert Carlton, the US Deputy Attorney General, and Lt. Col. Grady Barlow realize, too late, that their actions have helped the Russian and his wealthy investors. Time is running out. They must risk everything to stop the Russian from detonating his bombs.

You can read it alone or read book #1 first.

One Man Two Votes

Swept into the exploding, sleazy side of Washington politics, Robert Carlton has become a target. There is no option to walk away. Every agency has been infiltrated. He must find the killers behind this conspiracy, or watch his friends become its victims. Weaving past corrupt politicians, ruthless NSA operatives, and destruction of the nation’s democratic system, Robert’s family, career, and friends land in the crossfire.

Either way, lovers of Clancy, Baldacci, or Flynn are in for a thrilling ride.

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Judy Moore | 99 comments She thought she'd married the perfect man ... until she met The Mother-in-Law. A new thriller by Judy Moore, author of Murder in Vail. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Dora Ilieva | 3 comments Hello everyone,
My name is Dora Ilieva and I've written a series of three archaeological/ historical thrillers. I am currently running a GR giveaway for the third book in the series - White Clay. Feel free to enter!

Here are the links to my Goodreads profile page and the giveaway:

message 29: by Ellison (new)

Ellison Cooper (ellison_cooper) | 9 comments Hi all,
I'm a longtime member of this group and now debut novelist and my novel is, to some extent, an archaeological mystery. I actually have a PhD in anthropology and spent many years excavating Maya ruins in Belize. When I set out to write Caged, my goal was to write a crime thriller incorporating archaeology, neuroscience, and dogs! Caged is about an FBI neuroscientist hunting a serial killer, but ancient mythology and ritual (Maya, Egyptian, and Greek) plays a huge role in the mystery.

I've also just finished book 2 which features ancient Greece and am starting on book 3 will be about the Egyptian Zodiac.

I hope you enjoy!!!


message 30: by Howard (new)

Howard Kaplan | 9 comments JUST PUBLISHED! TO DESTROY JERUSALEM my new international thriller. Rich in historical detail, TO DESTROY JERUSALEM is a thrilling tale of espionage, nationalism, and fate

When a neutron source— a necessary component in triggering a nuclear explosion— is stolen in New York, the CIA calls on Shai Shaham, the legendary Mossad field agent.

To trace the stolen neutron source, Shai needs to locate where and how those behind the theft are obtaining plutonium so he heads to Amsterdam to meet Ramzy Awwad, the Palestinian agent who Shai had been ordered to kill at the end of a mission together. He doesn’t know if Ramzy is more likely to help stop the plotters or join the Palestinian people in the midst of the first intifada (uprising) in the Occupied Territories.

Set in 1990, TO DESTROY JERUSALEM is the tale of a terrifying plot that spans the globe, from Rio de Janeiro to war-torn Beirut to the West Bank. As Shai rushes to avert catastrophe, he unearths a link to the underground intifada in Jerusalem, and he tracks the conspirators until they thwart him with an ingenious plan to bridge the heavily fortified northern border into Israel.

Whether Shai will be able to depend on Ramzy to help stop a horrific attack is a question on which the fate of these peoples—and the greater world--depends.
To Destroy Jerusalem

message 31: by Dora (new)

Dora Ilieva | 3 comments Hello everyone! I'm excited to have found so many historical and archeological thrillers! I can contribute with Across the Ocean Trilogy: The Devil's Gorge, The Master and White Clay. Here is the link to my GR page:

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Henry (henrytaba12) | 13 comments Hi guys! How was your day? I hope you have a great day. My first novel The Death Messenger is finally here. I’ve been dreaming of doing this for some time now.

Here's the review from JessReviews:
"...The storyline was well thought out and I liked the idea of the death messenger and the demon..."

The Death Messenger by Henry Taba

The synopsis:
Every whisper, end in a death. It does not happen to everyone, except Westcliffe Petal. He ignored the first death message that whispered to him, but the fear quickly clung to his heart when the death of his friend confirmed every single word of the message. And when his girlfriend is the next victim, this only exaggerates his troubling mind and the pressure when he doesn't have any lead in his investigation. How Westcliffe prevent the whisper becoming a reality when he has never met the whisperer—the demon?

For a full review, click >> JessReviews & get your copy now @ The Death Messenger. Thank you.

message 33: by Henry (new)

Henry (henrytaba12) | 13 comments The Death Messenger by Henry Taba

Another great review from D. Books and Reviews:

"...I couldn't believe what happened at some parts and the twists and turns made me fall out of my chair. The story was unbelievable and intense..."

Click >> D. Books and Reviews for a full review & get your copy now @ The Death Messenger. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Jay Amberg | 9 comments The Healer’s Daughters by Jay Amberg
Amika Press has just published my latest thriller, The Healer’s Daughters
A terrorist bombing in Bergama, Turkey kills twenty-three people including three children. Modern Bergama is built on the site of ancient Pergamon, a city whose art and wealth and culture rivaled Athens. It was also the home of the Aesklepion, the world’s greatest healing center, and the birthplace of Galen, the Roman Empire’s most famous doctor.

Tuğçe Iskan, a Turkish Ministry investigator, finds evidence that links the terrorism to a powerful criminal family and to Galen’s life and Pergamon’s lost treasures. But Iskan is alone, an outcast in the Ministry because she is honest, diligent, and a woman.

As Iskan delves more deeply into the heinous attack, she needs allies outside the Ministry. She must turn to Özlem Boroğlu, a local archeologist, and Boroğlu’s daughter Elif, an artist with an affinity for ancient Aegean goddesses. Can these three women defeat ISIL terrorists, criminal oligarchs, and corrupt officials? Can they even survive?

Available free on Kindle Unlimited. Blog tour and giveaways coming soon.

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Cindy Hull | 2 comments Cindy L. Hull has just published a murder mystery set in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. HUMAN SACRIFICE takes the reader to an anthropological conference where scholars begin to die off in symbolic locations: at Uxmal archaeological site, a colonial mansion, and a Mayan village. The author is a retired anthropologist who has lived in Mexico and has brought her love for anthropology, Mexico, and mystery novels together for her first in a series of books with a female anthropologist protagonist. L. Hull;

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W.S. Mahler | 2 comments Hi, my name is W. S. Mahler and I am the author of Guarded By Secrecy, a thriller in which facts and fiction, current affairs and history, religion and geopolitics intermingle. It is available on KindleUnlimited until July 15th.


Renowned art lawyer Otto Schmidt-Toledano is asked by Hollywood mogul Albert Cohn to find the contents of an ancient Jewish library looted by the Nazis in Rome during WWII. In the course of his research, Otto will travel from the vaults of a Swiss bank to the depths of a Nazi bunker, a Vatican envoy will put his loyalty to the test, and a representative of Evil will exploit a dark secret in his family’s past. He will be supported in his quest by David, Albert’s only son and a world-famous Nazi hunter, and by Rebecca, an attractive librarian.

Otto’s fate will be inextricably entwined with the life story of a deceased Turkish historian who holds the key to the most wondrous treasure on earth: a flickering flame with the power of sparking an all-consuming fire.

It will be his duty to protect it. To keep it secret.

I hope you will enjoy it!


W. S.

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Liam Cadoc (liamcadoc) | 17 comments My new book is now available at Amazon Kindle, Amazon Book, B&N, etc in ebook, paperback, and hardcover.

Since the 14th century, Robin Hood has proven to be one of the most enduring and versatile folk heroes. Medieval historians believed Robin lived during the 12th or 13th centuries, but despite decades of intense research by contemporary scholars, solid evidence has never been found.

Until now.

Logan Daggett, son of Donald Daggett, well known CEO of one of Australia's largest wine producers, has his 21st birthday celebrations disrupted by a family tragedy, the revelation of his mother's decades-old secret—and a birthday gift of a collection of centuries-old family heirlooms. This series of events contrive to change the course of his life forever.

Accompanied by his two closest friends, the young Aussie sets out to uncover the truth behind the accident that irrevocably changed his life, and to research the authenticity of the priceless heirlooms, completely unaware of the adventure and dangers lurking around every corner.

During the course of their journey they uncover irrefutable proof the legendary Robin Hood is real. A 900 year-old heirloom holds the answers to all the questions ever asked about Robin Hood – even his origin and real name. Evidence that causes further turmoil among the family, sparks controversy among medieval scholars worldwide, and the potential of sparking upheaval to a country's history and creating conflict between two nations.
The Archer's Diary by Liam Cadoc

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Tristan Hutchinson | 13 comments My new thriller Amara, first in the series of four books.
Amara starts off in Ashea, a country humans settled in, after the fallout of Earth. Detective Aaron Wolfe wakes up in a dark town after the villagers have been brutally killed. No evidence can be found. He is the only suspect for the crime. Aaron along with his partner Detective Jaclyn Hunsacker must find out the killer before the public turns on them.

message 39: by Richard (new)

Richard Nedbal (fastman) | 8 comments Encoded by Richard Nedbal

I just released my first Techno-Thriller called Encoded. It's the first is my Richard Braddock series. Here's a blurb and a link to a video.

Not even his wife knows that Paul Elliot, ex-military officer and now the president of the United States, fathered an illegitimate child during the Vietnam war. As a personal favor (and totally off the record), the president asks aging PI Richard Braddock to come out of retirement and find his daughter. No one, not even Paul Elliot, is prepared for what Braddock uncovers: A high-tech plan, ten years in the making, that will bring the United States to its knees without firing a single shot.

Readers have told me that it's a fun book to read (the investigator is a snarky retired PI) and fits the current times. There are several reviews right here in Goodreads and about 15 on Amazon so far. Give it a read, have fun and leave a review.

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Guy Morris (guymorris) | 26 comments I am jazzed to announce that my next book, The Curse of Cortés. Available NOW for pre-sale on Amazon / B&N (see link at bottom)

Based on years of research and experience in the region, the Curse of Cortes is a modern day action-mystery-thriller that weaves together multiple layers of TRUE historical mysteries that actually collide on a single Caribbean island - Roatan.

A 1492 Mayan prophet Chilam Balaam who sees the coming of the Spanish, and the darkness following the next epoch
A 1531 Spanish massacre that ended a mysterious, sacred pilgrimage
A 1565 Inquisition raid to find the library of Chilam Balaam that ended in a massacre and then a lost ship
The 1672 abandoned plunder of Panama
A 1911 claim by Mitchell Hedges of finding Atlantis, and then gold

All of these mysteries with a link to the Mayan creation myth and 5,126 year long calendar. Yes - the book shows how all of these connect together.

The Curse of Cortes is a Dan Brown style action-mystery-thriller that will keep your pulse pounding and the pages turning. (with a touch of Stephen King ;-))

Jacket - Cover description
n 1672, Henry Morgan took 36 ships and 2,000 men to sack Panama City for a $1 billion plunder and 600 slaves. Afterward, Morgan cheated his men, disappearing with nearly the entire treasure, and 200 slaves on three ships never to be seen again. Morgan alone survived as a haunted man who hid away in drunken debauchery, and burned his log books to keep the world from learning the terrifying truth. True story.

Three hundred years later, Sophia Martinez discovers odd relics hidden within a 200-year Roatan Island family home that reopens a legacy of disappearance, dementia and death. At the center of the mystery is a bloody log book written by an insane Inquisition executioner named Cortés.

With a Mayan prophecy psychopath in pursuit, Sophia will need the help of lost relatives to uncover a sacred pilgrimage to the origins of the Mayan creation myth. Time is running out to decode the macabre enigma and escape the deadly necropolis or they too will vanish without a trace – and an apocalypse will unleash on live television.

In a few weeks I will launch a give away. In the meantime, I am more than happy to discuss the amazing interconnect backstory history that makes this adventure so compelling and unique.

For more info, a fact vs fiction section, videos and image libraries of actual locations used in the book, the try:

The Curse of Corté

Guy Morris

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Brian Herskowitz | 6 comments Here's a sample of one of the reviews I have received for CONCEPTUS - A LAURA DRUMMOND MYSTERY.

This is my first novel, and the first (I hope) in a series. I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, comments:

Karen Siddall
5.0 out of 5 stars A riveting police procedural with complex characters and a compelling storyline.
Reviewed in the United States on December 18, 2021
"Conceptus," the new mystery by Brian Herskowitz, introduces readers to Detective Laura Drummond, a homicide investigator with a tragic past. The horrific murder of a young co-ed has the detective’s long-suppressed past rearing up to stare her right in her face and make her question what really happened when she was a young, naïve 14-year-old. The author creates a complex, multilayered figure in Drummond (or “Law” as she often called), and as the story unfolds, we see how she became the person she is today. Supporting characters, in particular work partner Detective Tom Browning and potential love interest Sharon, round out the exciting story and smooth out some of Laura’s rough edges.

This complex female character is a damaged loner. She has kept herself from getting too involved with anyone up to this point in her life. Her best friend is her partner at work. She’s been keeping her past buried and living a very solitary existence since leaving her childhood home. There is casual sex in the story, but a wonderful love story is also developing. Laura’s reactions to Sharon and Sharon’s reactions to becoming involved with a homicide detective made for a fascinating subplot.

Reading what happened to Laura is not for the faint of heart; it is brutal. It kicks off a riveting plot that involves rape, abuse, bad parents, adoption, the Catholic Church, and kept me reading far into the night; it was that compelling a tale. As the police investigation proceeds, the plot twists and turns and takes the reader places they won’t see coming. I even appreciate that the setting is in Columbus, Ohio, and not L.A., Chicago, or New York City.

For me, Conceptus felt like a great beginning for a new mystery series, though there is no mention of a subsequent book. This may be very wishful thinking, but I hope to read more about Laura, Sharon, and Tom Browning. I recommend "Conceptus" to mystery readers looking for a harrowing and complex murder mystery story, those who enjoy a grittier police procedural, or LGBTQ+ main characters.

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message 42: by Fabien (new)

Fabien Roy | 1 comments Hi! My name is Fabien Roy and I`m a writer known to a very small group for the time travel novel Buckyball but I`m here for my new work entitled Life is a Secret : Richard Beaulieu`s Death Row Confession. It`s a soft release in Kindle while I work on the paperback version.

Two weeks away from his execution, Richard decides to set the record straight.
At nineteen, married to Madeleine, happy as happy can be, his heart filled with love for this woman; all is possible.
But he is now on death row.
What happened?


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Guy Morris (guymorris) | 26 comments Hello all,
I just sent a final manuscript to the editor for my third novel, a political-religion-techno thriller with deeply researched archaeology and history regarding the copper scroll, the ark of the covenant and the true temple locations with equally well-researched insights into the Russian cyber strategy against the US, the purpose behind the SolarWinds hack and what happened to the video evidence taken by Jeffrey Epstein.

Here is test back cover description - what do you think?

The Last Ark - Secrets of Qumran

An Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant stained in blood gets sold on the black market as part of a Saudi-Israeli peace deal promoted by a criminally indicted former U.S. president seeking political asylum. Global intelligence networks fly into a paranoid frenzy as the cyber-A.I. war escalates in the wake of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, pushing a covid weary world to a breaking point.

A trail of innocent victims from Portugal to the Vatican and then Israel follows fugitive NSA genius Derek Taylor as he hunts down the lost DARPA artificial intelligence called SLVIA. Fearing his own insanity, Taylor neglects a grieving Jenn Scott after her father’s assassination. SLVIA breadcrumbs unexpectedly lead to a second copper scroll and the Ark built by Moses, sparking local fears of Anti-Christ or Islamic Dajjal. When a third temple ceremony turns into blasphemous political theater, Iran fires missiles, and SLVIA resurrects. Taylor must choose between saving the SLVIA, the true Ark, or the woman who already betrayed him once.

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Guy Morris (guymorris) | 26 comments My next novel - The Last Ark - Secrets of Qumran- will combine three scenarios into a pulse-pounding, thrill ride:

The Ethiopian Ark of the Covenant, stolen after a 2021 massacre, sells on the black market as a gift for a Saudi-Israeli peace deal promoted by a criminally indicted former U.S. president seeking political asylum.

Global intelligence networks fly into a frenzy as post SolarWinds cyber-A.I. war escalates in the wake of a Ukraine invasion and threatens a false nuclear response.

Decoded Dead Sea copper scrolls lead to the original Ark built by Moses, which ignites political theater on the Temple Mount that sparks fear of end time prophecies.

Deeply researched, scriptural and enlightening, the characters are dynamic, believable and compelling. I am excited for you to discover this amazing journey I discovered.

My question to the community. Do you enjoy books that combine tech, espionage-politics and religious themes? If so, what do you look for that excites you?

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