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Matt Baulkwill The Martian by Andy Weir Is the story of how Botanist Mark Watney scienced himself the shit off of Mars, from how to grow crops in soil that can’t grow crops to making water, to feeding the plants, all the way to how to make a rover a home for 2 months. The book is written like a normal book when on earth, but what makes this book interesting is that when we are following the misadventures of astronaut Mark Watney it is from the perspective of his log entries. It shows how he reacts with hindsight SPOILERS there is one part where when making water he fills the HAB (don’t know the official NASA name but it is their home on mars) with hydrogen he then sits down and writes a log entry about how he will remove the hydrogen the problem and solution is that hydrogen is only explosive when it is with oxygen. Another problem is that the machine that recycles his CO2 into oxygen won’t let the oxygen content in the HAB to drop below a certain percent to he figures out a work around.
It is very interesting to look at the relationship between people on spaceships when it is shown in the book these people have to spend years together in a cramped space there is a couple that have joined the “million mile high club” as it is dubbed by a fellow crewman. Also this takes a look at guilt of the commander of the Ares Mission Lewis (Disco music Fanatic) feels extremely sad that she had to leave Watney on Mars then she finds out he is alive and stuck on Mars she feels terrible.
This book also takes a look into interplanetary laws, according to Mark by one treaty no country may lay claim to land that is not on Earth but by another treaty if you are not in any country’s land boundaries you are in international waters. He must go to the Ares IV mission sight to get on the Ares IV MAV (Mars Ascension vehicle) but nobody can give him permission to do this until he is there so he is going to commandeer a vehicle in international waters with no explicate permission making Mark Watney the first ever Space Pirate.
All while this is happening on Mars it is a race against the clock on Earth for NASA to make different supply missions to keep Mark fed for his food supplies will only last him so long and his potato farm will only extend him so long.
All in all this book is easy a classic what makes it so good is that it shows what you can accomplish and that no problem is too big to solve with time and carful planning.

Alex Loved this book so much when it came out. I really consider rereading it this year. My favourite thing about the book was Mark's badass personality. This book made me laugh, made me cry, made me think about how would I cope with the situation. Such a good read. I watched the movie afterwards. It was just as good, but I still prefer the actual book. You feel much more connected with Mark and his struggles.

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